Chapter 032 – The book is not as good as it seems when you need it

Just with your little Transcendence Realm?


"Peak Master Xu, don't underestimate me, my goal is to become the number one Sword Immortal in the world! I believe I can do it." Yin Changli said with a determined face.


"Become a Sword Immortal, my foot!" As soon as the bold words came out, Mu Qingge next to him reached out and hit him on the head.


"Ouch, Master, you hit my head again, it will make me stupid." Yin Changli looked at Mu Qingge with a grievance.


"If you become stupid, I'll cure you!" Mu Qingge said irritably: "You are my disciple from the prestigious Medical King Valley, with the Xuanmu body, instead of studying medicine seriously, you want to practice sword all day, what's wrong with you?"


Being scolded so fiercely by Mu Qingge, Yin Changli was also aggrieved.


Xu Muhai also smiled. A young man like Yin Changli naturally has some youthful spirit and bold aspirations.


Who wasn't like this when they were young?


"Brother Changqing, let's find a place to rest first." Xu Muhai called to Li Changqing, who was sitting cross-legged on a bluestone in the distance.


But Li Changqing didn't move, as if he hadn't heard Xu Muhai speaking.


Xu Muhai was also surprised. Could it be that Li Changqing was practicing?


"Who is this…" Hearing Xu Muhai call Li Changqing as Brother Changqing, Mu Qingge knew that Li Changqing should be more than just Xu Muhai's follower.


So Mu Qingge asked curiously: "Is he also from Dao Mountain Ancient Land?"


"Brother Changqing is not from Dao Mountain Ancient Land, he is just my friend." Xu Muhai smiled.


He didn't say much, because since Li Changqing didn't speak, Xu Muhai didn't say much either.


Mu Qingge took a deep look at Li Changqing. He seemed to be just an ordinary man, nothing special. She felt it again, but she still didn't feel any fluctuations of true essence on him.


It seems that a martial artist's friend could also be an ordinary person.


"Daoist Xu, since you are here, my disciple and I will leave tomorrow." Mu Qingge smiled: "After all, with you here, the villagers can be safely protected. As for their lost lifespan, I am really powerless."


"Master, are we leaving? Since we are here, shouldn't we visit Dao Mountain Ancient Land?" Yin Changli said anxiously.


"What Dao Mountain Ancient Land." Mu Qingge raised her hand to hit again, and Yin Changli quickly covered his head to dodge.


But Mu Qingge's punch didn't fall.


Xu Muhai also smiled and said: "Little guy, if you want to challenge Qianxue Sword Sovereign, your current strength is not enough. Wait until you become stronger in the future, then come to challenge."


"My name is Yin Changli, not little guy." Yin Changli said with a puffed up face: "I know I am not a match for Qianxue Sword Sovereign now, but I really want to see Qianxue Sword Sovereign's Thunder Ling Thirteen Swords!"


"I heard that although Qianxue Sword Sovereign is from Dao Mountain Ancient Land, he has not comprehended your Dao Mountain Ancient Land's Five Absolute Seals, and specializes in swordsmanship, which has led to his current realm, so I don't want to waste time on medicine…"


As he was speaking, Yin Changli shivered all over. He seemed to feel the uncontrollable anger from Mu Qingge beside him.


So he quickly shut up.


"Hahaha." Xu Muhai laughed: "Your master said, you have the Xuanmu body, it would be a pity if you don't study medicine with such a physique, and it's not necessary to specialize in swordsmanship to become a powerful sword cultivator."


Hearing Xu Muhai say this, Yin Changli was still muttering something in a low voice. Obviously, neither of them could dissuade Yin Changli from practicing the sword.


At this moment, Li Changqing, who was sitting cross-legged on the bluestone, suddenly opened his eyes.


There was light in his eyes. He never thought that although he couldn't extract martial arts from TV dramas, he actually extracted a martial art from the description in the original novel he remembered!


At this moment, Li Changqing really regretted, understanding what it meant to hate less when the book is used.


If he had read books seriously and studied hard in the past, wouldn't he have become a martial arts master now?


Unfortunately, he couldn't remember the descriptions of martial arts in the original novels he had read before.


But it's better than nothing, don't be greedy, having one kind of self-defense is better than none.


"Huh?" At this moment, Li Changqing suddenly looked up at the night sky.


"Brother Changqing, are you awake?" Xu Muhai came over, and Mu Qingge brought Yin Changli towards this side. Mu Qingge was a little curious about who this ordinary man was, who could be called a brother by Xu Muhai.


Li Changqing didn't speak, just staring straight at the dark night sky.


"Brother Changqing, what's wrong with you?" Xu Muhai looked up curiously, but there was nothing in the sky.


Li Changqing frowned and said, "I feel something is coming."




Hearing this, Mu Qingge also looked up, but like Xu Muhai, she saw nothing.


"Could it be that thing is coming?" Xu Muhai's expression became serious.


Li Changqing's Divine Soul is powerful, completely incomparable to their martial artists, so it's normal for Li Changqing to feel something coming that they can't feel.


"There's nothing, uncle, are you still sleepy?" Yin Changli also said curiously.


"It's getting closer." Li Changqing stood up, his eyes fixed in that direction.


"Be on guard."


Xu Muhai also said seriously.

“`Seeing Xu Muhai also saying so, Mu Qingge became serious as well.


After about ten breaths of time, a tiny golden light point unexpectedly appeared in the sky, rushing towards the village like a falling star.


"The disaster star is here!"


At this moment, the villagers also saw the golden falling star. Everyone's faces were filled with fear, because they knew that every time this golden star appeared, they might lose their lifespan, aging by decades.


The villagers were in chaos, rushing home.


"It really is here." Mu Qingge was shocked.


What shocked her was how Li Changqing knew this thing was coming from so far away.


From the time Li Changqing said this thing was coming, to its appearance, it took more than a dozen breaths of time.


Both she and Xu Muhai, who were experts in the Prenatal Realm, were completely unaware.


Who exactly is this person?


The speed of the golden light became faster and faster. When it reached above the village, it was heading straight for Mu Qingge.


Like a meteor strike.


Mu Qingge displayed the Lotus Shadow Trace, lotus blossoms appearing under her feet as she quickly retreated. At the same time, she waved her palm, and several silver needles flew out, like a pear blossom in a storm, directly bombarding the golden light.


But the golden light was incredibly swift, dodging in the blink of an eye.


"Divine Step!"


Xu Muhai's figure also rushed towards the golden light like a ray of light, his speed even faster than before.


At the same time, Xu Muhai suppressed it with a handprint.


"Lock Yuan!"


The palm filled with true essence blasted out, seemingly wanting to seal everything.


But the speed of the golden light was too fast. Even with Xu Muhai's speed, he was still a bit slower.


With one palm strike, even the ground was blasted into a deep pit.


But the golden light had dodged to a distance.


And as the golden light stopped, everyone could clearly see what was inside the golden light.


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