Chapter 053 – My sword is very fast

Entering the mansion, the vast courtyard and the various well-equipped facilities completely exceeded Li Hengsheng’s expectations.

Compared to his days at the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters, it was like heaven and earth.

Whether it was the place for cultivation, the secret room, or even the smelting platform, everything was available.

In the medicinal garden, some herbs were planted, and there were even a few that were quite expensive.

All of these were gifts from Xu Muhai.

After being satisfied with everything, Li Hengsheng didn’t request any changes.

At a tower in the mansion, Li Hengsheng and Zhou Jun were sitting on the second floor, sipping tea. Li Hengsheng had never experienced such a comfortable feeling.

How wonderful it would be if Sister Deer could see this scene?

Holding his teacup, Li Hengsheng was lost in thought.

“Fourth Brother, when the eldest senior brother and the second senior sister come back in a few days, you should go and meet them,” Zhou Jun said. “The eldest senior brother is very generous and will be very happy to have a junior brother. He will definitely give you a nice gift.”

“What kind of people are the eldest senior brother and the second senior sister?” Li Hengsheng was curious.

“The eldest senior brother is kind and doesn’t fight for anything. He is a Buddhist type of person. But the second senior sister has a fiery temper and is quick to explode. You should be careful. But whether it’s the eldest senior brother or the second senior sister, they all take good care of the disciples under Mu Haifeng.”

Zhou Jun took a sip of tea and said, “Speaking of which, I haven’t seen them for almost a month. The eldest senior brother is now stationed at the Zhenguo Mansion and rarely comes back.”

“The second senior sister likes hunting and is often out. Only I rarely go out.”

“Zhenguo Mansion?” Li Hengsheng asked.

“Yes, if a direct disciple steps into the Prenatal Realm, he will lead a territory under the Dao Mountain Ancient Land. The main task is to prevent the Ghost Clan and maintain local security. If you have achievements, you can exchange them for contributions and get what you want.”

Zhou Jun said, “And these achievements can not only be exchanged in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, but also in the Ask Heaven Sea City for any treasure you want.”

“In theory, if your achievements are enough, you can even exchange them for a painting scroll of a fairy.”

“A fairy painting scroll!” Li Hengsheng’s eyes widened.

“Wait, the eldest senior brother is already in the Prenatal Realm?” Li Hengsheng blinked. Was he that powerful?

“Yes, the eldest senior brother entered the Prenatal Realm three years ago,” Zhou Jun said. “The second senior sister is also in the Prenatal Realm, but her situation is a bit special, so she hasn’t been sent out. Now, among the disciples under the master, only you and I have not entered the Prenatal Realm.”

“Hehe.” Li Hengsheng gave Zhou Jun a glance.

The pitiful one was him.

In the evening, Zhou Jun left.

When he left, he still reluctantly looked at Qingyu Mountain.

Li Hengsheng told Xu Kui and then went into the secret room to cultivate.

Xu Kui just nodded and didn’t say anything.

Actually, Xu Kui was a bit strange. He knew Xu Muhai’s standard for accepting disciples. Someone with a talent like Li Hengsheng would be considered an exception even if he was thrown to the outer door.

But he was accepted as a direct disciple.

What was he thinking?

But since Xu Muhai chose Li Hengsheng, Xu Kui just needed to focus on being Li Hengsheng’s steward.

He didn’t ask about anything else.

Entering the secret room, Li Hengsheng directly took out the Golden Domain Pill. He decided to first enter the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm.

Then he would decide on the weapon he would cultivate and then comprehend his first martial arts.

His journey would start from here.

After swallowing the Golden Domain Pill, the medicinal effect instantly began to impact Li Hengsheng’s body, causing his internal organs to tremble.

The terrifying medicinal effect also merged into Li Hengsheng’s muscles and cells. Li Hengsheng could feel his physical body changing at a rapid speed.

He had already reached the peak of the fourth level of the Transcendence Realm, so it was not difficult for Li Hengsheng to enter the fifth level now.

Even if his aptitude was average, he couldn’t resist the powerful Golden Domain Pill.

Li Hengsheng felt that he could break through to the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm in less than a day.

Qianxue Peak.

Xu Muhai stepped onto this mountain. Although he was dressed in tattered clothes, he didn’t feel cold at all.

“You’re here.”

A calm voice came.

Xu Muhai looked up and saw a man in white sitting in the snow pavilion, holding a wooden stick in his hand, writing something on the snow.

Although he didn’t look up, Xu Muhai always had a feeling that he was in Xue Qianbai’s aura.

Or rather, the entire Qianxue Peak was in his aura.

Everything in the world, every move, seemed to be under his control.

“Vice Sect Master.” Xu Muhai walked up. “The Sect Master doesn’t seem to be back yet. Do you know when he will be back?”

“I don’t know.” Xue Qianbai shook his head. “The Sect Master went out into the world last time and didn’t return for three years. It’s only been a few months, so it’s hard to say.”

“Ah.” Xu Muhai sighed helplessly.

“Is something bothering you?” Xue Qianbai asked. “Is there anything I can help with?”

“Vice Sect Master, do you know how to break the Ghost Resentment Curse?” Xu Muhai asked directly.

The King of Hell could only suppress it, not eradicate it. If something unexpected happened one day, the Ghost Resentment Curse would surely take his life.

Hearing the three words “Ghost Resentment Curse”, Xue Qianbai’s eyebrows raised.

Before Xu Muhai could react, Xue Qianbai in the snow pavilion had disappeared. The next moment, he appeared in front of him.

He directly grabbed Xu Muhai’s collar and saw the ghost baby-like handprint on Xu Muhai’s neck.”It really is the Ghost Resentment Curse.” Xue Qianbai loosened his grip, “Has it acted up yet?”

“Yes.” Xu Muhai shivered all over, he never wanted to experience that feeling again in his life.

“Fortunately, I received guidance from a senior and was able to suppress it with a treasure, so it shouldn’t act up for now.”

Xue Qianbai turned around, “Is it that Li Changqing?”

“Yes.” Since Xu Muhai had mentioned Li Changqing to Xue Qianbai before, he didn’t hide anything.

“He is indeed a master, able to suppress the power of the Ghost Resentment Curse.” Xue Qianbai said, “I don’t know how to lift the Ghost Resentment Curse, but I do know one method.”

“Whoever cursed you with the Ghost Resentment, kill them, and the curse will naturally be lifted.”

“That’s equivalent to no solution.”

The painting had already self-immolated, and the entrance could no longer be found.

Moreover, even if the entrance was found and he reached the Cold Chisel Ancient Temple, his cultivation would be suppressed, and then challenging that ghostly thing.

That would be more than just being cursed with the Ghost Resentment.

“The Sect Leader might have a solution, but he has entered the world and his whereabouts are unknown. You can go out and look for him, you might be able to find him.” Xue Qianbai said.

“Also, if your Ghost Resentment Curse acts up and you can’t bear it, you can come to me.”

“Oh? Deputy Sect Leader, do you have a way to help me suppress it?” Xu Muhai’s eyes lit up, he had been worried about what to do if the Buddha statue failed, it seemed that Xue Qianbai had a solution.

“My sword is very fast, I guarantee you won’t feel any pain.” Xue Qianbai said seriously.

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