Chapter 023 – One thought, heaven and earth; one thought, eternity

Although the Yan family was just a small clan in Changting Town compared to the entire Cangyuan Realm, their collection of books was quite rich for a novice like Li Changqing.

Li Changqing had never seen such a fascinating world before.

He immersed himself in the world of books, witnessing all sorts of bizarre events, and learning about many famous powerhouses in the Cangyuan Realm.

Li Changqing also learned that there was a person standing at the pinnacle of the Cangyuan Realm.

He was the Lord of the Cangyuan Realm.

The first person in the Cangyuan Realm.

An invincible existence.

Legend has it that the Lord of the Cangyuan Realm lived in the City of the Heavenly Sea, and was the target that countless powerhouses wanted to challenge. Every fifty years, there would be a chance to challenge the Lord of the Cangyuan Realm.

Whoever could defeat the current Lord of the Cangyuan Realm would become the new Lord.

And it was said that becoming the Lord of the Cangyuan Realm would grant one an audience with the ‘Immortal’.

However, this was just a rumor. Whether there really were immortals in the world, even those peerless powerhouses standing in the clouds had never seen one.

The book didn’t write much more than that.

At the same time, Li Changqing found a book about painters, which was exactly what he wanted to read.

Martial artists cultivate their bodies, painters refine their souls.

The stronger a painter’s Divine Soul, the broader the world they can depict.

The cultivation of the Divine Soul comes from the comprehension of the universe during the process of painting. If one can paint a spiritually infused work, it can enhance the Divine Soul.

This can be used to strengthen oneself.

“Could it be that those things I carved also have this effect?” Li Changqing thought of the times when he was carving, and it seemed as if a mysterious power had entered his sea of consciousness.

Could that be the power of the Divine Soul?

Li Changqing continued to read.

The power of the Divine Soul was divided into several realms.

Entering the Divine, Transforming the Spirit, Divine Power, Throne, Immortal, and Great Freedom.

There were six realms in total.

Whether there were higher realms, no one knew.

A painter with a powerful Divine Soul could change the sky and the earth with a single thought.

One thought could make one a Buddha, and another thought could turn one into a demon.

Everything in the world ultimately lies in a single thought.

One thought to live, one thought to die.

One could even see through others’ Martial Arts and pick them up casually.

One could change fate and reverse time.

As long as your Divine Soul is strong enough, you can do this.

It was rumored that those who cultivated to the realm of Great Freedom could travel thousands of miles with a single thought, roam the world freely, and be eternally free.

Reading what was written in the book, Li Changqing was simply shocked.

People with powerful Divine Souls are so powerful?

What level is his Divine Soul at?

Could he be that powerful?

Wouldn’t painters be invincible then?

If you can learn others’ Martial Arts just by looking at them, what’s the point of being a martial artist?

But Li Changqing was clearly thinking too much. While painters could indeed do this, to observe others’ profound Martial Arts and make them their own, one would at least have to reach the level of the Painting Sage.

So before reaching the so-called realm of the Painting Sage, painters can at most be said to have some magical abilities or self-protection power.

However, even so, painters were never short of masters around them.

Befriending a painter had great benefits for them.

Not to mention being painted, being able to obtain a powerful Painting Treasure was the best enhancement for a martial artist.

“But why doesn’t it say how to judge the Divine Soul?” Li Changqing flipped through the book but didn’t see how to judge the Divine Soul.

What level is his Divine Soul at?

Entering the Divine?

Or Transforming the Spirit?

It’s hard to figure out.

This made Li Changqing a bit anxious.

If he didn’t know what level he was at and rashly used the power of the Divine Soul to learn others’ Martial Arts, he could easily suffer a backlash.

Not only would he not learn Martial Arts, but he could also seriously injure himself.

If he didn’t know what level he was at, how could he learn?

However, Li Changqing still wanted to try and see what level he had reached. Since it was said that painters could do anything with the power of the Divine Soul.

He would start with something simple.

Li Changqing saw a small incense burner not far away, and the incense burner was emitting a fragrance.

Staring at the incense burner, Li Changqing stretched out his finger, hooked at the incense burner, and said, “Come here.”

With a single command, the incense burner actually…

Didn’t move at all!!

“Uh…” Li Changqing was a bit embarrassed, fortunately, no one saw it.

Otherwise, wouldn’t they think he was crazy?

“Right, one thought can change the world, but it’s not as simple as saying it. I need to mobilize the power of the Divine Soul.” Li Changqing frowned, then tried to feel the power of the Divine Soul in his sea of consciousness.

As he calmed his mind, the whole world seemed to fall silent.

At this moment, Li Changqing felt as if he couldn’t hear any sound, and his consciousness was in darkness.

He felt as if this place was a paradise detached from the Cangyuan Realm.

And after Li Changqing took a few steps, he found a lake in front of him.

The lake was quiet, and every drop of water was so pure.

When he saw this lake, he immediately understood that this lake was his Divine Soul power.

But even after seeing this lake, Li Changqing still didn’t know what level this lake was at.

Standing in front of the lake, a sense of intimacy naturally arose.

Li Changqing suddenly felt that every drop of lake water was like his child, they were cheering and jumping for joy.

It was a joy from the heart.

And Li Changqing was also moved.

Each drop of lake water was more like his soldier, waiting for his dispatch.

At this moment, Li Changqing opened his eyes, looked at the incense burner again, and slowly said, “Come here.”

The incense burner trembled slightly, and the next moment it actually rose into the air and flew towards Li Changqing.

It was directly caught by Li Changqing.

“How magical.” Li Changqing’s eyes lit up.

Although he was not a painter, he was a woodcarver, and his Divine Soul was also capable of doing such things.

If he could retrieve objects from a distance, what else could he do?

At this moment, Li Changqing was like a child who had discovered a new toy, full of curiosity about everything.

“If I could reach the realm of Great Freedom, that would be truly wonderful!” Li Changqing couldn’t help but think of what was written in the book.

To travel thousands of miles in an instant.

Such a divine ability, not to mention anything else, would allow him to outperform all other delivery guys.

All the takeout in this city will be mine in the future!

Unfortunately, it was just a thought. Li Changqing found that he seemed unable to reach such a realm at the moment.

Even if he reached such a realm, Li Changqing didn’t know how to use it.

He was like a peerless powerhouse with abundant internal strength, but without knowing any moves.

He could only explore on his own.

Just as Li Changqing wanted to continue reading other books, footsteps came from not far away.

Li Changqing turned his head and saw the elder from the Ten Thousand Books Tower.

The elder was holding a tray in his hand, with various dishes on it, and said with a smile, “Senior, it’s mealtime. The clan leader instructed me to bring your meal.”

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