Chapter 030 – Nanshan Mountains

Being able to easily see through Xueyu Chanfeng Jue and directly use it for himself, in Xu Muhai's view, Li Changqing's Divine Soul must have reached the level of the Painting Sage.


Painting Sage!


But they are the top group in the Cangyuan Realm.


It can be said that any Painting Sage in the Cangyuan Realm is a well-known existence, even a sneeze can shake the entire region.


Their cultivation is unfathomable, combining the strengths of various schools and displaying ever-changing techniques.


Such people are like gods in the eyes of ordinary people.


The paintings of the Painting Sages are extremely rare and valuable treasures.


So in Xu Muhai's view, Li Changqing must have an indescribable past. Otherwise, how could a master at the level of a Painting Sage lower himself to join a small family like the Yan family?


Moreover, he completely hides his techniques, fearing that others will see through his origins.


Xu Muhai sighed lightly.


Even if his cultivation reached the level of a Painting Sage, he still had to submit to fate?


Li Changqing had no idea that Xu Muhai was watching his back and had already imagined a hundred and twenty episodes of a melodramatic TV series in his mind.


If he knew, Li Changqing would definitely be speechless.


The reason he didn't use any body techniques was simply because he didn't know any.


If he hadn't learned Xu Muhai's Xueyu Chanfeng Jue, he wouldn't even have been able to escape from the Yan family's gate.


As evening approached, the two finally arrived in the Nanshan region.


"Senior Changqing, we're here." Xu Muhai and Li Changqing stood on an ancient tree, looking ahead.


The continuous mountains were majestic and tall. Although the sun was setting, the scenery had a unique charm.


Clouds still lingered on the mountaintops, and a gentle breeze carried the scent of the dense forest.


"The Yan family's two mines are here." Xu Muhai introduced, "In these mountains, there are nine valleys and eighteen villages, hundreds of small and large villages."


On the way here, Li Changqing also heard from Xu Muhai about the strange incidents that occurred here.


It was said that many people saw meteors falling from the sky and fainted. When they woke up, they found that their lifespan had decreased.


The miners ran away, and even if they were given more money, no one would come.


The matter was too sinister.


Even one of the elders of the Yan family had his cultivation sucked away and was now only at the Transcendence Realm.


What kind of sinister thing was this?


After listening, Li Changqing regretted coming.


If this terrible thing happened, he might become an old man when he returned.


"Do you have an answer in your heart?" Li Changqing asked Xu Muhai.


"Probably." Xu Muhai nodded. He did have a guess, but he didn't dare to be certain.


"Senior should already have a plan, right?" Xu Muhai looked at Li Changqing seriously. In his opinion, Li Changqing should have already known such a trivial matter.


"Yes." Li Changqing, with his big radish face, nodded without blushing or turning pale.


"Please enlighten me, Senior." Xu Muhai's eyes lit up and he quickly said.


"It's similar to what you're thinking." Li Changqing said seriously.


"And also, don't call me 'Senior' all the time, just call me by my name."


"This…" Xu Muhai was stunned. How could he directly call Li Changqing by his name when he was such a great expert?


"If you're not used to it, you can call me Brother Changqing." Li Changqing nodded and said.


Before Xu Muhai could say anything, Li Changqing pretended to be profound and said, "I don't know if you've noticed, but this thing is hidden in the Nanshan Mountains and is still here."


Xu Muhai looked towards the forest, "Bro… Brother Changqing, have you figured out something?"


"The wind blows in the mountains, but there are no sounds of animals."


"That's enough to explain everything." Li Changqing said slowly.


"It's true." Xu Muhai didn't notice it just now. Normally, he should have heard a few bird calls, but there was nothing.


"Let's go in and take a look."


Since they had come, Li Changqing could only brace himself and go in.


He could only hope that Xu Muhai would be able to solve the problem at a critical moment. If Xu Muhai couldn't solve it, Li Changqing wasn't afraid, he would just run away.


After all, Xu Muhai couldn't run faster than him.


If there really was some monster, Xu Muhai's size would at least allow him to distract the monster for a while, enough for Li Changqing to escape.


Although he felt sorry for Xu Muhai, Li Changqing had already planned what words to carve on his tombstone.


Xu Muhai had no idea at all. Even before they entered the Nanshan Mountains, Li Changqing had already figured out what words to carve on his tombstone.


After entering the mountain, the two also found that there were no traces of birds or animals in the entire forest.


It was as if they were all hiding.


Before long, the sky darkened, and the two saw a fire in the distance and headed towards it.


They discovered that it was a village.


The village was not small, probably consisting of two to three hundred households.


As the two entered the mountain village, the villagers didn't show much hostility towards Li Changqing and Xu Muhai, but many children curiously looked at them.


"The atmosphere here is quite good. Isn't it said that some evil spirit is causing trouble here, making everyone afraid to come out?" Li Changqing said somewhat puzzled.


"Brother Changqing, let's find someone to ask." After saying that, Xu Muhai was ready to find someone to ask casually.


"Who are you?" At this moment, a sharp voice sounded.


Xu Muhai and Li Changqing followed the voice and saw a young man standing on a roof, holding a sword and looking at them solemnly.


The young man exuded a heroic aura, dressed in white, and his precious sword hung at his waist.


"We've never seen you before. You're not from the village. What are you doing here?" After the young man finished speaking, he leaped down from the roof.


He looked at Xu Muhai and Li Changqing warily.Xu Muhai looked at the young man in front of him, sizing him up and down, and said with a faint smile, "Judging from your attire and the scent of medicinal herbs on you, if I'm not mistaken, you must be a disciple of the Medical King Valley, right?"


Upon hearing this, the young man did not let his guard down. His long sword was already unsheathed, "Who exactly are you?"


Such is the way of the world.


Drawing swords at the slightest disagreement, ready to kill at a moment's notice.


Li Changqing looked at the young man, but said nothing. He was already prepared, planning to keep his distance when the fight broke out.


To avoid getting splattered with blood.


"Mind your manners." Just as the tension was about to erupt, a voice as clear as a silver bell rang out.


This was the most pleasant voice Li Changqing had heard since he arrived in the Cangyuan Realm.


The voice seemed to cleanse the soul, penetrating deep into one's heart.


A figure floated in the air, it was a woman.


She was also dressed in white, her eyes twinkling like stars, as if a fairy had descended to the mortal world.


"Master." The young man quickly sheathed his sword and spoke respectfully.


"If I'm not mistaken, you must be Xu Muhai, the Peak Master of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, right?" The woman walked slowly, each step filled with mystery, as if she was treading on a green lotus.

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