Chapter 045 – Buddha’s light is boundless

He seemed to have a particular dread of Buddha.

So when he saw the Buddha suppressing him, accompanied by the sound of true words, it made him particularly uncomfortable.

Under the Buddha’s light, the ghost claw seemed to have encountered a great restraint. Despite the ghostly energy soaring into the sky, it couldn’t withstand the arrival of the Buddha’s light and was directly destroyed.

Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge also fell from the ghost claw.

The ghost children climbing on the ghost claw’s arm felt the Buddha’s light and let out a wail.

The sound of a baby’s cry mixed with a fierce roar was so chilling that it penetrated into the bone, making people uncomfortable.

It was hair-raising.

A black smoke was emanating from their bodies, seeping out from their skin.

Their skin also began to rot.

At this moment, Li Changqing’s wooden Buddha carving shone like the sun, and the boy was in great pain. In his eyes, besides the dread of the Buddha’s light, there was more resentment!


“Buddha has long disappeared, who are you!”

The boy roared, and the three ghost children were purified into dust by the Buddha’s light.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is, you won’t harm people.” Li Changqing stepped on the longevity wood, slowly descended, and the Buddha above his head slowly descended.

The boy was almost forced to kneel down, but his strength was undoubtedly strong. Although he was suppressed by the Buddha’s light, he was not directly eliminated by the Buddha’s light like the other ghost children.

“Brother Changqing, thank you for saving our lives.” Mu Qingge felt like she had survived a catastrophe, and thought of Li Changqing’s miraculous appearance, like a god descending from the sky.

Although Li Changqing was an ordinary-looking man, the scene just now stirred a ripple in Mu Qingge’s heart.

Since ancient times, which beauty doesn’t love a hero?

“Brother Changqing, you saved me again.” Xu Muhai was also extremely grateful.

“Woo, Senior Changqing, I thought I was going to die.” Yin Changli rushed up and clung to Li Changqing’s thigh.

“Remember this.” The boy suddenly grinned: “Although I couldn’t parasitize them, this matter is not over, we will have dealings in the future.”

With that, the boy glared at the wooden Buddha with the Buddha’s light above his head, gritted his teeth, and flew into the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

With a bang, the door of the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas also closed tightly.

Li Changqing breathed a sigh of relief, and with a wave of his hand, the wooden Buddha in the sky fell into his hand, turning into an ordinary wooden carving.

This was just carved by Li Changqing. He had heard the conversation of several people. Since the Ghost Clan was so afraid of Buddhism, he carved a Buddha statue to see if it could suppress these ghosts.

Unexpectedly, the effect was surprisingly good.

But the mysterious boy in the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas failed to kill him.

But Li Changqing had no intention of entering the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

Who knows what’s inside, what if he walks into a trap?

Who will take care of his son if something happens to him?

“Are you all right?” Li Changqing quickly helped everyone up.

“Kid, don’t hold my thigh, my leg is numb.” Li Changqing quickly tried to push Yin Changli away: “Hey, don’t wipe your snot on my pants!”

“Senior Changqing, over there…”

Suddenly Yin Changli yelled, pointing behind Li Changqing.

At this moment, the ground began to vibrate. They looked over and saw numerous corpses rushing up again, each corpse filled with a terrifying killing intent.

It seemed they wanted to tear Li Changqing and the others to pieces.


Li Changqing’s robe shook, and with a wave of his big hand, a mysterious power spread out, like a breeze blowing, accompanied by a word: “Stop.”

As soon as the word fell, all the corpses were frozen in place.

Maintaining their rushing posture, they couldn’t move at all.

It was as if countless invisible threads had tied them up.

Such a move made everyone present gasp.

Xu Muhai couldn’t believe it!

He was speechless.

Because this was not just any move, this was the Five Absolute Seals of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Li Changqing had actually learned it.

Although Li Changqing cultivated the Divine Soul and followed a similar path to the Painter, the Five Absolute Seals of Dao Mountain Ancient Land were not ordinary moves.

The Five Absolute Seals were the first very profound martial arts comprehended by the founder of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Even if the Painting Sage came, it would be unlikely to replicate it.

If only the first level of the Divine Step, the Indestructible, or the Thousand Catty Force were replicated, Xu Muhai might not be so surprised.

But that was the third level of the Five Absolute Seals, the Body Freezing, and with a wave of his hand, he froze hundreds of corpses. This ability was beyond his reach.

How strong was Li Changqing’s Divine Soul?

In addition, he was not suppressed by the ghost energy here and could still use his cultivation. There were too many secrets about this man.


The wooden Buddha flew out of his hand, a Buddha’s sound killed out, and where the Buddha’s sound passed, all ghosts were silenced!

Those corpses were instantly blasted into powder.

But that wasn’t the end, Li Changqing raised his hand, and the wooden Buddha soared into the sky, flying into the ghostly sky, heading for the pair of blood-red eyes in the sky.

Li Changqing knew that if he wanted to leave here, those blood pupils were the real key.

The blood pupils encountered the wooden Buddha, bursting out with an extreme red color. The blood light seemed to suppress the Buddha, but the Buddha’s light from the wooden Buddha was equally dazzling.

They were on par with the blood pupils.

Large patches of blood color appeared on the wooden Buddha, as if it was being dyed.

But at the same time, the blood pupils were collapsing.

Huge cracks appeared in the whole world.

A strong wind blew from the cracks, and they could feel that the outside world was beyond the cracks.

“Let’s go!”

Li Changqing grabbed Yin Changli and spoke to Mu Qingge and Xu Muhai.

The group nodded, disappearing directly into the crevice. At the same time, the Buddha in the sky also fell from the heavens, but with a loud bang, it suppressed the entrance of the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall.

The world once again returned to a deathly silence.


“Have you really run away?”

“My Longevity Sect, is about to rise.”

The voice returned to that of a young girl’s, but it sounded even more chilling.


Inside the cave, an ancient painting fell to the ground, surprisingly igniting itself.

Xu Muhai and the others collapsed on the ground, experiencing the feeling of surviving a catastrophe.

Xu Muhai couldn’t remember the last time he felt this sense of life and death beyond his control.

“Are you okay?” Li Changqing asked with a smile.

“Once again, thank you for your life-saving grace, Daoist Changqing.” Mu Qingge pursed her lips, stood up, and bowed to Li Changqing, “I hope Daoist Changqing will visit Medical King Valley as a guest. I would like to extend my hospitality as a hostess.”

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