Chapter 018 – Xu Muhai is here

As soon as this word came out, all six people present were interested.

The six people looked at each other and understood from each other’s eyes why the three factions of the Ghost Clan were fighting for Lu Qiaoqiao.

It was because of that token.

Then Li Hengsheng talked about what happened afterwards.

“Alright, you go rest.” Li Zhi stood up and beckoned a disciple, saying, “Escort this junior brother.”

“Junior brother, please come this way.” The disciple said politely.

“Thank you, senior brother.” Li Hengsheng turned around and left with the disciple.

After Li Hengsheng left, Li Zhi took a deep breath and said, “Qishan Order, I didn’t expect the third Qishan Order to appear. No wonder they are all fighting desperately for Lu Qiaoqiao. Everything makes sense now.”

“It doesn’t make sense.” The chubby Peak Master frowned and said, “It’s not hard to understand that the Qishan Order would appear. What I don’t understand is why Li Hengsheng said the package was sent by his father, and why the Qishan Order would be with his father.”

The others also felt strange.

“What’s so strange about that?” Xu Muhai smiled and said, “The Qishan Order was definitely in Yan Dongchen’s hands before. Later, Yan Dongchen was chased by me and afraid that I would find the Qishan Order, so he hid it in the package from the Cangyuan Escort Bureau.”

“As a result, this package happened to be sent to the disciples of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land, so the Qishan Order ended up in Li Hengsheng’s hands, and later it coincidentally ended up with Lu Qiaoqiao.”

“I think Lu Qiaoqiao must have accidentally refined the Qishan Order. The nearby Ghost Clan must have sensed it, which is why we have the scene today.” Xu Muhai explained confidently to everyone.

Listening to Xu Muhai’s explanation, it seemed to make sense, and no matter how they thought about it, this was the only explanation that made sense.

For a while, everyone had to accept this explanation.

Before coming here, they had already investigated Li Hengsheng’s background.

Li Changqing, although a painter, was extremely destitute and had no talent, so there was nothing to pay attention to.

Apart from Xu Muhai’s explanation, they really couldn’t think of any other explanation.

“Their original intention was to fight for the Qishan Order, but since the Qishan Order was refined by Lu Qiaoqiao, they could only take her away.”

“The Qishan Order is owned by the Qishan Ghost Lord. He has sent out three Qishan Orders in his lifetime to sever cause and effect. The one who refines the Qishan Order can find the Qishan Ghost Lord and request his help.”

“The first two Qishan Orders have long been used up, by Yin Fengqi of the Medical King Valley and by Yin Fengqi of the North Cold Country. The two Qishan Orders directly changed their lives.”

“And this third one has been sealed for a long time, but it was found by the Yin Ten Tower. It’s just a rumor that the Qishan Ghost Lord is currently in seclusion, and it will take at least a year to find him.”

The chubby Peak Master smiled bitterly, “If the other forces in Yunhuang find out that the Long Night Ancient Nation has obtained the Qishan Order, Lu Qiaoqiao will probably face countless assassinations in this year.”

“The Qishan Ghost Lord is rumored to have already cultivated to the realm of a land immortal. If he takes action, there are very few people in the world who can stop him. The old enemies of the Long Night Ancient Nation will definitely try their best to retrieve the Qishan Order.”

Seeing everyone discussing animatedly, Xu Muhai yawned and stood up with a smile, saying, “You guys continue chatting, I’m going back to my Muhaifeng to sleep. I’m really tired today.”

After saying that, he ignored the others and left directly.

Everyone had already witnessed Xu Muhai’s eccentric behavior, so they didn’t pay much attention to it. What they were more concerned about now was the matter of the Qishan Order.

Since the Qishan Order had appeared, they would definitely report this matter.

Unfortunately, the Sect Master was not here.

And they were not in a hurry either. If the Long Night Ancient Nation were to take action, it wouldn’t be now. The Qishan Ghost Lord was in seclusion, and it would take at least a year for him to come out.

In other words, within this year, the Long Night Ancient Nation could not ask the Qishan Ghost Lord for anything.

Li Hengsheng returned to his room, and the events of today made his mood restless.

He wanted to become stronger.

He wanted to become a strong person and meet Lu Qiaoqiao again one day.

This was also what he promised Lu Qiaoqiao.

But how could he become stronger? Li Hengsheng knew his own aptitude, which could only be considered mediocre.

To strive desperately and reach the peak of acquired realm in the future would already be a stroke of great luck.

Reaching the peak of the acquired realm was already considered a master.

But this was still not enough to reach the level of Lu Qiaoqiao. Li Hengsheng didn’t know what the Long Night Ancient Nation was, but he knew about Chu Changkong.

He was innate at the age of eleven.

That look in his eyes, treating himself as a bug that could be crushed at any time, was still unforgettable to Li Hengsheng.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

Just as Li Hengsheng was thinking about what to do, there was a knocking sound from outside the door.

“Who is it?”

Li Hengsheng walked over and opened the door.

He thought it was a senior brother who knew about today’s events and came to comfort him, but when he opened the door, Li Hengsheng was stunned.

The person at the door was actually Xu Muhai!

The Peak Master of Muhaifeng!

And Li Hengsheng knew very well that among the thirty-six Peak Masters of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Xu Muhai’s cultivation level could rank in the top three.

Don’t be fooled by Xu Muhai’s carefree and sloppy appearance, and his clothes were tattered. There were even few people on Muhaifeng. But Xu Muhai was one of the few people in the entire Dao Mountain Ancient Land who could comprehend the “Five Absolute Seals” to the fourth realm.

With just this, Xu Muhai was enough to stand among the heroes.

Li Hengsheng never expected that Xu Muhai would come to find him.

“Peak Master Xu Muhai.” Li Hengsheng quickly said respectfully.

“You’re called Li Hengsheng?” Xu Muhai smiled and looked at Li Hengsheng.

“Yes, this disciple is called Li Hengsheng.” Li Hengsheng said.

“I’m here to discuss something with you.” Xu Muhai walked into the room and closed the door.”Peak Master, please speak.” Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised. What could Xu Muhai possibly want to discuss with him?

He was just a lowly servant disciple.

“Come to my Mu Haifeng, become my personal disciple, Xu Muhai. Are you willing?” Xu Muhai asked seriously, looking at Li Hengsheng.


Li Hengsheng was stunned on the spot.

To become… Xu Muhai’s personal disciple?

What was going on?

Had Xu Muhai been drinking fake wine?

Or had he hit his head while fighting with the Ghost Clan during the day?

“Peak Master Mu Haifeng, are you joking?” Li Hengsheng still couldn’t believe it, this was too damn fantastical.

Who knew Xu Muhai would just shake his head: “I’m not joking with you, I’m just asking if you’re willing or not.”

“I am willing!”

Who wouldn’t want such an opportunity? Anyone who didn’t would be a damn fool.

Li Hengsheng had been worrying about how to improve himself, and then Xu Muhai came to take him as a disciple.

Would it still be difficult to improve himself under Xu Muhai’s guidance?

As for why it was him, Li Hengsheng no longer cared.

“Good, wait for me a few days. Besides asking you, I also need to ask another person. If he agrees, then I can take you in.” Xu Muhai said seriously, looking at Li Hengsheng.

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