Chapter 025 – First meeting

“What’s the matter?”

Xu Muhai couldn’t refuse outright at this moment. Originally, he didn’t care about the affairs of such small clans, but since Li Changqing was in the Yan family, he had given the Yan family some face.

Upon hearing Xu Muhai’s inquiry, Yan Botao quickly handed a letter to Xu Muhai and said hurriedly, “There’s an incident at the southern mountain mine of my Yan family, as written in the letter.”

Xu Muhai casually shook the letter and sat down with a serious expression, wanting to see what was written in it.

At this time, Yan Botao also quickly arranged for the elders to go to the Wan Shu Lou and ask for Li Changqing’s opinion on whether to meet Xu Muhai.

Xu Muhai looked at the contents of the letter.

However, as the contents of the letter gradually deepened, a solemn expression appeared on Xu Muhai’s face.

In the southern mountain mine, many miners from the Yan family had seen a falling star, and then they fell unconscious.

However, when they woke up, they found that they had aged by more than ten years.

Some young people had directly become middle-aged.

And the middle-aged had become old with white hair.

Even the elders who resided there had encountered such a situation.

Not only did they lose their lifespan, but their cultivation also decreased by half.

Their originally perfected acquired realm had now only reached the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm.

In addition, several villages near the southern mountain mine also experienced strange incidents like this.

For a while, people were in panic, and even the miners scattered. The entire southern mountain mine had come to a halt.

This made the people of the Yan family anxious.

Although they were anxious, they couldn’t find the reason. Even Yan Botao and the others had never seen such a bizarre incident.

After Xu Muhai finished reading the letter, he casually put it aside, closed his eyes slowly, and murmured, “Could it be…”

Wan Shu Lou.

“Great Worshipper.” The elder of the Yan family came to Wan Shu Lou and saw Li Changqing reading a book. After hesitating for a while, he could only go forward and greet him.

“Did you call me?” Li Changqing came back to his senses at this moment and saw that it was someone from the Yan family, so he politely asked, “Is there something you need?”

“It’s like this.” The elder quickly approached and respectfully said, “Someone wants to see you, Great Worshipper. May I know if you are available?”

“See me?” Li Changqing was taken aback. Who wanted to see him?

“Do I know them?” Li Changqing asked in surprise.

“I think… we haven’t met before, right?” The elder guessed. After all, if they had met before, there would be no need for the Yan family to introduce Xu Muhai to Li Changqing. Xu Muhai would have gone to find Li Changqing himself.

Li Changqing shook his head. “Then I won’t see them.”

If he didn’t know them, why should he meet them? He hated socializing the most.

“Ah…” The elder didn’t expect Li Changqing to refuse so decisively. He was the Peak Master of Dao Mountain Ancient Land!

Countless forces couldn’t even meet him if they wanted to.

So the Yan family elder couldn’t help but say, “Great Worshipper, the person who wants to see you is Mu Haifeng, the Peak Master of the thirty-six peaks of Dao Mountain Ancient Land. Are you really not going to see him?”

“Wait a moment.” Li Changqing raised his eyebrows.

Dao Mountain Ancient Land?

Wasn’t that the sect where his obedient son was cultivating?

How could he not see him?

His son was studying there, and if someone came to visit, wouldn’t he be ostracized at school?

“Let’s go, take me to see him quickly.” Li Changqing quickly put the book back on the shelf and said anxiously.

The teacher had come, and he had to make arrangements properly. Otherwise, what would be his son’s future?

“I’ll lead the way.” The elder quickly said.

Xu Muhai, who was waiting in the Yan family hall, was also a little anxious.

Would such a powerful person be willing to see him?

“Ah.” Xu Muhai suddenly slapped his forehead as if he had done something stupid.

“Mu Haifeng, what are you doing?” Yan Botao looked at Xu Muhai in surprise and asked.

“I should have taken the initiative to wait at the entrance of Wan Shu Lou for the senior to come out. How could I let him come to see me? I really made a mistake.” Xu Muhai regretfully said.

“Take me to Wan Shu Lou.” Xu Muhai quickly said.

But as soon as Xu Muhai finished speaking, a loud voice came from outside, “The Great Worshipper has arrived.”

“He’s here!” Yan Botao smiled and said, “It seems that the Peak Master doesn’t need to go anymore. Senior Changqing has already arrived.”

“Great Worshipper?” Xu Muhai looked at Yan Botao strangely. How could the small Yan family deceive such a powerful person into becoming their worshipper?

If that was really the case, wouldn’t the Yan family soar to the sky?

But now was not the time to ask this question. Xu Muhai stood up and patted his already not-so-clean clothes.

At this moment, Li Changqing walked in.

This was the first time Xu Muhai had seen Li Changqing, and how should he describe his impression?

A very ordinary person.

He seemed like an unsuccessful scholar, giving Xu Muhai a plain feeling. He didn’t seem like an extraordinary expert at all, and Xu Muhai couldn’t sense any fluctuations of divine soul from Li Changqing’s body.

Dao Mountain Ancient Land also had powerful painters, and Xu Muhai could feel a kind of oppressive divine soul from them, a feeling of integrating heaven and earth, where heaven and earth belonged only to them.

But Li Changqing didn’t have any of that. He was just an ordinary person.

And Li Changqing’s first impression of Xu Muhai was that Dao Mountain Ancient Land was really poor.

How could the Peak Master dress like a beggar? It seemed like his clothes hadn’t been washed for a long time.

If even the Peak Master lived such a difficult life, could his eldest son even have enough to eat in Dao Mountain Ancient Land?

Has he become malnourished and emaciated?

Xu Muhai didn’t look like a Peak Master at all. Li Changqing found it more convincing to call him a beggar elder.

“Li Changqing.” Li Changqing stepped forward and greeted with a fist.

“Xu Muhai.” Seeing Li Changqing greet him first, Xu Muhai also hurriedly responded politely.

Although Li Changqing didn’t give him the impression of being a superior person, Xu Muhai was still very respectful.

Not to mention the wooden carving that Li Changqing gave to the Yan family before, which shocked him greatly, it was a treasure beyond his knowledge.

Take Yan Dongchen’s Prenatal Realm, for example, he was instantly killed when he entered the Changqing painting boat, which was not something ordinary people could do.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.” Li Changqing quickly said, “I heard that you are the Peak Master of Dao Mountain Ancient Land. My son is also a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land. So, you should be his school leader. My son is naughty, and I’m sorry for the trouble he has caused you.”

“Huh?” Xu Muhai was stunned.

What is a school leader?

But Xu Muhai could also get a general idea, and quickly responded politely, “Li Hengsheng is a very good disciple in my Dao Mountain Ancient Land. I didn’t expect him to be the son of Elder Changqing. I just found out recently, so I came to visit.”

“Sure, sure, please sit down.” Li Changqing quickly invited Xu Muhai to sit down.

Yan Botao, who was standing by, saw that the two were about to talk, and very tactfully walked to the door.

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