Chapter 020 – Wan Shu Tower

After entering the Yan Residence, Li Changqing finally understood what it meant to be from a wealthy family.

The size of this place was almost comparable to the Forbidden City.

Although he had seen the courtyards of wealthy families on TV in his previous life, seeing them in person was a completely different experience.

There were busy servants everywhere, various pavilions and towers, exquisite carvings, and golden brilliance, all exuding luxury.

Li Changqing walked for a while, crossing bridges and passing through courtyards and gardens.

He was completely lost.

Many servants noticed Li Changqing, showing curious expressions, but no one came up to ask.

Because they were used to such things.

Perhaps another clueless person who wanted to enter the Yan Residence to seek opportunities.

If he wandered around, he would easily encounter the Yan Residence’s patrol team and be thrown out.

“Excuse me…” Li Changqing saw a servant passing by and wanted to ask, but the servant didn’t even turn his head and hurried away.

“Why are they in such a hurry? Is the pace of life in the Yan Residence this fast?” Li Changqing was speechless.

Just then, a burst of laughter came.

A group of young men dressed in yellow robes walked over from not far away. They were all energetic and had smiles on their faces.

Judging from their clothes, Li Changqing guessed that they were the young masters of the Yan Residence.

The leading young man was arrogant, surrounded by three people, and had a flattering expression on his face.

The others also showed some awe towards this young man.

“Excuse me.” Li Changqing thought it would be fine to ask them. They were familiar with the Yan Residence and must know where the books were kept.

But as soon as Li Changqing spoke, the leading young man frowned and glanced at him with disdain.

“Get out of the way, don’t block the road. Where did this guy come from? So clueless, hurry up and get lost.” The leading young man impatiently waved his hand.

“What are you standing there for? Can’t you hear Brother Sheng asking you to move? If you delay Brother Sheng’s cultivation, can you afford the consequences?” The people around the young man criticized Li Changqing one after another.

They were all eager to please this Brother Sheng, afraid of not catching his attention.

Damn, are all the brats in the Yan Residence this arrogant?

This reminded Li Changqing of his unfilial son in his previous life. They were simply the same.

So disrespectful!

Li Changqing rolled up his sleeves, ready to teach this arrogant young man a lesson.

But just as he was about to make a move, Li Changqing suddenly remembered.

Damn, this kid is a martial artist.

Although his cultivation seemed average, he still had some level of strength. If he, an ordinary person, made a move, he would only get beaten up, right?

“What? You still want to fight?” Seeing Li Changqing rolling up his sleeves, the leading young man’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

“Huh?” Li Changqing could only pretend to be surprised and said, “What fight? I… It’s just hot weather, so I rolled up my sleeves.”

“Hahaha.” This sentence caused the young men to burst into laughter.

Li Changqing felt a bit frustrated.

As an adult who had lived two lives, he was actually laughed at by a few kids!

“Let’s go, let’s not bother with him.” The group of young men laughed and walked away.

Li Changqing could only sigh and tell himself not to get angry.

“Do you have any business in the Yan Residence? Are you lost? If you want to find someone, I happen to have nothing to do and can take you there.”

While Li Changqing was resting his eyes, a clear voice sounded beside him.

Li Changqing opened his eyes and saw a somewhat delicate young man standing in front of him.

Li Changqing remembered that this delicate young man had been in the group just now, but he had always walked at the back, seeming a bit isolated and not getting along well with the others.

“Yan Hanzhou, you really like to meddle in other people’s affairs. You can’t even handle your own matters, yet you still have the mood to interfere with others. It serves you right to be exiled from the Yan Residence.”

The leading young man turned his head and sneered.

“Brother Sheng, ignore him. I guess he knows that he has no hope of staying here, so he has willingly degraded himself.”

“Once a genius! Haha, now he can’t even stay in the Yan Residence.” Someone even whistled at the young man named Yan Hanzhou.

Hearing their mockery, Yan Hanzhou frowned, but he didn’t say a word.

Li Changqing was somewhat surprised by Yan Hanzhou’s temperament. This young man, who seemed to be around twelve or thirteen years old, could actually endure so much.

“Uncle, who are you looking for?” Yan Hanzhou asked with a smile. “Maybe I can help you.”

“I want to find a place to read books.” Li Changqing stated his purpose.

“A place to read books?” Yan Hanzhou was taken aback.

“Where in the Yan Residence has the most books?” Li Changqing rephrased his question.

“Naturally, that would be the Wan Shu Tower.” Yan Hanzhou answered instinctively.

“Can you please take me to the Wan Shu Tower?”

Knowing that there was indeed a place with many books, Li Changqing became hopeful.”I can take Uncle there,” Yan Hanzhou said with a bitter smile, “But the Wan Shu Tower is a crucial place in Yan Residence. It not only houses a vast collection of books but also many precious paintings. Even the children of our residence are not qualified to enter.”

“Uncle, if you want to go in, I’m afraid it might not be possible,” Yan Hanzhou honestly told Li Changqing.

“I wonder if this token can get me in?” Li Changqing took out the token that Yan Botao had given him.

Upon seeing the token, Yan Hanzhou’s face changed instantly.

“Greetings, Great Steward!” Yan Hanzhou took a step back and bowed respectfully.

“Great Steward?” Li Changqing looked at the token in his hand in surprise, not expecting it to be the steward’s token.

However, what it was didn’t matter. What Li Changqing cared about was whether this token could get him into the Wan Shu Tower.

“So, can I enter the Wan Shu Tower?” Li Changqing extended his hand to help Yan Hanzhou up.

“Yes, of course, you can!” Yan Hanzhou quickly replied, “The Great Steward’s status in our Yan family is second only to the clan leader. Naturally, you are qualified to enter the Wan Shu Tower. Let me show you the way.”

With that, Yan Hanzhou made a gesture of invitation.

“Thank you,” Li Changqing said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Yan Botao was in his study, reading a letter.

The content of the letter made Yan Botao frown, as if something significant had happened.

“What on earth is it?” Yan Botao slowly put down his heart and murmured to himself.

Just then, there was a hurried knock on the door.

“Clan leader,” a man’s voice came.

“Is it the Third Elder? Come in if you have something to say,” Yan Botao said calmly.

The door opened, and the Third Elder of Yan Residence walked in, exclaiming excitedly, “Someone just reported that the Great Steward’s token has appeared. It must be Elder Li Changqing visiting our Yan Residence.”

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