Chapter 006 – The goodwill of the Yan family

Li Changqing naturally knew that they were coming.

The child from the family bought a small wooden carving with five thousand taels of silver and the parents would definitely come to ask for it.

Li Changqing had long been prepared.

He didn’t find it surprising that Yan Yushi was so respectful. After all, when someone comes to ask for a refund, they would naturally have a better attitude.

Walking into the store and seeing the display, no one said anything.

As Li Changqing turned around to take out the five thousand taels of silver ticket from the money box to return it, Yan Botao gave Yan Yushi a signal.


Yan Yushi immediately knelt down.

“What are you doing?” Li Changqing was startled by the sound. He didn’t expect such a grand gesture just to ask for money.

“Yesterday, the kid was ignorant and offended the senior. Today, the kid came to express gratitude and apologize.” Yan Yushi said firmly, then kowtowed.

“Huh?” Li Changqing was momentarily taken aback by Yan Yushi’s words. What did he mean by expressing gratitude and offending?

“Senior, my Yan family came here today to express our gratitude and apologize for the reckless actions of the child.” Yan Botao, accompanied by three elders, took a step back and respectfully bowed.

What’s going on?

Li Changqing was very confused by the situation. Weren’t they here to ask for money?

Many thoughts ran through Li Changqing’s mind, but he didn’t say anything. He decided to wait and see what would happen. He didn’t take out the five thousand taels of silver ticket and instead put it in his sleeve. He calmly said, “Please have a seat, there’s no need for such formalities.”

“Thank you, senior.” The group of people bowed and found chairs to sit on.

Yan Yushi also stood up and stood beside Yan Botao.

Li Changqing remained silent, waiting for them to speak first. He wanted to know what had happened.

“I didn’t expect that the small county of Changting would hide such a master.” Yan Botao said with clasped fists. “Yesterday, the child was mischievous and actually took away such a precious treasure from the senior. It was truly inappropriate. Fortunately, the senior didn’t lower himself to the level of the child.”

As he spoke, Yan Botao took out a box. Inside the box was the fierce tiger wooden carving from yesterday.

Li Changqing stared at the wooden carving and guessed that it must be related to the wooden carving. However, he remained silent and just smiled calmly, waiting for Yan Botao to continue.

“Such a precious treasure is definitely worth more than just five thousand taels. We originally wanted to return this divine object, but yesterday the child used it to gain enlightenment, consuming a bit of its divine charm. My Yan family knows we were in the wrong and specially came to request the senior’s forgiveness.” Yan Botao and the others quickly stood up again and bowed to Li Changqing.

At this moment, Li Changqing finally understood the reason behind it.

But it also shocked him. Did his wooden carving really help this kid gain enlightenment?

Isn’t enlightenment achieved through understanding paintings?

Could it be that his wooden carving also had such abilities?

Yes, paintings and wooden carvings are essentially the same. Moreover, his wooden carving is more realistic and three-dimensional, perhaps it really is more helpful for enlightenment than ordinary paintings.

It seems they didn’t come to ask for money.

“You’re too polite.” Li Changqing suppressed his excitement and calmly said, “I also have some fate with this kid. The fact that he was able to choose this wooden carving at a glance proves that he has a connection with it. Fate cannot be forced, it arises naturally. Everything is his own destiny, I’m just going with the flow.”

“Still, I must thank the senior.” Yan Yushi sincerely thanked Li Changqing. If it weren’t for Li Changqing, he would probably have lost his position as the young clan leader of the Yan family.

He would have lived as an ordinary person for the rest of his life.

But Li Changqing changed his fate.

“Senior, we know that this wooden carving is priceless, and the five thousand taels of silver is simply a joke. So we offer this gift, hoping that the senior will accept it. Even if it’s not as valuable as the wooden carving, it’s just a small token of our Yan family’s gratitude.” Yan Botao took out a black wooden box from his sleeve. There was a seal of red ink on it, making it look quite valuable.

Unexpected gains?

Just how valuable is this wooden carving of mine?

In his previous life, no one appreciated his wooden carving art. He was even mocked online when he posted videos. But now, it has become a hot commodity.

Is the peak of his life about to come?

“This is…” Although Li Changqing didn’t know what it was, he could tell from the box that it must be very valuable.

“This is a two-hundred-year-old Blood Ginseng.” Yan Botao quickly explained, “It can be considered a treasure. I hope Senior Li Changqing won’t dislike it.”

“In that case, I will accept it. Thank you all.” Li Changqing naturally accepted the gift. Although he couldn’t use it, Li Hengsheng would definitely be able to.Li Hengsheng sends back so much money every month, where would he get the money to buy resources for cultivation? For his son whom he had never met, Li Changqing felt an inexplicable heartache. He was touched by his son’s understanding, and perhaps he wanted to make up for the mistakes of the original father.

So, he had no intention of keeping these five thousand taels of silver and this hundred-year-old blood ginseng. Instead, he planned to send them to Li Hengsheng later.

Seeing that Li Changqing had accepted, Yan Botao and the others were very happy. Li Changqing had accepted the Yan family’s goodwill.

It was a great benefit for the Yan family to be acquainted with such a capable person.

If they could get more wood carvings from Li Changqing in the future, the strength of the Yan family would naturally not need to be mentioned, and there would be a qualitative leap.

But they were not in a hurry now, fearing that any request would make Li Changqing unhappy, so they decided to leave first.

There would be plenty of time in the future.

“Elder Changqing, we will leave first. If there is anything you need from the Yan family in the future, feel free to ask,” Yan Botao said, taking out a token and placing it on the table. “This is the token of my Yan family. With this token, you can come and go freely in my Yan family.”

“Thank you for your kindness,” Li Changqing said calmly, nodding his head.

Since he had already been regarded as a superior person, he naturally had to have some superior demeanor.

Li Changqing, who had read countless novels in his previous life, understood this very well.

“Then we will take our leave,” Yan Botao and the others said, bowing their fists.

After sending them to the door, Li Changqing watched them leave. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he saw the purple-robed man who had delivered the letter from afar running over again.

“Li Changqing, your letter, sent from Dao Mountain Ancient Land,” the purple-robed man ran over and handed a letter to Li Changqing.

“Another letter?” Li Changqing was somewhat surprised. He had just received a letter a few days ago, why was there another one today?

Could it be that something had happened to his son?

Thinking of this, Li Changqing hurriedly opened the letter.

After reading it, Li Changqing let out a sigh of relief. It was not that something had happened to Li Hengsheng, but that Li Hengsheng was reminding Li Changqing to be careful recently.

Because recently, traces of Ghost Cultivation had appeared in Minghong Prefecture.

Li Changqing, who had originally been relieved to see that Li Hengsheng was fine, suddenly felt a thump in his heart.

Wait, Ghost Cultivation?

Are there ghosts in this world?

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