Chapter 024 – Why are there no other paintings?

“Thank you, I happen to be a little hungry.” Li Changqing didn’t even notice that he was hungry.

Seeing these dishes, he realized that he had forgotten about hunger while immersed in the world of books.

“The patriarch knows that you like the food from Jinhong Tower, so he specially had someone buy it for you. Take your time to eat, and after you finish, just leave it aside. I will come to collect it later.” The elder said politely.

“Thank you for your trouble.” Li Changqing replied without hesitation.

He found a place to sit and started eating.

The elder’s expression was somewhat helpless. The Wanshu Tower was an important place in the Yan Residence. Even the young masters and disciples were not allowed to eat here, let alone anyone who would be severely punished for even sneezing.

Because besides books, there were many precious paintings here that needed to be well protected.

Someone like Li Changqing, who ate in the Wanshu Tower, was truly the first person in the history of the Yan Residence.

“So this is the food from Jinhong Tower?” Li Changqing looked at the dishes, and they seemed quite exquisite.

He remembered that when he first came here and ate at a small stall, the stall owner told him that he used to eat at Jinhong Tower. It seemed that Jinhong Tower was the best restaurant in Changting Town.

But he hadn’t been there since he arrived in this world, so he wanted to try it today.

Li Changqing tasted every dish, but he found that this so-called Jinhong Tower was nothing special.

The name sounded impressive, but the food they served was not better than the roadside stalls in his previous life.

How did it become so famous?

But when it came to food, Li Changqing wasn’t that picky. As long as it was edible, it was fine.

After finishing the meal, Li Changqing asked the elder to take the dishes away and continued to look for books to read.

At the same time, he felt that there was nothing interesting on the first floor, so he went upstairs.

On the second floor, there were some paintings hanging.

Li Changqing saw this kind of painting with a spiritual charm for the first time.

“It seems that these were painted by the painters of this world.” Li Changqing looked around and saw dozens of paintings.

There were weapons and animals.

“The paintings are indeed better than those painted by the previous Li Changqing.” Li Changqing murmured as he looked at the works.

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Li Changqing felt something was wrong.

Except for weapons and animals, there were no other types of paintings here. Why?

“Hey, you!” Li Changqing shouted downstairs.

“Elder, please tell me if you need anything.” The elder hurriedly walked over. Yan Botao had repeatedly instructed that all of Li Changqing’s requests must be fulfilled!

So he naturally didn’t dare to neglect.

“It’s nothing, I’m just asking why all the paintings here are only weapons and animals, and there are no others?” Li Changqing asked curiously.

“Ah?” The elder was clearly stunned by this question. His mind seemed to be unable to process it, and he couldn’t help but ask, “What others?”

“Other things, like landscape paintings, paintings of spiritual beings, or even portraits.” Li Changqing said puzzledly.

“Elder… Elder, please don’t joke. Painting spiritual beings and the heavens and earth are things that only extremely powerful painters can do! How could our small Yan family possess such treasures?”

“As for portraits… humans are the masters of all things. Even the Painting Sage wouldn’t dare to easily depict people. How could our Yan family have that?” The elder couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He even felt that Li Changqing was making fun of him.

“Is that so?” Li Changqing was also shocked to hear this.

Only powerful painters could create such paintings?

Even the Painting Sage would hesitate to paint people?

Wait… something’s not right. Didn’t I easily carve a Fahai in the past? How come it’s not possible now?

“Could it be that the Fahai I carved back then was actually useless, just an ordinary wooden carving? Or is it that wood carvings and paintings are completely different things? They may seem similar, but they are actually not the same. Maybe my wood carvings don’t have these restrictions?” Li Changqing fell into contemplation.

His path was indeed difficult.

In this world, there was no such thing as wood carvings. The ones he made were truly unique and had no reference.

He could only explore on his own.

Li Changqing continued reading.

And he read for three whole days.

During these three days, Li Changqing gained some understanding of the Cangyuan Realm.

During these three days, the meals were also delivered to the Wanshu Tower.

The entire Yan Residence was extremely cautious.

They refused to receive any visitors to avoid disturbing Li Changqing’s reading.

Yan Hanzhou entered the Postnatal Realm and became a genius of the Yan family, enjoying the best resources. He was even adopted as a son by Yan Botao.

As for Yan Dongsheng, when he heard that he was being sent to Peizhou, he couldn’t believe his ears.

But the order had been given, and the next day, Yan Dongsheng was expelled from the Yan family.

Soon after, an unexpected guest arrived at the Yan Residence.

Xu Muhai had come.

Naturally, the Yan family couldn’t afford to neglect Xu Muhai. Others could refuse him at the door, but not Xu Muhai.One of the thirty-six Peak Masters of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, and a powerful figure in the Prenatal Realm, such a status was not something their small Yan family could afford to offend.

But why had Xu Muhai come again so soon after his last visit?

“Greetings, Peak Master Mu Haifeng.” Yan Botao respectfully addressed Xu Muhai.

“I have a matter to discuss with you.” Xu Muhai, holding a banana in his hand, sprawled out on a chair, eating and speaking, “I came here this time to meet Senior Li Changqing. I don’t know him, but you have met him before. I hope you can introduce me.”

“To avoid any misunderstandings if I were to approach him rashly.”

Saying this, he casually tossed the banana peel aside.

“Peak Master, you wish to meet Senior Changqing?” Yan Botao raised an eyebrow.

“Mm, is there a problem?” Xu Muhai casually picked up an apple and started eating.

“No problem, but we need Senior Changqing’s consent.” Yan Botao said with a smile, “I won’t hide it from you, Peak Master, Senior Changqing is currently a guest at the Yan Residence.”

“Oh?” Xu Muhai’s eyes widened at this news. Li Changqing was at the Yan Residence?

“A few days ago, Senior Changqing came to the Yan family and went straight to the Wan Shu Tower to read. It’s been three days since then.” Yan Botao reported truthfully.

Xu Muhai couldn’t help but give Yan Botao a second look. How could he not see that Yan Botao was trying to take advantage of Li Changqing?

However, Xu Muhai didn’t say anything.

“When will he come out?” Xu Muhai asked thoughtfully.

“I’m not sure.” Yan Botao shook his head.

“If Peak Master Mu is in a hurry, why don’t I have someone ask the senior?” Yan Botao asked tentatively.

“Then have someone inform him.” Xu Muhai didn’t dare to wait any longer. Such a powerful figure could possibly spend several years in seclusion, and he couldn’t afford to wait.

“Alright, I’ll have someone notify him.” Yan Botao nodded.

But just as Yan Botao turned to leave, he stopped and said, “By the way, Peak Master Mu, there have been some strange occurrences at my family’s mine recently. I’m unsure of what to do. I wonder if you could take a look and help us out.”

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