Chapter 008 – Wild guess

The Yan family closed their doors to guests today.

Many of the Yan family’s friends came, but they were all turned away, which made many people wonder what had happened to the Yan family.

Could it be that some important person had arrived?

At this moment, in the Yan family’s Yan Hong Pavilion, including Yan Botao and many elders, they all stood there respectfully, as if facing a very distinguished guest.

“Please sit, sit. You’re all standing there, and it feels strange to me.” Sitting in the center was the middle-aged Taoist who appeared in Changting Town last night. At this moment, he was casual, with one foot on a stool and a banana in his hand. He ate while speaking to everyone.

“Yes, yes.” Everyone echoed and quickly sat down.

“We didn’t have any preparations for the arrival of Peak Master Mu Haifeng. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.” Yan Botao said respectfully.

In the morning, I heard that Mu Haifeng, one of the thirty-six Peak Masters of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, had arrived. This surprised Yan Botao.

The Peak Masters of the thirty-six peaks of Dao Mountain Ancient Land had a distinguished status.

And Yan Botao’s daughter, Yan Yuyun, was also a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, so she naturally had to be well received.

“There’s no need for preparations. I’m not that particular.” The middle-aged Taoist casually threw the banana peel on the table and his expression became serious. “I came to Changting Town last night chasing after Yan Dongchen.”

“Yan Dongchen?” Everyone couldn’t help but sigh when they heard this name.

Yan Dongchen’s reputation was quite loud.

A powerful Ghost Cultivation expert, his cultivation had reached the Prenatal Realm. He was also famous in the Yin Ten Tower of Ghost Cultivation. However, the people of Yin Ten Tower had not appeared in Minghong Prefecture for a long time. Why did Yan Dongchen suddenly come to Minghong Prefecture? Could it be that he had set his sights on something in Minghong Prefecture?

The people of Yin Ten Tower were despised by the world for grave robbing, but their whereabouts were mysterious and rarely caught.

“It was just a coincidence.” Mu Haifeng casually said, “But since Yan Dongchen appeared in Minghong Prefecture, he must have had ill intentions. We fought once, and I severely injured him. Unfortunately, this brat ran too fast. I chased him for two days and two nights before catching up to Changting Town.”

“I had already tracked his whereabouts, and last night I followed him and saw him enter a place in your Changting Town called Changqing Painting Studio.” Mu Haifeng murmured.

“Changqing Painting Studio!” Everyone was shocked.

“Hmm?” Mu Haifeng looked at a few people in surprise. Their reaction was quite big.

“Do you know anything about Changqing Painting Studio?” Mu Haifeng looked at everyone. From their reaction, it seemed that Changqing Painting Studio was not simple.

“Peak Master Mu Haifeng, there is a master living in Changqing Painting Studio.” Yan Botao respectfully said at this time.

“A master?” Mu Haifeng murmured to himself, “No wonder.”

“But what happened afterwards?” an elder asked curiously.

“After Yan Dongchen entered Changqing Painting Studio, he died.” Mu Haifeng didn’t hide anything and said directly.

“Died?” Several people were shocked. They knew that Li Changqing was extraordinary, but Yan Dongchen was in the Prenatal Realm. How could he die in Li Changqing’s hands without even a chance to escape?

What did Li Changqing do?

“Tell me about this master.” Mu Haifeng also became interested in Li Changqing. He also wanted to know what kind of master could make Yan Dongchen, such a skilled expert of the Yin Ten Tower, die in Changqing Painting Studio without even a chance to escape.

“Let me tell you.” Yan Botao didn’t hide anything and explained Li Changqing’s situation.

After listening to Yan Botao’s exaggerated description of Li Changqing, Mu Haifeng’s somewhat sloppy mood also calmed down.

Carving a wooden sculpture could actually awaken one’s innate talent!

You should know that a painter who can make people reach the Prenatal Realm is considered a Painting Sage.

Is Li Changqing’s ability comparable to a Painting Sage?

“Yan Dongchen has met his match.” Mu Haifeng murmured, his eyes showing a hint of fear.

Warriors cultivate their bodies, while painters cultivate their souls.

Those who can reach the level of a Painting Sage have extremely powerful Divine Soul cultivation.

However, Mu Haifeng did not expect that in this small Changting Town, within the scope of their Dao Mountain Ancient Land, there would be such a master. They had no knowledge of this at all.

“By the way, Peak Master, although this senior Li Changqing is powerful, he is low-key and has been living here. Moreover, Li Changqing has a son, who is said to be a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.” An elder stepped forward respectfully and said.

This was some information they had gathered. When they learned that Li Changqing’s only son, Li Hengsheng, was also a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, they were also surprised and couldn’t understand why Li Changqing, who was so powerful, would send his son to Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

“In Dao Mountain Ancient Land?” Mu Haifeng was also surprised and couldn’t help but ask, “What is the name of this senior’s son?”

“Replying to Peak Master, the son of Senior Changqing is named Li Hengsheng.” Yan Botao quickly replied.

“Li Hengsheng?” Mu Haifeng frowned and tried hard to recall this name, but after thinking for a long time and going through all the names of the elite disciples he had heard of in the thirty-six peaks, he couldn’t find a match.

“A mysterious master living in this Changting Town, and his son is unknown in our Dao Mountain Ancient Land.” Mu Haifeng furrowed his brow for a moment.

What is going on?

This person is so low-key in Dao Mountain Ancient Land, and he sent his son to Dao Mountain Ancient Land. What is his purpose?

Could it be that he is an old acquaintance of Dao Mountain Ancient Land?

For a moment, Mu Haifeng couldn’t think straight. He felt that such an important matter had to be reported to the sect master in the ancient land.Thinking of this, Peak Master Mu Haifeng didn’t linger any longer, preparing to quickly return to Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Two days later.

Dao Mountain Ancient Land, Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters.

The entire Dao Mountain Ancient Land had thirty-six Peak Masters, but there were thirty-seven peaks.

This was because the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters was entirely inhabited by the miscellaneous disciples of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

These miscellaneous disciples didn’t have extraordinary talents, nor did they have illustrious backgrounds. They didn’t have a large family to provide them with the treasures needed for cultivation, so they could only practice diligently in silence.

Just reaching the threshold of entering the Dao, they could become miscellaneous disciples in Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

If they had the hope of shedding their mortal bodies and entering the Postnatal Realm in the future, only then would they have the possibility of entering the thirty-six peaks and becoming outer disciples.

However, the hope was slim. The Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters was incredibly vast, with thousands of disciples, but every year after the assessment, the number of people who could become outer disciples was only a handful.

In the rugged mountains, due to the recent rain, the mountain road was somewhat muddy.

A young boy was carefully walking down the mountain road with two large bundles of firewood on his back. His bare feet were covered in mud.

The two large bundles of firewood weighed about forty pounds, but the boy was only slightly out of breath.

“Brother Li.” At this moment, a silver bell-like voice came, making the boy’s eyes light up.

Looking up, he saw a young girl smiling at him.

The girl was dressed in plain clothes, but it couldn’t hide her adorable temperament. Her baby face had a pair of sparkling big eyes, with curved eyelashes, looking like the girl next door.

“Sister Lu, what are you doing here?” Li Hengsheng asked with a smile.

“I just came back from the Communication Pavilion and saw your package, so I brought it back for you.” The girl said.

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