Chapter 005 – My son has innate beauty

The six people's eyes lit up, and Yan Botao finally made a decision!


They had no choice, and Yan Yushi was someone they had watched grow up since childhood and had quite a liking for. But Yan Yushi had always been unable to enter the Dao and embark on the path of cultivation.


In these past few years, the Yan family had also used a lot of resources to cultivate him, but unfortunately, it had all been in vain.


They could only choose someone else from the Yan family.


Yan Botao had three adopted sons whom he had raised since they were young. The one with strong abilities had already reached the Postnatal Realm.


He was the first choice for the new young clan leader.


In the presence of Yan Yushi and the Yan family, they could only choose the Yan family.


On the way, Yan Botao's mood was heavy. He knew very well that Yan Yushi had also made countless efforts. He had seen it all.


He also knew how much criticism Yan Yushi had faced in these years because of his identity as the young clan leader.


But he had never given up. He never expected that the one who had to give up now would be himself as a father.


However, just as Yan Botao and the others arrived outside the small courtyard where Yan Yushi was, the seven of them suddenly had a change in expression.


An astonishing aura suddenly erupted from Yan Yushi's courtyard!


A strong wind blew, and the door of the courtyard was blown open. At the same time, a tiger's roar resounded through the air. The sound of the tiger's roar was like a bell tolling, making their clothes rustle.


"What is this…" Several people's expressions were particularly shocked.


"It's Tiger Intent." Yan Botao couldn't help but burst into laughter. The gloom in his eyes disappeared, and he looked excitedly ahead. "It's Yushi, he has comprehended the Dao!"


"The momentum is so astonishing. This Tiger Intent is enough to make Yushi reach the peak of the Postnatal Realm!" Another elder also said excitedly.


The peak of the Postnatal Realm.


Enough to support the Yan family.


However, before the few people could calm down from this excitement, a huge tiger shadow appeared in the sky!


The tiger shadow crouched between heaven and earth like a mountain, slowly opening its half-closed eyes. The aura of the beast king swept across the eight directions, and the oppressive feeling made everyone present shudder!


For a moment, the seven people were dumbfounded.


They simply couldn't believe what they were seeing.


The tiger's body was immense.


They could even see every whisker on the tiger clearly. The imposing aura that came crushing down made them feel as if their hair was standing on end. They felt like prey being stared at by a ferocious beast, and even their blood seemed to want to freeze.


The oppressive feeling was truly too strong!


"Embodiment of artistic conception…" Several elders were completely dumbfounded, their jaws dropping in shock.


Yan Botao was the same.


Embodiment of artistic conception, what did it represent? They couldn't possibly not know.


This was a sign of being able to step into the Innate Realm!


Their minds were completely blank at this moment.


Who did Yan Yushi comprehend from the painting?


He actually comprehended the path to the Innate Realm?


Although the Yan family was a prominent local clan, only the Yan family's ancestor had stepped into the Innate Realm. Since then, no one from the Yan family had entered the Innate Realm.


Now, Yan Yushi, who had always been unable to cultivate, actually had the appearance of an Innate expert?


How could they believe it?


Not only did Yan Yushi need to have such qualifications, but more importantly, the painting he comprehended when he entered the Dao had extremely high requirements. Did their Yan family really have a painting that could lead to the Innate Realm?


What exactly was going on?


"My son Yushi has the appearance of an Innate expert!" Yan Botao was extremely excited at this moment. With this, who else could be the future clan leader of the Yan family?


Who would dare to have any objections?


The future Yan Yushi could rival the clan ancestor!


At this moment, the huge tiger shadow in the sky slowly dissipated and turned into a ball of energy that shrank into the room.


At the same time, the door opened, and Yan Yushi walked out of the room!


Although Yan Yushi had not yet achieved any cultivation at this time, the tiger intent all over his body had not dissipated. His clothes fluttered without wind, and more importantly, above Yan Yushi's head, there was a floating wooden carving exuding a killing intent!


It made people feel an indescribable sense of oppression, as if they were really facing a magnificent tiger.


"What is that thing!"


Everyone stared at the wooden carving floating above Yan Yushi's head, showing expressions of astonishment. At this moment, Yan Yushi had just entered the Dao, so there should be a painting accompanying him, right?


Why was it such a strange thing?


"Father, uncles." Yan Yushi took a step forward at this moment and respectfully bowed, but his excitement was hard to conceal.


"Yushi, you have entered the Dao?" Yan Botao couldn't help but ask excitedly, even though he had already seen it.


"I am fortunate to live up to expectations!" Yan Yushi's tone was also extremely excited.


However, at this moment, everyone's gaze fell on the wooden carving.


What was this?


Why did the aura emanating from this thing surpass that of some top-quality paintings?


Even Yan Botao's gaze fell on the wooden carving.


It seemed real and illusory, making people feel that this thing was extraordinary!


How did Yan Yushi obtain such a treasure?


"Yushi, where did you get this thing?" a red-robed elder walked forward and looked solemnly at the wooden carving.


"This…" Yan Yushi reached out his hand, and the wooden carving fell directly into his palm. Then, he recounted what had happened today to everyone.


"Li Changqing from the Evergreen Painting Boat?" Several people were shocked when they heard this name.


"It is rumored that Li Changqing is just an unsuccessful painter. Where did he get such a treasure? He calls this thing a wooden carving?" An elder studied the wooden carving in front of them. They were amazed to find that this thing was even more shocking than the paintings had made them feel.


"Could it be that Li Changqing is a hidden talent?" Yan Botao glanced at everyone.


They looked at each other, but they couldn't say for sure.


Because they had never seen such a thing before, this level of exquisite craftsmanship was not something an ordinary person could achieve.


"Yushi, you were a bit reckless today." Yan Botao looked at Yan Yushi."Yes, you brought back the item after just dropping Five Thousand Taels." Another elder said, "Such a treasure, capable of helping you break through the innate realm, Five Thousand Taels? It can't even buy a painting that can enter the postnatal realm."


"If this item really comes from Li Changqing…" Yan Botao looked seriously at Yan Yushi, "Apologize to my father tomorrow, and we must show Li Changqing our Yan family's attitude. Also, we should try to probe the truth."


"Yes." Yan Yushi also felt that he had indeed been reckless today.


The next morning.


After Li Changqing got up, he cooked a bowl of noodles for himself, then found a sunny spot to sit down. He held a piece of wood in his hand and began a new carving.


The only wooden carving in the shop was bought by Yan Yushi, so he needed to make some new goods now.


As for those shabby paintings that were hanging before, Li Changqing directly tore them down and put them away. The paintings were indeed bad enough to affect his mood.


Just as he was thinking about carving a roc today, he had just started when he heard footsteps from afar.


Looking up, it was the Yan family.


"Sir, we meet again." Yan Yushi hurriedly bowed respectfully.


If it weren't for Li Changqing, how could he have entered the path?


So this respect was sincere!


"I knew you would come today." Li Changqing smiled, glanced at Yan Botao and the others behind him, then stood up and walked into the shop, "Come in, everyone."


Yan Botao and the others looked at each other. Li Changqing knew they were coming?


Indeed, he was unfathomable!

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