Chapter 004 – Art enthusiast

Yan Yushi paced around the shop, looking at the paintings hanging on the walls.


Almost all the paintings were various kinds of weapons or beasts.


But the weapons were devoid of any charm, and the beasts were poorly drawn, lacking any spiritual energy. Yan Yushi wasn't disappointed, as he didn't have any expectations to begin with.


He was just here to pass the time.


Compared to the paintings bought at the Yan family, the ones here were far inferior, not even in the same league.


In his eyes, Li Changqing couldn't even meet the standards of a painter.


And these paintings were even worse, unable to guide anyone on the path of cultivation.


Not to mention someone like him, who already found it difficult to cultivate.


Shaking his head lightly, Yan Yushi decided not to waste any more time here and turned to leave. But just as he was about to turn his head, something on the shelf caught his attention.


"What is that?" Yan Yushi walked over, looking surprised.


A lifelike wooden carving of a fierce tiger!


Yan Yushi was completely captivated by it, as if something had deeply attracted him. He slowly approached the wooden carving.


He stood there, frozen.


He had never seen anything like this before!


Yan Yushi didn't know what it was, but the impact of the tiger on him was much stronger than that of the paintings.


In his eyes, the tiger seemed to come to life!


He could even hear the roar of the tiger in the mountains.


The sound echoed through the sky, shaking his ears!


The sound continued to reverberate, shaking his mind. Yan Yushi immediately felt an immense pressure.


How could this thing possess such power?


Yan Yushi had a strong premonition that if he contemplated this thing, he would definitely have a chance to gain enlightenment and step onto the path of cultivation.


There was such a treasure in this small shop?


"Do you like this wooden carving?" Li Changqing walked up at this moment, seeing Yan Yushi staring at his wooden carving for a long time, and thought it might have a chance to be sold.


"Wooden carving? Is that what this thing is called?" Yan Yushi didn't know how to evaluate it for a moment. Any words of praise in the world seemed so dull at this moment!


This thing truly amazed him.


Yan Yushi's tone immediately became respectful, as he bowed to Li Changqing with clasped fists. "Senior, I was just being impolite."


"Huh?" Li Changqing was taken aback. What was he doing?


When did he become impolite?


In Yan Yushi's eyes, Li Changqing had become mysterious. This wooden carving, created by him, was even more impressive than the painters hired by the Yan family!


"Senior, can this wooden carving be sold?" Yan Yushi asked nervously. Such a treasure was probably impossible to sell.


But Yan Yushi really wanted it.


He felt that this wooden carving was his hope.


With this thing, he would definitely gain enlightenment and step onto the path of cultivation.


By then, he would be the future young patriarch of the Yan family!


"Well…" Li Changqing was about to say that the wooden carving could be sold, but before he could finish his sentence, Yan Yushi, who was impatient, knelt down in front of him with a thud.


"I beg you, Senior, please fulfill my wish!" Yan Yushi said expectantly.


Was it really necessary?


Did he like this wooden carving that much?


Li Changqing couldn't believe it. Yan Yushi turned out to be such an art enthusiast!


"Sure." Li Changqing quickly said, "Please get up."


"Thank you, Senior!" Yan Yushi was excited beyond words.


"I don't know how much this wooden carving is worth?" Yan Yushi quickly asked.


Li Changqing still followed the previous pricing and held out five fingers.


Five taels of silver.


If Yan Yushi thought it was expensive, Li Changqing's bottom line was three taels of silver.


Any lower than that would be unacceptable.


Seeing Li Changqing holding out five fingers, Yan Yushi didn't hesitate. He took out a silver ticket from his sleeve and slapped it on the table. "I'll buy it."


Without waiting for Li Changqing to react, Yan Yushi hugged the wooden carving to his chest and ran out, afraid that Li Changqing would change his mind.


"Why so anxious?"


"Does a five-tael silver ticket even exist?" Li Changqing reached out and picked up the silver ticket, and was dumbfounded.


Five thousand taels.


It was actually a five thousand taels silver ticket.


"What the hell." Li Changqing couldn't help but curse. His first reaction was that the silver ticket was fake, otherwise why would Yan Yushi run away so quickly?


But after carefully examining it several times, Li Changqing couldn't see any signs of it being fake.


It seemed real.


Li Changqing slumped in his chair, feeling a bit skeptical about life.


A wooden carving sold for five thousand taels?


This wasn't just an art enthusiast, this was madness!


He was well aware of the purchasing power of five thousand taels of silver in this world.


For ordinary people, they wouldn't be able to earn that much money in their entire lifetime.


His son, as a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, probably only earned a little over one hundred taels of silver per month. Who was this person? How could they be so rich?


Not only were they rich, but they were also foolish.


Could he retire after doing this one deal?


"Wait." Li Changqing calmed down from his excitement. That was just a child, and he didn't know why he had so much money on him.


But five thousand taels of silver, even for some prestigious families, was not a small amount.


If the adults in his family found out that the child had spent five thousand taels of silver on a wooden carving, they would probably come knocking on his door to demand it back.


If he didn't give it back, they might even skin him alive.This mystical world is not a place where reason prevails, but where might makes right.


"Sigh." Li Changqing looked at the Silver Ticket in his hand, sighed lightly, and thought to himself, 'Let's see. If someone comes to claim it, I'll just return it to them.'


If no one comes to claim it…


Then plan again.


The Yan family.


At dusk.


"Master, have you really made up your mind?" Inside the room, a woman dressed in gorgeous clothes pleaded with the man in front of her, her face filled with pain.


This man was none other than Yan Botao, the current patriarch of the Yan family.


His face was devoid of any expression at this moment, his eyes filled with determination.


"I've made up my mind, Ying'er. Although I am the patriarch of the Yan family, the Yan family is not solely under my control." Yan Botao said calmly, "Yu Shi will be fifteen next year, but he has yet to step into the realm of transcending the mortal world. He can't comprehend the Dao, and he won't be able to lead the Yan family in the future. Therefore, I have no choice but to make this decision."


"But this is too cruel for Yu Shi." The woman's face was filled with heartache.


"He's not young anymore. There are some things he will have to face sooner or later." Yan Botao sighed lightly, "If only Yu Yun were a boy. She could have inherited the Yan family, and we wouldn't have come to this point."


With that, Yan Botao walked forward and opened the door.


At this moment, in the courtyard in front of the door, six figures were already waiting there.


All six people's gazes were fixed on Yan Botao.


"Has the patriarch made up his mind?" A man in a blue long robe stepped forward and asked respectfully, "If you haven't decided, we will continue to wait here."


"Let's go." Yan Botao's cold gaze swept over the crowd, "Go find Yu Shi. If we are to strip him of his position as the young patriarch, we should tell him face to face."

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