Chapter 051 – The fourth generation direct disciple

Compared to the bustling scene at the foot of the mountain, this place seemed much simpler.

“Master is unconventional in his daily life, so this place is a bit simpler,” Zhou Jun introduced to Li Hengsheng.

Atop this mountain, there was only a very ordinary mansion.

Stopping outside the door, Zhou Jun led Li Hengsheng directly into the mansion, where they saw Xu Muhai cooking something in a large pot from afar.

The aroma of meat wafted from inside.

“Master, I’m back,” Zhou Jun shouted from a distance.

“I heard you, I heard you, no need to shout,” Xu Muhai didn’t even look up, focusing on whether the chicken in the pot was cooked.

After a while, he finally looked up and saw Li Hengsheng. Xu Muhai put down his chopsticks and said, “Hengsheng, you should know why I called you here. Are you willing to become my direct disciple?”

“It’s really happening!” Even though Li Hengsheng had mentioned it before, Zhou Jun still found it unbelievable when he saw it happening.

Xu Muhai, who had such high standards for accepting disciples, had actually accepted Li Hengsheng as his direct disciple!

Zhou Jun couldn’t understand it!

Li Hengsheng’s aptitude was just average.

What was the reason?

Could it be…

Zhou Jun thought in shock, could it be that Li Hengsheng was the illegitimate child Xu Muhai had with a woman outside?

That was possible!

Because Zhou Jun couldn’t think of any other explanation.

“I am willing,” Li Hengsheng’s heart settled down.

“Disciple pays respect to Master,” Li Hengsheng directly performed the ceremony of acknowledging Xu Muhai as his master.

“Good,” Xu Muhai smiled and said, “Get up. Since you are my disciple, you should practice well on Mu Haifeng in the future. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me or your senior brother at any time.”

“Zhou Jun, you should help Hengsheng more in the future, understand?” Xu Muhai looked at Zhou Jun.

“Disciple will remember,” Zhou Jun said with a fist salute.

“As a direct disciple, you should teach Hengsheng well,” Xu Muhai looked at Zhou Jun, “Also, arrange for Hengsheng to live on Qingyu Mountain. That will be his place for cultivation. Have someone clean it up and let Xu Kui follow him.”

“Qingyu Mountain?”

“And let Xu Kui follow?”

Tears welled up in Zhou Jun’s eyes. When he became a direct disciple, he wanted Qingyu Mountain as his cultivation place, but Xu Muhai didn’t agree.

At that time, Xu Muhai said that Qingyu Mountain was reserved for a great use.

So it was reserved for his own son?

“Woo, okay!”

Zhou Jun left in tears.

“Why is Third Senior Brother so emotional?” Li Hengsheng was a bit confused.

“Who knows, maybe he’s homesick,” Xu Muhai watched Zhou Jun’s retreating figure, then waved his hand, and the courtyard door closed.

“Hengsheng,” Xu Muhai took out several items at this moment.

Among them was a jade bottle, which he handed to Li Hengsheng and said, “Inside is the Golden Domain Pill, which is for your cultivation. Your aptitude is average, but these Golden Domain Pills should be enough for you to cultivate to the ninth level of the Transcendence Realm.”

“Golden Domain Pill?” Li Hengsheng’s eyes lit up.

The Golden Domain Pill was a very precious pill. Although Li Changqing had sent a lot of money before, a Golden Domain Pill cost thousands of taels of silver, which Li Hengsheng couldn’t afford to buy.

“You are currently at the fourth level of the Transcendence Realm and have not yet comprehended the Painting Realm technique, so I don’t know what weapon to give you.”

“This is a piece of Condensed Light Star Iron, which can be used when forging weapons. As long as some Condensed Light Star Iron is mixed in, the weapon will be invincible,” Xu Muhai took out a piece of Condensed Light Star Iron the size of a fingernail and handed it to Li Hengsheng.

The iron piece was silver in color and sparkled with starlight.

It looked very precious.

Li Hengsheng was startled when he took it. The fingernail-sized Condensed Light Star Iron actually weighed more than ten pounds.

Such a treasure was well known to Li Hengsheng. There were many precious ores for forging weapons, and this Condensed Light Star Iron was one of them.

It was a top-tier material for weapon forging, and it was said that even innate powerhouses wanted it.

Li Hengsheng didn’t expect Xu Muhai to give him such a precious treasure.

Was the welfare of Mu Haifeng so good?

If Zhou Jun knew about this, he would definitely believe that Li Hengsheng was Xu Muhai’s illegitimate son!

Such a small piece of Condensed Light Star Iron was not something that could be bought with money.

Not to mention that it was priceless, even if it was for sale, it would cost tens of thousands of gold!

It was not something ordinary people could afford.

“And there’s this thing.”

“There’s more?”

At this moment, Li Hengsheng’s heart was trembling. He had never seen so many treasures before.

Xu Muhai took out a wooden box and handed it to Li Hengsheng.

“This is a treasure I obtained by chance, and I’m giving it to you,” Xu Muhai said solemnly, “But you must remember one thing.”

“Please speak, Master,” Li Hengsheng said quickly, sensing Xu Muhai’s serious atmosphere.

“No matter what’s inside, don’t tell anyone. Keep this treasure well hidden, and never show it to anyone, understand?” Xu Muhai said with narrowed eyes.

Li Hengsheng swallowed, feeling that Xu Muhai was so cautious about the contents of the box, even more so than the Golden Domain Pill and Condensed Light Star Iron.

What was inside?

“Disciple will remember,” Li Hengsheng nodded repeatedly.

Xu Muhai’s caution indicated that the contents were extremely valuable, and if shown to others, it would surely bring about a disaster.

Li Hengsheng kept this in mind.

“After you break through to the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm, you can go to the Floating Image Pavilion to comprehend the paintings. I hope you can comprehend a powerful technique by then,” Xu Muhai patted Li Hengsheng’s shoulder, “It doesn’t matter if your aptitude is a bit poor, as long as you practice diligently, your future will still be bright.”However, Xu Muhai couldn’t help but think to himself: What does poor aptitude matter? With a powerful figure like your father paving the way for you, aptitude is nothing more than a passing cloud!

But you must strive to cultivate.

If you don’t cultivate well, you’ll have to go home and be a privileged second-generation.

“Master, rest assured, I will not let you down!” Li Hengsheng said respectfully.

Then Xu Muhai encouraged him a few more times. His kind attitude was nothing like the rumors, which made Li Hengsheng even suspect that he might be Xu Muhai’s biological son.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Fourth junior brother, let me show you your mansion.” Zhou Jun’s voice came.

“Go ahead.” Xu Muhai said to Li Hengsheng.

“Then I will take my leave first.” Li Hengsheng bowed with his fist, then packed up the things Xu Muhai had given him.

“Later, I will announce to the entire Dao Mountain Ancient Land that you are my direct disciple. From then on, both the outer sect disciples and the inner sect disciples will have to call you senior brother when they see you.” Xu Muhai said indifferently.

Hearing Xu Muhai say this, Li Hengsheng felt an inexplicable pressure.

With such poor aptitude, he had become a direct disciple, and he was afraid that many eyes would be on him in the future.

Could he make it?

If he embarrassed himself, it would be Mu Haifeng’s face that he was losing.

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