Chapter 028 – Don’t you fly there?


Yan Botao’s face changed dramatically when he saw Li Changqing returning the token.

Yan Botao had originally planned to use this token to bind Li Changqing to the Yan family’s carriage. With such a powerful deity sitting in the Yan family, the future was immeasurable.

But he didn’t expect Li Changqing to return the token.

“Elder Yan, your plan was good, but can your small Yan family afford a powerhouse like Li Changqing?” Xu Muhai shook his head.

“Master Mu Haifeng is right.” Yan Botao was truly desperate at this point.

Indeed, he had been daydreaming from the beginning.

Li Changqing, a master of wood carving, was even stronger than his paintings. Such a person could go anywhere, so why would he stay in his small Yan family?

“You can stay in the Yan family as the Grand Offering.” At this moment, Li Changqing tilted his head and looked at Yan Botao.

Yan Botao and Xu Muhai looked at Li Changqing in surprise.

Was there a turning point in the situation?

“But I won’t work for free. Since I am the Grand Offering of the Yan family, I should be compensated, right?” Li Changqing stared at Yan Botao.

His son, Li Hengsheng, needed money now.

Xu Muhai, this poor guy, was definitely not to be relied upon. The Yan family seemed to be wealthy, so he should first get a large sum of money for his son.

“Of course!” Yan Botao agreed without hesitation.

What was money?

With money, could they hire such a powerful expert?

“Elder Changqing, please wait a moment.” Yan Botao immediately left the Yan family hall.

“Elder Changqing, are you really going to stay?” Xu Muhai also felt incredulous and said, “Isn’t it a bit… to stay in this small Yan family?”

“Hengsheng needs to cultivate, so I naturally have to earn money for his cultivation.” Li Changqing sighed lightly.

They were both doing it for their children.

“Elder Changqing, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m here!” Xu Muhai patted his chest confidently. “With my support, Li Hengsheng won’t lack cultivation resources, right?”

Seeing Xu Muhai’s confident expression, Li Changqing pondered for a long time and felt that while he was earning money for Li Hengsheng, he should also donate some money to Mu Haifeng from time to time.

He was afraid that one day Xu Muhai would starve to death on the mountain.

“Thank you, Master Xu. It’s enough to have this intention. What you give is what you give, and what I give is my heartfelt gift to my son.” Li Changqing didn’t directly say it.

“Alright.” Xu Muhai nodded.

Not long after, Yan Botao returned. His eyes were filled with a solemn expression. “Elder Changqing, as long as you are willing to be the Grand Offering of the Yan family, you will receive fifty percent of the profits from all of the Yan family’s businesses.”

“Fifty percent?” Li Changqing’s eyes lit up.

Sharing fifty percent of the Yan family’s earnings?

Wouldn’t that make him rich?

The Yan family was one of the top families in Changting Town, and their financial resources were definitely abundant.

It seemed like his son would have enough money for cultivation.

“Alright, I agree.” Li Changqing didn’t refuse and agreed directly.

Saying that, Li Changqing took back the token from the table.

Seeing this scene, Yan Botao finally breathed a sigh of relief, but then he became even more excited. The Yan family had truly attached themselves to a powerful figure.

Although Yan Botao didn’t know how strong Li Changqing really was, he was at least at the Innate level, right?

Then, Yan Botao explained the entire Yan family’s industries to Li Changqing.

After Li Changqing finished listening, he was somewhat surprised. “The only profitable business for the Yan family is the few mines?”

“I’ve seen that the Yan family has many industries in Changting Town. Don’t they make any money?” Li Changqing asked in surprise.

“Grand Offering, among the families in Changting Town, the Bai family’s restaurants are the most profitable. Seventy percent of the restaurants in Changting Town belong to the Bai family, including the Jin Honglou that you like to eat at, which is also owned by the Bai family.”

“The cloth and silk businesses belong to the Zhao family. Although our Yan family also has industries, they are clearly not as good as theirs.”

“The other industries have been divided up, and our Yan family’s industries can only maintain a small profit.”

Saying that, Yan Botao brought the account books and directly showed them to Li Changqing.

Curiously, Li Changqing opened them and took a look. Indeed, the monthly profits were not much, except for the income from the mines, which was quite good.

The Yan family earned four to five hundred thousand taels of silver every month from the mines.

“This month, there’s something wrong with the income from the mines…” Li Changqing suddenly noticed that something was off with the income from the mines this month.

“I was just discussing this with Master Mu Haifeng. Something strange has happened in the mines, so it has been affected.” Yan Botao glanced at Xu Muhai discreetly.

“Yes, something strange seems to have happened there. Since it’s within my jurisdiction in Minghong Prefecture, I plan to go and take a look later.” Xu Muhai nodded.

“I’ll go too.” Li Changqing closed the account books and said seriously.

“Elder, you’re going too?” Xu Muhai’s eyes lit up. If Li Changqing was with them, then this matter was almost certain to succeed, right?

“It’s delaying me from making money, so of course I have to go and take a look.” Li Changqing squinted his eyes.

What exactly was it that caused him to earn so much less money this month!”Uh.” Xu Muhai left Li Changqing speechless, he didn’t expect Li Changqing to be such a money-grubber.

With such a father, Li Hengsheng must be truly blessed, right?

“So, we set off tomorrow morning?” Xu Muhai couldn’t help but ask.

“Why not go now?” Li Changqing, fearing that delay may bring trouble, thought it would be better to resolve it sooner.

“Alright, with our speed, we should be able to reach Nanshan Mine by evening.” Xu Muhai nodded.

“Run there?” Li Changqing’s eyes widened.

“How else would we go?” Xu Muhai looked at Li Changqing curiously.

“Uh.” Li Changqing felt a bit awkward. He didn’t know how to do anything, yet Xu Muhai and Yan Botao kept addressing him as a senior.

If he admitted his incompetence, wouldn’t his image as a master collapse?

Without the image of a master, would Yan Botao fire him?

Xu Muhai might also stop respecting him, and might even start ignoring his son.

So, he couldn’t show weakness.

“Cough, it’s nothing. I just remembered, your cultivation level is low and you can’t fly. In that case, let’s run.” Li Changqing said with a poker face.

“Senior, can you fly?” Xu Muhai was shocked.

“It’s rumored that some can fly by controlling a powerful force, but is it true?” Yan Botao also looked at Li Changqing with admiration. “I wonder how far senior can fly?”

“How far one can fly depends more on external factors. You haven’t reached that level yet, knowing too much won’t do you any good.” Li Changqing bluffed, he didn’t want to dwell on this topic any longer.

“External factors?” Xu Muhai and Yan Botao looked at each other, suddenly enlightened. Could it depend on the strength of the force?

However, in Li Changqing’s heart, he muttered: “How far I can fly depends on how fast the car that hits me is going…”

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