Chapter 50 – Zhou Jun

“Thank you, senior brother.”

Looking at the young man in front of him, Li Hengsheng knew that he must be a disciple of Mu Haifeng.

However, he didn’t know whether he was an outer disciple or an inner disciple of Mu Haifeng.

But the aura that Li Hengsheng felt from him was stronger than any senior brother he had ever met.

Even… it was more formidable than Elder Linfeng of the outer sect.

Such a young age, yet possessing such cultivation, this person was truly extraordinary.

Dao Mountain Ancient Land was incredibly vast, and apart from the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters, Li Changqing had only been to the main peak, never visiting the many other peaks.

The distance from the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters to Mu Haifeng was not short, so the young man directly mounted a precious steed and said to Li Hengsheng, “Get on, it’s quite a distance from the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters to Mu Haifeng.”


Li Hengsheng also climbed onto the precious steed.

The steed was entirely purple and several sizes larger than ordinary horses.

Its robust muscles and heavy breathing were extraordinary.

When it started running, its speed was incredibly fast, and the muscles on its sturdy hind legs exploded with power. Li Hengsheng suspected that if this precious steed kicked him, it could kill him.

“This is Purple Lightning,” the young man said with a smile. “It was a birthday gift from my family when I was young. It was just a little foal back then. As my strength grew, I tamed it and made it my mount. Purple Lightning’s bloodline is now close to that of a Spirit Beast.”

“Spirit Beast…” This made Li Hengsheng extremely envious.

Having a large family as a backing was indeed enviable. They even had a precious steed close to a Spirit Beast from birth.

Seemingly sensing Li Hengsheng’s envious gaze, the young man chuckled, “Once your cultivation becomes stronger, you will have these things too.”

“I hope so,” Li Hengsheng said with a bitter smile, not knowing when that would happen.

“By the way, I haven’t introduced myself,” the young man said. “My name is Zhou Jun, and I am a direct disciple of Mu Haifeng.”

“A direct disciple?” Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised.

No wonder this person was so strong.

He was actually a direct disciple of Xu Muhai.

But the Peak Master Mu Haifeng also said he wanted to take him as a direct disciple. If everything went smoothly, this person would be his senior brother.

“Yes, I am the third disciple of the master,” Zhou Jun said.

“There is also a senior brother and a second senior sister above me,” Zhou Jun suddenly asked, “By the way, do you know why the master called you over? Usually, if the master wants to see someone, he just sends a message. Today, he actually asked me to ride Purple Lightning to pick you up. It’s quite unusual.”

“Well,” Li Hengsheng frowned and thought for a moment, then said, “If nothing unexpected happens, Peak Master Mu Haifeng should be calling me to discuss the matter of accepting disciples. Some time ago, Peak Master Mu Haifeng wanted to take me as a direct disciple. I think it should be this matter.”

“Oh, so he wants to take you as a direct…” Zhou Jun suddenly froze when he got to this point.

His expression became blank.

Zhou Jun’s body shot up, and he stood directly on Purple Lightning.

Despite Purple Lightning’s fast speed, Zhou Jun was very stable. He stared at Li Hengsheng with an incredulous look.

His expression was as if he had seen a ghost.

“Junior brother, you’re not joking, are you?” Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng in disbelief. Although he had looked at him several times before, he still looked at Li Hengsheng as if he was seeing him for the first time.

He looked Li Hengsheng up and down, as if he wanted to strip him naked and see through him.

“Peak Master Mu Haifeng said so,” Li Hengsheng felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by Zhou Jun.

It was as if he had no secrets in front of him.

“How is that possible!”

Zhou Jun still couldn’t believe it.

If you were to ask who among the thirty-six peak masters of Dao Mountain Ancient Land had the strictest standards for accepting disciples, Xu Muhai would be second to none.

Apart from Mu Haifeng, the other thirty-five peak masters each had at least five direct disciples.

Only Xu Muhai had three.

This was indeed because Xu Muhai was too strict in selecting disciples. And this time, he actually chose Li Hengsheng as the fourth disciple?

No matter how Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng, he didn’t think Li Hengsheng was qualified to be a direct disciple of Mu Haifeng.

Even his qualifications were barely enough to enter the outer sect in the future.

Had the master gone mad?

Had the master’s taste changed?

“Well… if the master really takes you as a direct disciple, then you will be my fourth junior brother. Hehe, I won’t be the youngest disciple anymore, haha!” Zhou Jun suddenly burst into laughter, “In the future, the senior brother and the second senior sister can’t order me around anymore, hahaha!”

Zhou Jun suddenly became happy.

The more he looked at Li Hengsheng, the more pleasing he found him.

Seeing this, Li Hengsheng also smiled. Was it so painful to be arranged to do some tasks by the senior brother and the second senior sister? He was indeed a young master who couldn’t stand hardship. As long as he could become a direct disciple of Mu Haifeng, these were not problems.

After all, there were always plenty of tasks to do on the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters.

In the time it took to drink two cups of tea, Purple Lightning brought the two of them to Mu Haifeng.

Under the huge gate of Mu Haifeng, some outer disciples were patrolling.

“Senior Brother Zhou.”

Seeing Zhou Jun return, everyone hurriedly greeted him respectfully.

“Hmm.” Zhou Jun responded with a hum, then led Li Hengsheng up the mountain.

On Mu Haifeng, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was abundant, which was dozens of times stronger than that of the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters.

Along the way, Li Hengsheng saw that there were many disciples on Mu Haifeng, both outer and inner disciples. Everyone was practicing hard, and the overall atmosphere felt very good.

The mansions were also extraordinarily beautiful, completely different from what Li Hengsheng had imagined.”That’s where the inner disciples of my Mu Haifeng reside,” Zhou Jun introduced to Li Hengsheng, “In Mu Haifeng, we have hundreds of inner disciples and over two thousand outer disciples. The outer disciples live in the cave dwellings on the back mountain, while the inner disciples reside here.”

“Where do the direct disciples live?” Li Hengsheng was curious about this.

“Direct disciples?”

Zhou Jun laughed, “Direct disciples naturally have their own affiliated peaks. After you become a disciple, you can come to my mountain for fun. At that time, I’ll take you to steal chickens on the second senior sister’s mountain.”

“Steal chickens?” Li Hengsheng was taken aback, was it that thrilling?

Do direct disciples also engage in such petty theft?

“The second senior sister’s mountain is planted with many spiritual herbs, and she also raises a lot of spirit chickens. They grow up eating spiritual herbs, and the meat, tsk tsk.” Zhou Jun was almost drooling as he spoke, and he chuckled, “You must try it.”

“But we can’t let the second senior sister find out, or we’re done for!” Zhou Jun reminded.

Seeing Zhou Jun’s demeanor, Li Hengsheng thought to himself, I’m not going. If the second senior sister finds out, you’ll run away, and I can’t outrun you. Wouldn’t I be the one to take the blame?

“Let’s go meet the master first.” Zhou Jun rode on the Purple Lightning, leading Li Hengsheng at a swift pace, and soon they arrived at the highest peak of Mu Haifeng.

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