Chapter 029 – Snow Feather Zen Wind Mantra

“Senior Li Changqing, let’s set off now,” Xu Muhai said. “I have some guesses about the situation over there, but I’m not sure if they’re correct. I’ll need Senior Li Changqing’s guidance when the time comes.”

“We shouldn’t delay any longer, let’s go,” Li Changqing said, though he felt helpless in his heart.

Guidance? What do I know?

I don’t know anything.

You can go seek guidance in the ditch.

By the way, how far is it to the Nanshan Mine?

Why run there? Wouldn’t it be better to take a carriage? Li Changqing looked at Xu Muhai’s figure, which was not particularly slim, and guessed that he should be able to keep up with his running speed.

After all, since coming to the Cangyuan Realm, this body was much younger than in his previous life, and his physical fitness had also improved significantly.

With this body, Li Changqing felt that he could run 100 meters in less than ten seconds.

Anyway, let’s first go to the Nanshan Mine, or else it will delay my earnings for milk powder.

Furthermore, after returning, Li Changqing thought that the Yan family should reorganize properly. How can they rely solely on the mine to make money?

If other businesses can earn more, then his income will also increase.

With money, his son can cultivate well, become a strong cultivator, and have confidence in facing society in the future.

Other sects will also recruit and offer high positions and salaries, or it would be good to stay in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Staying behind and becoming a Peak Master, he shouldn’t have to worry about food and drink for the rest of his life, right?

But when Li Changqing looked at Xu Muhai beside him, he sighed lightly. If possible, it would be better to work in another sect.

“Senior Li Changqing, shall we go now?” Xu Muhai said to Li Changqing.

“Let’s go,” Li Changqing nodded.

“Be careful, both of you,” Yan Botao quickly reminded, especially Li Changqing. He didn’t want anything to happen to Li Changqing right after he became the Yan family’s offering.

“Don’t worry,” Xu Muhai regained his lazy demeanor and said, “With me and Senior Li Changqing here, what could go wrong?”

Yan Botao nodded.

Among the thirty-six Peak Masters in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Xu Muhai’s strength could rank in the top three, and he was also well-known among the innate cultivators.

Not to mention the mysterious and unpredictable Li Changqing.

“Senior Li Changqing, shall we go?” Xu Muhai said, then he stomped on the ground with his foot, and his figure instantly soared into the air like an arrow leaving the bow!

That slightly chubby figure had already moved dozens of meters away in the blink of an eye!

Li Changqing was dumbfounded on the spot!

This speed is too fast, right?

Even Usain Bolt couldn’t catch up with him!

How am I supposed to run?

In the span of a few breaths, Xu Muhai had already soared hundreds of meters into the air. His speed was even faster than the lightness skills in movies and TV dramas.

“Senior Offering, what’s wrong with you?” Yan Botao saw that Xu Muhai had already left, but Li Changqing hadn’t moved at all, which made Yan Botao feel a little strange.


Li Changqing didn’t even look at Yan Botao, then took a deep breath.

His figure instantly leaped forward, leaving behind an afterimage in the original spot. In the blink of an eye, Li Changqing caught up.

“Senior Offering, your footwork is really fast!” Feeling the speed like a gust of wind, Yan Botao took a cold breath.

When Xu Muhai left just now, Yan Botao already felt that it was very fast, but Li Changqing’s speed was even faster than Xu Muhai’s.

Truly a master.

When Xu Muhai left just now, Li Changqing used his powerful Divine Soul to observe Xu Muhai’s footwork.

Because Li Changqing remembered that the Painter’s cultivated Divine Soul could comprehend martial arts with a single thought.

As long as the opponent’s martial arts proficiency was completely within the range of your Divine Soul, you could comprehend it with a single thought.

So Li Changqing just tried it out and unexpectedly succeeded.

With a leap of his body, Li Changqing’s miraculous footwork was displayed, and he moved as fast as a startled swan, astonishingly fast.

“It’s really…” Li Changqing had only taken two steps and already completely adapted to this footwork.

Although he was a little scared at first, at this moment, there was only excitement in Li Changqing’s eyes.

When has he ever experienced such a life?

Which man hasn’t had a martial arts dream?

At this moment, his lightness skill was exactly what he had dreamed of when he was young. He just didn’t expect to be able to achieve it today.

Moreover, Li Changqing’s speed was even faster than Xu Muhai’s.

With just a few steps, stepping on the roofs of some buildings along the way, Li Changqing’s figure instantly surpassed Xu Muhai.

Xu Muhai saw something zoom past him and in an instant, it had created a distance between them.

“So fast!” Xu Muhai was greatly surprised. He wasn’t surprised that Li Changqing’s footwork was faster than his, but he was surprised that Li Changqing was using his footwork.

It was the Snow Feather Zen Wind Technique, one of the several profound footwork techniques in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land!

It was comprehended by the ancestors of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land from a snow scene painting.

“Senior Li Changqing, slow down, wait for me,” Xu Muhai shouted from behind when he saw Li Changqing getting farther and farther away.

“Ah.” Li Changqing only noticed that he was having too much fun and had left Xu Muhai behind.

“And you call yourself a master?” Li Changqing said speechlessly.

I just learned it and I’m already faster than you.

Li Changqing became even more worried about whether Xu Muhai could handle taking care of Li Hengsheng.

This person’s cultivation level is not good either.

He’s not even as good as a beginner like me.At this moment, Li Changqing’s figure stood still at the top of the Yanfei Tower in Changting Town. With a light tap of his toes, his body was as light as a feather. However, no matter how fierce the wind blew, it could only make his clothes flutter, while his body remained immovable.

Li Changqing stood with his hands behind his back, his gaze sweeping around, and immediately a sense of boundless heroism swept over him.

Is this the view that those masters see?

No wonder so many people want to cultivate, want to become strong, because the scenery seen after becoming strong is really different.

At this time, Xu Muhai also caught up.

“Senior Changqing, please slow down a bit, I can’t keep up.” Xu Muhai said with a wry smile.

At this moment, Xu Muhai recognized the gap between himself and Li Changqing. In his view, Li Changqing’s speed could rank among the top in the entire Cangyuan Realm.

“Alright, I’ll slow down a bit, let’s continue on our way.” Li Changqing’s mentality had changed at this time.

From a mediocre person who had no ambition and only wanted to make money to support his family, a seed of desire to stand at the peak sprouted in his heart.

Li Changqing had long understood the principle of survival of the fittest, but this was the first time Li Changqing looked at this sentence from the perspective of the strong.

Even Xu Muhai seemed to sense some changes in Li Changqing’s aura at this moment.

That kind of change made Xu Muhai a little surprised, a little familiar, but also very strange.

Meanwhile, Xu Muhai was pondering in his heart. He originally wanted to investigate some of Li Changqing’s background by relying on the body technique Li Changqing used.

But he didn’t expect that Li Changqing did not use his own proficient body technique, but instead imitated the Snow Feather Zen Wind Mantra from Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Indeed, Senior Changqing must have a past that is unknown to others, right?

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