Chapter 043 – Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas

This sentence seemed to be written by someone with their last breath before death.

It indicated that there was a terrifying existence in the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

The sight of this hall was enough to make their hearts explode with fear.

If they didn’t enter now, the corpses behind them would tear them apart.

But if they did enter, there might be something even more terrifying inside the hall, enough to plunge them into an irretrievable abyss.

The sound of countless footsteps was gradually closing in from behind.

“Master, should we go in?” Yin Changli asked anxiously. If they didn’t go in, the corpses would catch up with them.

He could already imagine himself being torn apart by those corpses.

“Disciple, let me go in and check first. If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll call you in.” Mu Qingge gritted her teeth.

“Huh?” Yin Changli quickly said, “But if there’s danger inside, won’t you…”

“Friend Xu.” Mu Qingge turned to Xu Muhai, “If something happens to me, could you please take my disciple and find a chance to escape, and send him back to the Medical King Valley?”

“Although I, Xu Muhai, am no hero, how can I let a woman take such a risk? Wouldn’t it be a great disgrace if this got out?” Xu Muhai laughed, “You two stay here, I’ll go in and check.”

“If I’m unfortunate, please inform the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.” Xu Muhai said, turning to leave.

But as soon as he turned around, Mu Qingge grabbed his sleeve.

“Friend Xu, although our cultivation is suppressed, my Medical King Valley is after all a medical sect. When we reach the Transcendence Realm, our physical cultivation is not as good as your orthodox Dao sect. I have no chance to escape with Changli, but you might.”

Mu Qingge looked at Xu Muhai seriously.


Xu Muhai hesitated.

What Mu Qingge said made sense.

Like normal warriors, when they reach the Transcendence Realm, they focus more on physical cultivation, stepping into the postnatal stage with a strong body.

But the Medical King Valley is different, they purely use pills or medicinal baths to enhance their bodies. Although the effects are the same, and even the disciples of the Medical King Valley cultivate faster.

But in terms of physical strength and close combat abilities, the disciples of the Medical King Valley are far inferior to those of other sects.

If Xu Muhai really fought to the death to escape, he might have a chance. But if it were Mu Qingge, the hope would be slim.

Taking advantage of Xu Muhai’s hesitation, Mu Qingge stepped out and headed for the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

“Master!” Yin Changli’s eyes filled with tears, and he was about to follow Mu Qingge, “I’ll go with you!”

But before he could step out, Xu Muhai grabbed his arm.

“Don’t pull me.” Yin Changli said with a sob.

“Understand your master’s good intentions.” Xu Muhai sighed lightly, then looked at the army of corpses a few hundred meters away, “If something really happens to Song Fairy later, I will risk my life to get you out.”

“Master!” Yin Changli shouted desperately.

But Mu Qingge didn’t look back. She had already reached the entrance of the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas. There was no sound inside, and she couldn’t sense anything.

Mu Qingge took a deep breath and slowly pushed open the door of the hall.

Still, there was no movement.

The inscriptions on the door that they couldn’t understand turned into fine sand at this moment, and were blown away by the wind, disappearing from the door frame.

Mu Qingge stepped in.

And then there was silence.

The gloomy and dark Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, from a distance, they couldn’t see anything clearly. It was like a giant beast’s mouth, swallowing Mu Qingge.

The waiting at this moment was as unbearable as waiting for death.

The corpses were getting closer.

Xu Muhai was ready to fight to the death.

However, at this moment, Mu Qingge’s voice came from the hall, “Come in, there’s nothing wrong inside.”

“Great, it’s safe.” Xu Muhai breathed a sigh of relief and was about to pull Yin Changli to hide inside.

But as soon as Xu Muhai took a step forward, he was abruptly pulled back by Yin Changli.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Muhai turned to look at Yin Changli, “If we don’t hurry in, those corpses will catch up. Let’s hide inside first, then figure out a way to leave.”

But Yin Changli’s expression was a bit strange at this moment, and his eyes were even more fearful.

“That… that’s not my master’s voice.” Yin Changli’s throat bobbed, his face full of extreme fear as he looked towards the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

“Huh?” Xu Muhai’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

To him, that was indeed Mu Qingge’s voice.

But he had only met Mu Qingge for the first time, how could he compare to the familiarity between Yin Changli and Mu Qingge, who had been together day and night?

“Are you sure?” Xu Muhai couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s not my master’s voice!” Yin Changli said with absolute certainty.

He was too familiar with his master’s voice.Although the voice emanating from the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas sounded similar, the subtle difference allowed Yin Changli to discern that it was a fake.

“Master…” Yin Changli choked up, believing that Mu Qingge had been killed.

“Let’s go!” Xu Muhai grabbed Yin Changli’s arm, shattered a nearby stone pillar with a palm strike, and prepared to use it as a weapon to fight their way out through the corpses.

However, at that moment, Mu Qingge’s voice echoed again from the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas: “Where are you going? It’s dangerous outside, come in quickly.”

“Shut up, don’t you dare speak with my master’s voice!” Yin Changli’s face turned red, veins bulging on his neck as he roared towards the unknown entity in the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.


A giggling sound made Xu Muhai and Yin Changli shudder. Wasn’t it the same voice they had heard before?

Was the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas actually a place to suppress that thing?

No wonder they were warned not to enter the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas!

“Hold on to me, we’re getting out of here,” Xu Muhai said loudly.

As he was about to lead Yin Changli away, the childlike voice from the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas spoke again: “Hehe, want to leave? Can you still escape?”

“I’ve gone through a lot of trouble to get you in here, I won’t let you escape.”

With that, two blood-red ghost claws flew out from the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, reaching for Xu Muhai and Yin Changli!

“Get lost!”

Xu Muhai roared, swinging the stone pillar directly at the ghost claw.

The stone pillar shattered with a loud bang, but the ghost claw continued its relentless advance, grabbing Xu Muhai by the neck and lifting him off the ground.

The other ghost claw flew towards Yin Changli, who stepped back in fear.

As the ghost claw closed in, he was powerless to resist.

However, at that moment, the Xuanyuan wooden sword on Yin Changli’s back suddenly trembled.

Accompanied by a fierce sword cry, it flew out, slashing towards the ghost claw.

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