Chapter 019 – Pleasant morning

“Another person?”

Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised. Xu Muhai wanted to take in disciples and still needed to ask another person?

Who are they asking?

Could it be the sect master?

But as the peak master of Mu Haifeng, he should have this authority, right?

Although he had doubts in his heart, Li Hengsheng did not ask further. In any case, he had already seen the light.

Being able to become a disciple of Mu Haifeng, he might really have a chance to reach the innate realm.

Once he reached the innate realm, he would become a top-notch expert.

In the future, when facing Lu Qiaoqiao again, he would have the ability to protect her.

In the early morning, the sun slowly rose.

The gentle and not dazzling light spread over the entire Changting Town, and the town gradually became lively.

People doing business also started to come out, and it was bustling. The shouts of the vendors made people feel the atmosphere of the market, making them comfortable.

“Boss, a bowl of clear porridge and an oil cake.”

A man in a green robe sat down and said to the busy stall owner.

“Master Li, you’re here.” The boss quickly smiled and said, “Please wait, I’ll serve you right away.”

Saying that, the stall owner quickly put down what he was doing, wiped his hands on his clothes, and quickly picked up a pair of tongs to pick the largest oil cake and put it on a plate.

Then, he used a spoon to scoop up the thickest rice porridge from the bottom of the pot and carefully put it into a bowl. He sprinkled a small pinch of salt and chopped green onions on top, then walked over with a smile and placed the food on the table.

After doing all this, he turned around and brought a small plate with some pickled vegetables.

“Master Li, these are the pickles my wife made yesterday. Please try them.”

“Okay, thank you.” Li Changqing nodded.

He had already gotten used to the life here and felt that the pressure of life here was not great. Compared to his previous life, it was much better.

Although most of the silver had been sent to Li Hengsheng, the remaining amount was enough for Li Changqing to live a very comfortable life.

After all, Li Changqing didn’t need to buy expensive painting paper and brushes now.

He could wander around, eat some food, take care of flowers, occasionally do some carving. His life could be said to be very comfortable.

Recently, Li Changqing had also read a lot of books from the stall. Although these books were all strange novels, he still learned some information about warriors and painters in this world.

Especially about painters, Li Changqing was very curious.

The description of painters in the books was simply incredible. With the power of their vast divine souls, they seemed to be able to do anything. This made Li Changqing curious. He was not a painter, only a woodcarver. Did he possess such a powerful divine soul?

If he did, how should he use it?

If it really existed, what level was his divine soul?

Li Changqing was very curious about these things.

However, he didn’t know any painters, so there was no one to ask.

With only these strange novels, there was no reference at all.

It seemed that Changting Town was still too small. He should go out and see more of this world.

Generally speaking, painters in the Cangyuan Realm would go on long journeys.

They would see the scenery of the Cangyuan Realm, experience all kinds of magical landscapes, and encounter various strange creatures. The more they saw, the more they could paint.

If they saw less, painters would not be able to paint anything.

Because he didn’t need money recently, Li Changqing had only been doing some small carvings these days and nothing else.

The truth was that his carvings seemed to have a magical ability, not inferior to paintings. Li Changqing was worried that if he made something and attracted unnecessary trouble to himself.

As an ordinary person, if he didn’t have the ability to protect himself, it would be equivalent to seeking death.

“It’s really delicious. Boss, your cooking skills are really good.” Li Changqing finished the oil cake and porridge cleanly. “These pickles are also good.”

“Thank you for your praise, Master Li. I’m glad you like them.” The boss smiled.

Since Li Changqing started coming to eat here, he indirectly attracted many customers.

Even painters thought that the food here was delicious, so others also wanted to try it.

At this moment, the sound of carriages and horses came from a distance. Several carriages carrying goods slowly approached, their cargoes covered with burlap and piled up.

“So many goods.” Li Changqing couldn’t help but sigh.

“These are goods from the Yan Family Merchant Association. They go out to purchase goods every month during these days. They just came back.” The stall owner explained to Li Changqing.

“The Yan Family?” Li Changqing raised his eyebrows. Yes, if he wanted to find information in this area, the Yan Family should have it, right?

The Yan Family was, after all, a big family.

They should have many books.

Maybe they really had what he wanted.

As for how to go to the Yan Family to read, Li Changqing was not worried because Yan Botao had left him a token before leaving.

With the token given by the Yan Family Patriarch, it would be easy to enter the Yan Family.

Thinking of this, Li Changqing left the money and headed towards the Yan Family.

In Changting Town, the Yan Family was one of the top families, and Yan Botao had extraordinary cultivation.

So there were many guests who visited the Yan Family every day.

The Yan Family had many industries in Changting Town. Some came to the Yan Family to seek employment, while others wanted to become guards based on their own abilities.

It could be said that all kinds of people were there.

When Li Changqing arrived at the gate of the Yan Family, he found that there were already more than a dozen people waiting outside.

However, they couldn’t enter at all.

“The Yan Family is really popular.” Li Changqing muttered to himself.He then straightened his clothes and casually headed towards the Yan family’s main gate.

The people waiting outside saw Li Changqing intending to walk straight in, their eyes revealing expressions of amusement.

They were waiting here for the Yan family’s steward to select them, but this man was different. He didn’t seem to bring any gifts, yet he wanted to enter the Yan family’s residence?

Could he be a fool?

“Halt, wait outside.” The two Yan family guards at the gate saw Li Changqing trying to enter and immediately stepped forward to stop him.

However, Li Changqing was not in the mood to play any games of pretending to be weak. He directly took out a token and placed it in front of the two men.

The two guards were taken aback when they saw the token in Li Changqing’s hand.

This was not a simple token.

This was a top-level offering token!

“Please, please.” The two guards hurriedly said to Li Changqing.

“Thank you.” Li Changqing said a word of thanks and then entered the Yan family’s residence.

This left the crowd outside dumbfounded.

What was going on?

“Why can he go in, but we can’t?” A burly man roared at the two guards.

They only knew that Li Changqing seemed to have shown some sort of card to the two guards, but they didn’t see what it was.

The Yan family guards simply ignored them.

At this moment, a man dressed in plain clothes stepped forward from the crowd, a sly smile on his face. “I also have a card, brothers, please make an exception.”

As he spoke, he took out a card and showed it to the two men.

The two guards looked at it, and there was a word written on the card.


The man grinned and said, “It’s a discount card from the Green Phoenix Pavilion. Brothers, with this card, you can get a 30% discount. I can take you there.”


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