Chapter 021 – Give you a little gadget

“Senior Li Changqing has arrived?” Yan Botao’s eyes lit up. He had been eagerly anticipating Li Changqing’s arrival these past few days.

He had given the token of the Grand Offering before, but Li Changqing had never come. He had lost hope.

He had planned to wait for some time and find an excuse with Yan Yushi before going to find Li Changqing and get closer to him.

Who knew that he would finally come today.

He had been worried that Li Changqing would look down on the Yan family, a small and insignificant clan.

But now it seemed there was hope.

If the Yan family could gain Li Changqing’s support, Yan Botao was confident that the Yan family would become the number one clan in Changting Town.

Perhaps they could even establish a foothold in Minghong Prefecture.

This was the Yan family’s opportunity!

“Where is Senior Li Changqing?” Yan Botao quickly tidied himself up and prepared to go meet Li Changqing.

“I heard he went to Wanshulou.” The third elder said strangely, “I wonder what Senior Li Changqing wants to do at Wanshulou?”

“Wanshulou?” Yan Botao’s hand stopped, and he pondered for a long time before saying, “Keep an eye on the situation at Wanshulou and inform me of any developments. If Senior Li Changqing needs anything, let me know as well.”

“Shouldn’t we go there?” The third elder couldn’t help but ask.

“Senior Li Changqing might want to read books at Wanshulou. We shouldn’t disturb him, but we must ensure that he is comfortable. This is the Yan family’s opportunity.” Yan Botao said seriously.

“Also, order the blockade of Wanshulou. No one from the clan is allowed to enter until Senior Li Changqing comes out.” Yan Botao thought for a moment.

The third elder nodded repeatedly after hearing this, then hesitated for a moment and said, “There is one more thing.”

“What is it?” Seeing the expression on the third elder’s face, Yan Botao sat down and said, “Just tell me.”

“It’s like this…” The third elder whispered a few words.

“Absolutely ridiculous!”

“Truly lawless!” Yan Botao slapped the table in front of him, leaving a handprint, almost shattering it.

“Yan Dongsheng didn’t mean it. He is just a young man…” The third elder said awkwardly. If he had to be serious, Yan Dongsheng could be considered a member of his lineage.

But the matter of Yan Dongsheng offending Li Changqing was something the third elder couldn’t hide.

After all, it concerned the future of the Yan family.

“A young man?” Yan Botao sneered, “If he wasn’t a young man, Senior Li Changqing would have killed him long ago. Who gave him the courage!”

“In that case, Clan Leader, what should we do about this matter…” The third elder couldn’t help but ask.

“Send him to Peizhou. We have a farm there. Let him work as a laborer.” Yan Botao said indifferently, “Third elder, this is because of your face. Otherwise, how should we deal with a clan member who endangers the family? You should be well aware.”

“Thank you, Clan Leader, for sparing his life.” The third elder respectfully bowed.

Meanwhile, Yan Hanzhou finally arrived at the entrance of Wanshulou with Li Changqing.

“It’s not small.” Looking at the seven-story tower in front of him, Li Changqing couldn’t help but marvel at the grandeur of Wanshulou.

“As long as you use your token, you can enter and find the books you want.” Yan Hanzhou said respectfully.

Looking at this polite young man in front of him, Li Changqing couldn’t help but like him more and more.

“I heard them teasing you just now, saying that you will be going somewhere else soon?” Li Changqing asked at this moment, “I know your Clan Leader. Should I talk to him if I meet him?”

Upon hearing this, a hint of eagerness flashed in Yan Hanzhou’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

“Thank you, Grand Offering, but there’s no need.” Yan Hanzhou shook his head and said, “In the eyes of the clan, I am a hopeless person. Staying here will only bring trouble to others. It’s better to start anew somewhere else.”

“What is a useless person?” Li Changqing frowned and said, “I have heard someone say such a sentence before.”

“Even a pair of underwear and a roll of toilet paper have their uses, let alone you?” Li Changqing looked at Yan Hanzhou seriously and said.

Yan Hanzhou: “???”

“Cough, I misspoke.” Li Changqing felt that something was off about that sentence after saying it. Although the meaning was correct, it sounded somewhat derogatory.

“What I mean is, everyone has their own talents and will be useful in their own way. Don’t give up, young man.” Li Changqing laughed heartily.

“Everyone has their own talents?” Yan Hanzhou couldn’t help but ponder over these words…

“Senior, I am not really the useless person they say I am.”

Encountering someone who appreciated him so much, Yan Hanzhou couldn’t help but feel moved. So he said, “In my Yan family, after reaching the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm, one must comprehend a set of techniques within three years.””If I can’t comprehend it, I’ll have to leave the Yan family.” Yan Hanzhou said with his head lowered, “I’ve comprehended the cultivation method twice before, but it wasn’t what I wanted, so I chose to give up both times and didn’t accept the inheritance.”

“Perhaps because I rejected it twice, I haven’t been able to comprehend any cultivation methods for the third time. The three-year deadline is approaching, and I can only accept my fate.”

“You can practice cultivation methods after reaching the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm?” Li Changqing blinked, finding Yan Hanzhou rather picky.

A Virgo, perhaps?

“I’m sorry for wasting your time, senior. You should go read your books. I’ll take my leave first.” After saying this, Yan Hanzhou bowed respectfully to Li Changqing and prepared to turn around and leave.

“Wait.” Li Changqing stopped Yan Hanzhou at this moment.

“Does senior have any instructions?” Yan Hanzhou asked curiously.

“You’ve helped me, and I don’t have anything to repay you with. This is a little trinket I made in my spare time. I’ll give it to you.” As he spoke, Li Changqing took out a miniature wooden carving from his sleeve and handed it to Yan Hanzhou.

Recently, Li Changqing hadn’t been making any serious carvings. Since he had money and didn’t worry about food and clothing, he didn’t bother to do it. If his son needed money next month, he would figure out a way.

However, when people have free time, they tend to get bored. So, Li Changqing simply carved some small trinkets that he had never carved before.

They were rather odd and cute things.

“This is…” Seeing the wooden carving that Li Changqing handed to him, Yan Hanzhou was stunned.

Li Changqing then turned around and entered the library.

Leaving Yan Hanzhou staring in shock at the wooden carving in his hand.

What was this?

It looked like an animal.

But Yan Hanzhou had never seen this kind of animal before.

Was it a mouse?

But it didn’t look like one. It had a chubby body, a tail that looked like lightning, and two rosy cheeks.

What was this?

He naturally couldn’t recognize it.

Probably no one in the entire Cangyuan Realm could recognize what it was.

Because it was a Pikachu that Li Changqing had carved in his spare time.

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