Chapter 007 – Ghost Cultivation Yan Dongchen

This immediately made Li Changqing’s hair stand on end.

Deep down, he had a kind of awe for ghosts and gods, so when he heard that there were ghosts, Li Changqing was a little scared for a while.

Seeing the half-carved wooden sculpture in his hand, Li Changqing pondered for a while and decided not to continue carving, but instead found another piece of wood.

Then he began to carve a new wooden sculpture with great seriousness.

As he carved attentively, the blue mark on Li Changqing’s brow became more and more prominent, but Li Changqing himself didn’t even notice.

His movements were skillful, and he used various tools with great proficiency.

By the time evening came, a half-human-sized wooden sculpture had already appeared in Li Changqing’s hand.

It had a lotus base, and on top sat a bald monk.

The monk was dressed in a kasaya, holding a golden bowl in his right hand, and wearing a string of Buddhist beads around his neck. His eyes were tightly closed, exuding a kind of imposing aura without anger.

“Phew.” Li Changqing let out a long breath and wanted to wipe the sweat off his forehead, but when he wiped it with his hand, he found that there was no sweat at all. This surprised Li Changqing a bit. It seemed that his physical strength had improved a lot after crossing over.

After wiping the Buddha statue clean, he placed it directly in the center of the painting boat.

“Bless me, protect me from evil spirits.” Li Changqing clasped his hands together and bowed to the Buddha statue before returning to his small courtyard.

Li Changqing planned to have someone deliver the silver ticket and blood ginseng to his son Li Hengsheng tomorrow.

The night was cool.

Dark clouds covered the bright moon, and the entire Changting Town seemed particularly quiet. Occasionally, the sound of patrolmen banging gongs could be heard on the streets.

Outside Changting Town, a black light fell on it like a shooting star.

But in the blink of an eye, the black light disappeared without a trace, as if nothing had appeared just now.

After the black light disappeared, a figure appeared where the black light had just descended. The person was a middle-aged man, dressed in tattered Daoist robes, looking somewhat disheveled. His sharp eyes scanned the surroundings, and in the darkness of the night, his eyes were as sharp as a hawk.

“Yan Dongchen, you can’t escape.” The middle-aged Daoist spoke slowly. In the next moment, he flipped his palm, and golden light entwined his fingertips, forming a formation. He stared at the golden light, and within the golden light, nine squares and eight directions converged.

“Is it here?” The middle-aged Daoist’s gaze turned towards the northwest.

After speaking, his figure quickly turned into a golden light and flew away.

“Damn Daoist, chasing me for two whole days and nights.” Under the black light, the figure of a man with a blood-stained hooked nose appeared. His eyes flickered with killing intent.

The places where he was bleeding made him particularly painful.

“When I, Yan Dongchen, return to Yinshi Tower, I will definitely crush your Dao Mountain Ancient Land!” He muttered to himself, but the pain from his torn wounds distorted his expression.

“If this continues, I definitely won’t be able to escape. I need to find someone to replenish my blood and qi.” Yan Dongchen entered Minghong Prefecture. He originally wanted to act low-key and only find something, without harming anyone’s life to avoid attracting attention.

But now he couldn’t avoid attracting attention anymore. If he didn’t refine some blood and qi, his injuries would only get worse. With his current body, he couldn’t escape from the people of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Yan Dongchen raised his head and found a shop behind him.

“Changqing Painting Boat.”

“This is it.” Yan Dongchen knew that the people from Dao Mountain Ancient Land would soon catch up to him, so he had to seize the time.

He could sense the presence of someone inside the Changqing Painting Boat, so he directly pushed open the door and rushed in.

Kill the people inside, refine their essence and blood to heal his injuries.

But as soon as he rushed into the painting boat, Yan Dongchen suddenly felt an indescribable sense of crisis!

This sense of crisis surpassed all the crises he had ever experienced in his life.

It was as if he was in a desperate situation!

What’s going on? What’s in this room?

He was a strong person at the Innate Realm, how could he encounter such a terrifying crisis?

Suddenly, he saw a huge wooden sculpture in the center of the painting boat.

A wooden sculpture of a green lotus, the Buddha reigning supreme!

At this moment, the Buddha suddenly opened its eyes, and within its eyes, boundless Buddhist teachings seemed to envelop the entire painting boat. An unparalleled power emanated from the Buddha, almost crushing Yan Dongchen on the spot with its Buddha light!

“How is this possible!” Yan Dongchen’s face changed drastically. He had never felt such a terrifying Buddha light before!

What on earth is this thing!

How can it have such power!

Even if it’s a spiritual treasure, it shouldn’t have such power, right?

However, at this moment, a majestic voice emanated from the Buddha, shaking the surroundings like a great bell!

“Bold evildoer, how dare you trespass into the painting boat! I will expose your true form!”

“Great Dragon of Mighty Power! World-Honored Ksitigarbha, all the Buddhas of Prajna, Prajna Hum!”At this moment, the middle-aged Taoist who had just caught up to Li Changqing’s painting boat also felt this boundless power, and at the same time, the golden array in his hand collapsed instantly!

“Dead?” The middle-aged Taoist’s face changed.

Yan Dongchen was dead!

He stared incredulously at the shop in front of him.

Li Changqing’s painting boat.

He had no idea what had happened inside, but he could feel an astonishing momentum that had just erupted from within. The strength of that momentum was something he could not contend with.

Even Yan Dongchen, who had already stepped into the innate realm, was instantly killed.

The middle-aged Taoist was filled with fear, his figure exploded backward, hurrying to distance himself from Li Changqing’s painting boat.

Afraid that he might get involved later.

“What exactly is that?” The middle-aged Taoist looked towards the direction of Li Changqing’s painting boat from afar, his heart still unable to calm down.

With Yan Dongchen dead, the Buddha also returned to his original state, his eyes tightly closed, as if nothing had happened just now.

Even Li Changqing was sound asleep, completely unaware of what had happened on the painting boat.

The next morning, when Li Changqing woke up and came to the painting boat, he noticed that something seemed to have happened on the boat.

Because on the ground, there were more than two thousand taels of silver tickets and a piece of iron plate.

“What is this?” Li Changqing curiously picked up the items, then walked to the door, looked around, and found nothing.

“Did someone rob the rich to help the poor in the middle of the night?” Li Changqing stroked his chin.

Looking at the iron plate again, there was a big character written on it.


Just this one word, Li Changqing had no idea what it represented.

“Li Changqing.” At this moment, the man in purple came again, today was the day Li Changqing had asked him to come.

These men in purple were from the Cangyuan Escort Bureau, responsible for delivering letters and escorting goods.

They were spread throughout the entire Cangyuan Realm, with an astonishing background.

“You said you wanted to send a letter to Dao Mountain Ancient Land, is it ready?” The man in purple asked.

“It’s ready.” Li Changqing took out a letter, the envelope was not yet sealed, Li Changqing put the two thousand taels of silver tickets he had just received and the previous five thousand taels into it.

And that two hundred years old blood ginseng.

“Is that all?” The man in purple looked at the items in front of him.

“That’s all.” Li Changqing casually threw the iron plate he had just received into the envelope, anyway, he didn’t know what it was, so he sent it to Li Hengsheng along with the rest.

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