Chapter 044 – Ghosts

An unparalleled aura of dominance emanated from the Xuanyuan wooden sword!

The ghostly claw reached out and grabbed the blade of the Xuanyuan sword. The next moment, thick white smoke began to rise from the claw, and the Xuanyuan sword started to tremble violently.

It seemed to be resisting the erosion of the ghostly claw with its own Spiritual Power.

“What is this thing?!”

The voice sounded somewhat frantic. The ghostly claw retracted as soon as it touched the Xuanyuan sword, and blood started to flow from it.

The mangled flesh made it look even more terrifying.

“The Xuanyuan sword!” Yin Changli exclaimed excitedly.

He hadn’t expected the Xuanyuan sword given by Li Changqing to possess such power.

However, at this moment, the Xuanyuan sword clattered to the ground, a mark from the ghostly claw left on it.


Yin Changli quickly picked it up, looking at the mark left on the wooden sword. He understood that although the Xuanyuan sword had blocked the ghostly claw, it had also been eroded.

“Hmm?” Yin Changli noticed that the mark of the ghostly claw was slowly fading away.

This gave Yin Changli some relief, but he also knew that even though the Xuanyuan sword was recovering, it probably wouldn’t be able to withstand another attack.

“Senior Xu.” Seeing Xu Muhai being grabbed by the ghostly claw, Yin Changli was at a loss for what to do.

“Little guy, your treasure is quite impressive, but I wonder how many attacks it can withstand.” The voice echoed.

The next moment, a small figure floated out from the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

It was a boy who looked to be only six or seven years old.

The boy was dressed in blood-stained clothes, his eyes were blood-red, just like the twin moons in the sky. Strangely, although he was clearly a boy, his voice sounded like a little girl’s.

Just one glance at him made Yin Changli’s hair stand on end.

Being stared at by those eyes, Yin Changli felt his legs go weak.

“I… My name is Yin Changli, not ‘little guy’.” Yin Changli gritted his teeth and said.


At this moment, another figure flew out, extending from the boy’s body. The figure was holding Mu Qingge in its ghostly claw.

Mu Qingge was struggling desperately, but how could she break free from the ghostly claw?

“Master, you’re still alive!” Seeing that Mu Qingge was still alive, Yin Changli was overjoyed.

“Changli, Brother Xu!” Seeing the two of them, Mu Qingge also called out anxiously. She had never expected such a terrifying existence to be suppressed in the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

These corpses were all controlled by the boy, forcing them to the entrance of the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas and breaking the seal on the door.

This had allowed him to be released.

From the painting, or even from the Qishan Order, it was all a conspiracy!

At this moment, Xu Muhai was also in danger.

The boy’s strength was too strong. Even if Xu Muhai recovered his cultivation, he would not be his opponent.

“I thought suppressing your cultivation would make things easy, but I didn’t expect it to still take some effort.” The boy’s feminine voice said, his blood-red eyes staring at Yin Changli as the ghostly claw flew towards him again.

Yin Changli didn’t have time to escape and was grabbed by the neck.

The three of them were held by the hands extending from the boy’s body.

The scene was extremely eerie.

“There were supposed to be four of you, but why are there only three?” The boy frowned.

His gaze swept over the entire Cold Sand Ancient Temple, but he couldn’t find the fourth person.

“Forget it.”

“Just the three of you will do. You seem to be people of status, which fits my selection criteria.” The boy sneered.

As he spoke, the boy’s expression began to twist!

His facial features also became distorted.

His face seemed to twist to the sky, an expression of extreme pain.

At this moment, a sound came from his throat.

The sight shocked the three of them. What was this boy’s purpose?

The next moment, a shocking scene unfolded.

A chubby little hand stretched out from the boy’s mouth.

The little hand was green, like a baby’s hand. The next moment, a small head squeezed out from his mouth.

It was a green baby, with white eyes and no pupils, a complete ghost child!

“It’s the Ghost Spirit Clan!”

Xu Muhai’s pupils dilated.

There were many branches within the Ghost Clan. In history, the Ghost Spirit Clan was a peculiar race. They could seize people’s souls and survive by parasitizing hosts!

Because they were against the natural order, they were exterminated by the human race and other races many years ago.

This ghost child was a Ghost Spirit.

The small ghost child crawled out, and as soon as one came out, another followed.

The third…

The appearance of the three ghost children left the boy panting heavily, his face even becoming aged.

He looked like an old man with a child’s body, a terrifying sight.

“Go, my darlings.”

The boy’s voice also became aged.

The three ghost children let out a couple of eerie cries, then began to crawl towards the trio along their long, ghostly arms.

“Not good!”

Mu Qingge’s face changed, “They want to parasitize us!”

If they were parasitized, their souls would die, and the ones occupying their bodies would be these three ghost children.

No one could predict what terrifying things would happen then.

They watched as the three ghost children crawled closer, but they were utterly helpless.

All they could do was wait quietly for death.

“Excellent.” The male ghost child licked his lips and sneered, “Feast well, children, then leave this place and go where you should.”

“My followers of the Longevity Sect should already be waiting for you.”

Just as the three were preparing to meet their end, the ghost child suddenly looked up, his expression changing instantly.

“Evil creature.”

A voice echoed through the air.

Li Changqing was seen flying in mid-air, stepping on a piece of Longevity Wood.

“Senior Changqing…” Yin Changli saw Li Changqing flying on the Longevity Wood, he was both excited and surprised. How could Li Changqing fly without a flying sword, but by stepping on a piece of wood?

Li Changqing couldn’t fly originally. His ability to fly was entirely due to his powerful Divine Soul controlling objects, making the controlled objects fly, and then stepping on them.

So, he might even be able to fly by stepping on a pile of dog poop.

“The fourth person.” The ghost child saw Li Changqing coming and his eyes lit up.

“Brother Changqing, save us!” Seeing that Li Changqing could still fly and his cultivation was not suppressed, Mu Qingge and Xu Muhai saw hope.


Another huge arm flew out from behind the ghost child, reaching straight for Li Changqing.

But Li Changqing casually waved his hand, and a wooden carving flew out.

The moment the wooden carving flew out, it suddenly burst into golden light, and at the same time, a Buddhist chant was heard!

Om Mani Padme Hum!

The Buddhist mantra emanated from the wooden Buddha statue, and the Buddha light on the statue instantly expanded like a giant, suppressing everything with its sound!

The ghostly claw that flew over was instantly turned to ashes!


The male ghost child’s expression changed dramatically in an instant!

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