Chapter 027 – Wooden tripod

“Is this for me?” Xu Muhai’s heart was filled with excitement.

Although he asked with his mouth, Xu Muhai’s hand couldn’t help but reach out for the wooden carving.

“This is…” Xu Muhai’s heart shook when he saw the wooden carving in his hand. It turned out to be a tripod!


Seeing this thing, a hint of shock appeared in Xu Muhai’s eyes, and his gaze towards Li Changqing became somewhat intriguing.

“Don’t you like it?” Li Changqing looked at Xu Muhai’s expression and thought that he didn’t like it. He immediately wanted to touch something else in his sleeve.

“No, no, it’s not that I don’t like it. I’m just surprised. Senior Changqing, you have actually seen a real tripod!” Xu Muhai took a deep breath.

Holding the small wooden tripod in his hand, it felt like he was holding a priceless treasure.

“Have you never seen one before?” Li Changqing frowned. Wasn’t a tripod a very rare thing?

“I have naturally seen a tripod before,” Xu Muhai said with a bitter smile. “But the tripods I have seen are completely different from this wooden carving made by Senior Changqing.”

“In the Cangyuan Realm, the tripod is a very ancient vessel that inherits the power of incense.”

“But later on, the tripods inexplicably disappeared from the river of history, and the tripods made by people now are only similar in appearance, but completely unable to withstand the power of incense. Even the painters cannot truly depict the tripods.”

“So when I saw a tripod that was so naturally formed, I was so surprised.”

Xu Muhai carefully looked at the wooden tripod in his hand, holding it with both hands as if afraid of dropping it.

There were small characters on the tripod, carved by Li Changqing using a kind of pictographic script that had been used in the previous life.

As he stared at the characters for a moment, Xu Muhai’s mind shook, and he heard a whispering sound in his ears.

It was as if a god was speaking in his ear.

The trembling whispers made Xu Muhai feel as if he was listening to heavenly music!

“Peak Master Xu.”

At this moment, Li Changqing’s voice came, pulling Xu Muhai out of the heavenly music. In the next moment, Xu Muhai was drenched in cold sweat.

He had unknowingly been attracted by the ancient characters.

If it were in another place, he would be in great danger, wouldn’t he?

“What’s wrong with Peak Master Xu?” Li Changqing saw Xu Muhai staring blankly at the wooden tripod he had given him, so he couldn’t help but call out to him.

“I will always remember your kindness in giving me this treasure!” Xu Muhai took a step back and then bowed to Li Changqing.

Li Changqing actually gave him such a precious item.

This made Xu Muhai feel extremely honored!

In his heart, he also secretly vowed that Li Hengsheng would be treated like his own son from now on.

The value of this wooden tripod given by Li Changqing was immeasurable!

“Peak Master Xu, you’re too polite. You are Hengsheng’s homeroom teacher, so this small gift is nothing.” Li Changqing quickly said.

“By the way, there is one more thing.” Xu Muhai suddenly frowned and said, “Senior Changqing, why did you inexplicably become the grand worshipper of the Yan family?”

“Well…” Li Changqing explained the matter of the token to Xu Muhai.

“The Yan family is quite calculating,” Xu Muhai sneered. “Senior Changqing, you don’t need to pay attention to this small Yan family. They are just a small family in Changting Town. With Senior Changqing’s strength, you are like a star among the crowd wherever you go.”

“If Senior Changqing is willing, why not come to the Dao Mountain Ancient Land with me? I can give you an elder position more than enough, and you can see Li Hengsheng anytime you want. Isn’t that great?”

“Go to the Dao Mountain Ancient Land?” Li Changqing trembled all over and quickly shook his head.

No way.

He didn’t bring his memories with him. It was fortunate that he could write a letter out of the blue. If he really had contact with Li Hengsheng, it was very likely that his identity would be exposed in minutes.

After being reborn and finally experiencing what it felt like to have a filial son, he didn’t want to lose it so soon.

So Li Hengsheng must not be seen for the time being.

Otherwise, it would definitely be exposed.

“I won’t go to the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.” Li Changqing pondered and said, “Also, I hope you don’t mention anything about me to Hengsheng.”

“Huh?” Xu Muhai seemed a little confused. “Are you saying…”

“Yes, he doesn’t know that his father is an extraordinary expert, nor does he know that I have the skill of wood carving. I’m doing this just to let him rely on his own efforts and not depend on me to become a playboy. I have put so much effort into this, do you understand?”

After listening, Xu Muhai nodded in agreement.

But Xu Muhai was also a little puzzled. He was clearly an extraordinary expert, yet he was so low-key, so low-key that even his own son didn’t know how powerful he was and was sent to the Dao Mountain Ancient Land to suffer.

It was a bit strange, wasn’t it?

Looking at Xu Muhai’s expression, Li Changqing looked him up and down and smiled, “You haven’t married yet, so perhaps you don’t quite understand.”

“Senior is amazing. You know that I haven’t married yet!” Xu Muhai said admiringly.

“I not only know that you haven’t married yet, but I also know that you are still a virgin,” Li Changqing smiled.

“Senior is amazing!” Xu Muhai became more and more admiring of Li Changqing.

“I didn’t expect Senior Changqing’s divine soul to be so powerful that you can feel the stability of my essence and blood and see through me from a distance. You are truly an extraordinary expert,” Xu Muhai thought to himself.

On the other hand, Li Changqing shrugged. What was so amazing about that?

Just look at how you dress.

Looking so poor, which woman would be blind enough to sleep with you?

“Senior, rest assured, I will definitely not mention this matter to Li Hengsheng,” Xu Muhai promised.

Li Changqing breathed a sigh of relief, but he also felt that what Xu Muhai said made sense. He should have a high value. The Yan family wanted to bind him to their family with a broken token.

It was a bit delusional.

In his previous life, Li Changqing was obsessed with wood carving. He seemed to be honest and straightforward in his daily life, but in reality, Li Changqing was not stupid.

He could understand many problems with just a little thought.

And he had the capital to fight for his interests.

“Chief Yan.” Li Changqing called out to Yan Botao outside.

“Senior Li Changqing.” Upon hearing Li Changqing call him, Yan Botao hurriedly walked in. Had these two big shots finally finished their conversation?

“I have been under your care these past few days at the Yan family, thank you.” Li Changqing said in a calm and indifferent tone.

“Senior Li Changqing, you are too polite.” Yan Botao quickly replied, “Your great kindness to my Yan family, and your favor to my son Yan Yushi, are much more valuable than this. Your visit to my Yan family to read books is nothing.”

“In that case, my favor to the Yan family has been repaid. Please take back this token.” After saying that, Li Changqing placed the token of the great offering on the table.

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