Chapter 052 – Treatment of direct disciples

Led by Zhou Jun, Li Hengsheng headed towards Qingyu Mountain.

“Fourth Brother,” Zhou Jun said, “You don’t mind me calling you that, do you? The eldest brother and second sister usually call me Third Brother.”

“No problem,” Li Hengsheng indicated that he didn’t mind.

“Master really treats you well. Qingyu Mountain is the best subsidiary peak in our Mu Haifeng. When I wanted it, the master refused to give it to me no matter what,” Zhou Jun said with a hint of jealousy.

“Ah, this…” Li Hengsheng didn’t know what to say, because he wasn’t quite sure why Xu Muhai treated him so well.

He was well aware of his own circumstances. It was already a fantastical event for him to become a direct disciple of Mu Haifeng.

As for why, he truly didn’t understand.

But he didn’t care, after all, Xu Muhai couldn’t possibly covet anything from him.

He had nothing.

Just an ordinary person.

No family background, no connections, no money.

Although his father was a painter, he was not even a half-baked one. Xu Muhai would never care about someone of that level.

“Hehe, Fourth Brother, it’s okay, I understand,” Zhou Jun said with an expression that suggested he knew everything, which left Li Hengsheng somewhat confused.

What do you understand?

I don’t even understand myself.

“Actually, as direct disciples, our main task is to cultivate,” Zhou Jun explained to Li Hengsheng. “Our status within the sect brings us great convenience, especially in the Ninefold Battle Pavilion and the Beast Collection. We, the direct disciples, have a great advantage.”

“Ninefold Battle Pavilion and Beast Collection?” Li Hengsheng’s eyes lit up. “I think I’ve heard of them. They are said to be two powerful secret realms in our Dao Mountain Ancient Land, which can be used to test one’s strength.”

“It’s not quite accurate to call them secret realms. In fact, these two places should be considered as Painting Treasures,” Zhou Jun pondered.

“Painting Treasures!”

Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised.

“They are very powerful Painting Treasures passed down from our ancestors in Dao Mountain Ancient Land. They are of great help in improving the strength of our disciples, but entering them will consume the Spiritual Power of the Painting Treasures.”

“Therefore, there are limits to the number of times outer and inner disciples can enter. Although we, the direct disciples, also have limits, we have more opportunities than them. This is our special treatment as direct disciples.”

Zhou Jun smiled and said, “But we, the direct disciples, also need to take the lead. Fourth Brother, I think you will have a lot of trouble after becoming a direct disciple, because there will definitely be many people challenging you.”

“Challenge me?” Li Hengsheng frowned. He had anticipated this situation, as he indeed gave people the impression of being an easy target.

“Yes, because successfully challenging a direct disciple is a great honor for them. Moreover, if they successfully challenge a direct disciple of a certain peak, they will receive a reward from that peak.”

“But you don’t need to worry. You are not allowed to be challenged within half a year of becoming a direct disciple. Your troubles will come after half a year,” Zhou Jun comforted Li Hengsheng.

Li Hengsheng curiously asked Zhou Jun, “Third Brother, were you also challenged by many people when you first became a direct disciple?”

“Not really,” Zhou Jun shook his head. “Not many, because they knew they couldn’t beat me in the same realm.”

“After all, I was a genius back then, with a reputation outside,” Zhou Jun said somewhat proudly.

“Okay.” Li Hengsheng took a deep breath.

Since he didn’t deserve his position, he was bound to encounter some setbacks.

Li Hengsheng felt a bit relieved. After all, he still had half a year.

And challenges only existed between peers, there would be no cross-level challenges.

He would deal with the situation half a year later.

As they were talking, the two had already arrived at Qingyu Mountain.

Although it was just a subsidiary peak.

The scenery of Qingyu Mountain was very good.

Green mountains and clear waters, dense grasslands.

On those sturdy green trees, there were squirrels nibbling on fruits, curiously looking at Li Hengsheng’s arrival.

Far away, a somewhat luxurious house could be seen.

At the same time, many people were already standing in front of the house, waiting for Li Hengsheng’s arrival.

“The Spiritual Power here is really good.” Li Hengsheng could feel that taking a breath here was incredibly comfortable.

“Among the thirty-six peaks of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Qingyu Mountain can rank in the top three,” Zhou Jun said with envy. “In the future, I will often come to stay with you.”

“You’re always welcome,” Li Hengsheng said with a smile.

“Greetings, Young Master.”

When the two arrived at the front of the house, the people standing at the door bowed respectfully to Li Hengsheng.

This once again refreshed Li Hengsheng’s understanding.

There were more than twenty servants and maids here, and behind them were warriors with cultivation. They were dressed in armor, like a patrol guard team.

From them, Li Hengsheng could feel that their cultivation was at least in the Postnatal Realm!

What surprised Li Hengsheng even more was the man leading them.

He had black hair, and a scar on his face that ran from his forehead to the corner of his mouth, giving him a fierce look.

This man was dressed in plain clothes, but just standing there gave Li Hengsheng a feeling of vastness.

A master!

Definitely a master!

“From now on, they will be your house servants and guards, and this man will be your steward,” Zhou Jun pointed to the man with black hair and said.

“My name is Xu Kui.” The man with long, raven-black hair stepped forward and introduced himself respectfully, “From now on, I will be responsible for the affairs of Qingyu Mountain on behalf of the young master. If there is anything you need, feel free to command me.”

“You’re too kind.” Li Hengsheng’s heart was still in turmoil.

Is this what it’s like to be a direct disciple?

The treatment seems too good to be true.

It can only be said that poverty has truly limited his imagination.

“Third junior brother.” Zhou Jun spoke again with a face full of envy, “The stewards of the direct disciples are all people that the master trusts. They were followers of the master in the past, and they are loyal to the master.”

“And this man before us, the master saved his family when he was young. That’s why he follows the master so faithfully. He is also one of the strongest, possessing innate cultivation. The master really treats you well.”


Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but gasp.

His steward is an innate expert.

Who would believe this if he told them?

It’s a bit too outrageous.

He is only at the fourth level of the Transcendence Realm, yet his steward is already at the innate level.

Even a random guard in the mansion is hundreds of times stronger than him.

Li Hengsheng could only give a bitter smile.

It seems that he must work hard on his cultivation.

“Elder Xu, I hope to receive your guidance in the future.” Li Hengsheng said politely.

Xu Kui didn’t seem to be a man of many words, and his expression was somewhat fierce. Hearing Li Hengsheng’s address, he shook his head and calmly said, “Young Master, you can’t call me that. The term ‘elder’ is not appropriate.”

“Then I’ll call you Uncle Xu.” Li Hengsheng pondered for a moment.

Xu Kui didn’t argue further, only saying, “Young Master, please come in and take a look. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, I will have it rectified immediately.”

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