Chapter 031 – Song Fairy

The person was like a warm spring breeze, making people temporarily forget the tension in this dangerous Nan Mountain range.


Li Changqing couldn't help but sigh as he watched. He used to say that there were many beautiful women in novels, beautiful like celestial beings. He didn't expect it to be true when he saw one. It wasn't an exaggeration at all.


Her figure was graceful, every part of her body was just right, like a work of art.


But Li Changqing just admired her briefly and had no thoughts about such a woman.


First, Li Changqing habitually felt that he was not worthy of such a beauty.


Second, Li Changqing didn't have the intention. The feeling of powerlessness when his wife passed away in his previous life was still deeply ingrained in his memory.


Now he just wanted to raise his son well, cultivate him into a talented person, and didn't think about anything else. Even in the ordinary world, there were too many helpless things. In this world of immortals, how well could he do?


Li Changqing didn't want to experience that pain again.


"Qinglian Shadow?" Xu Muhai looked at the woman's body technique and then clasped his fists, saying, "To be able to cultivate Qinglian Shadow to such a level at such a young age in the Medical King Valley, you must be Mu Qingge, who is known as the Song Fairy in the Medical King Valley."


"Xu Daoist friend actually knows me, it is truly my honor," Mu Qingge said with a light smile.


"This is my disciple. He just offended you earlier. I hope Xu Daoist friend can forgive him," Mu Qingge looked at the young man beside her and helplessly said, "He is clearly a disciple of my Medical King Valley, but he insists on practicing swordsmanship and always carries a sword with him, which is really troublesome."


"Younger generation Yin Changli, I have seen the senior," the young man quickly greeted.


After Yin Changli and Xu Muhai finished speaking, they glanced at Li Changqing beside Xu Muhai. Although they didn't know Li Changqing, since he could come here with Xu Muhai, he might also be a strong person from Dao Mountain Ancient Land.


Seeing Yin Changli bowing, Li Changqing also nodded.


"It seems that Xu Daoist friend also feels the extraordinaryness of this Nan Mountain, so you came here," Mu Qingge asked Xu Muhai, although Mu Qingge also saw Li Changqing beside Xu Muhai, she didn't sense any true element fluctuations from Li Changqing.


He was just an ordinary person, probably a follower of Xu Muhai, so there was no need to greet him.


"Yes," Xu Muhai nodded, and he was a bit curious, "It is normal for people from Dao Mountain Ancient Land to appear in this Nan Mountain, but why did your Medical King Valley appear here?"


"My master came to find medicine." Before Mu Qingge could speak, Yin Changli spoke first.


"Talkative," Mu Qingge shook her head helplessly.


"Your Medical King Valley is the authentic medical sect in the Cangyuan Realm. It is rumored that there is a divine medicine in the sect that can revive the dead. Does the Medical King Valley lack any medicinal materials?" Xu Muhai was a bit surprised.


"Since Xu Daoist friend asked, I won't hide it," Mu Qingge asked, "Have you heard of the Three Lives Flower?"


"Three Lives Flower?" Xu Muhai's heart moved, "Isn't that just a legend?"


"It's not just a legend, there are people who have truly seen it. It is said that someone in this world has truly seen the Three Lives Flower, and that person is the Painting Sage, Gu Hanxi." Mu Qingge said seriously.


"Painting Sage?" Li Changqing, who was eating melon seeds on the side, became interested when he heard this title.


Most of the top-notch painters in the world were called Painting Saints.


The title of Painting Sage was mentioned in the book. Only the strongest painter in the world had the qualification to be called Painting Sage.


It seemed that this Gu Hanxi was once the number one painter.


"Our Medical King Valley recently obtained a painting from the Painting Sage, which is precisely the Three Lives Flower. Unfortunately, the painting has lost its spirituality, but it also proves that the Painting Sage has seen the Three Lives Flower."


"It is rumored that the last time the whereabouts of the Painting Sage was known to the world was in this Nan Mountain range, so I brought my disciple here to try our luck."


Mu Qingge remained calm, as if she had no expectations of finding the Three Lives Flower.


"After coming here, we happened to encounter some strange things happening in this Nan Mountain, so we stayed here for a few days to see what was going on. In addition, we helped the villagers who had their lifespan taken away to treat their injuries."


"The Three Lives Flower is only a legendary item, and the Painting Sage Gu Hanxi is a figure from a hundred years ago. It is not easy to find the Three Lives Flower," Xu Muhai said, "As for the strange things this time, does the Song Fairy have any clues?"


"It is rare for lifespan to be taken away," Mu Qingge pondered and said, "In the records of our Medical King Valley, there have been similar cases before, most of which were related to the Ghost Clan."


"For example, there was once a powerful member of the Ghost Clan who used a method to absorb life essence, but the situation of these villagers is not like that. They seem to have their true element taken away, but they are just ordinary people without true element, so their lifespan was taken away."


Listening to Mu Qingge's description, Li Changqing listened with great interest.


Absorbing true element?


That means absorbing internal energy.


Isn't that the same as the martial arts in martial arts novels, such as the Absorbing Star Technique or the North Sea Divine Art?


If he recalled those scenes from TV dramas, could he cultivate those martial arts?


Li Changqing's eyes lit up. He could give it a try.If I could truly learn it, then I would have some self-protection power in this Cangyuan Realm.


Thus, Li Changqing began to recall scenes from TV dramas he had watched in his previous life, such as Duan Yu performing Beiming Divine Skill in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.


From the Chen Haomin version to the Lin Zhiying version, he even recalled a few bad films that followed.


However, his Divine Soul had no reaction at all.


It seems it's still not working.


Li Changqing felt that he was still daydreaming.


After all, TV dramas are all special effects, they are all for visual effects, how could they be performed in reality?


Li Changqing then recalled the content of the novel.


He could only recall some scattered fragments, because he really couldn't remember clearly, and the novel was written in a style similar to classical Chinese, it was already very good that he could recall some.


After a while, there was still no reaction.


Xu Muhai and Mu Qingge had been chatting for a while, but Yin Changli on the side was eager to speak.


"Peak Master Xu." Yin Changli finally found an opportunity to speak, and quickly said excitedly, "Can… can I visit the Dao Mountain Ancient Land?"


Xu Muhai looked at Yin Changli in surprise, the young man's eyes were shining.


"Of course, we naturally welcome disciples from the Medical King Valley." Xu Muhai nodded and said.


"You." Mu Qingge's eyes flashed with a hint of helplessness, and said, "Have you gone stupid from practicing the sword?"


"Master, I heard that the Qianxue Sword Sovereign's swordsmanship in Dao Mountain Ancient Land is unparalleled in the world, I really want to see it."


"I… I want to challenge him!" Yin Changli said excitedly.


"Pfft!" Xu Muhai almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


Challenge Xue Qianbai?

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