Chapter 003 – Young Master Yan

There are many tools needed for carving, such as flat knives, round knives, slant knives, medium steel knives, etc., as well as axes, saws, and wood files.

Axes and saws can be bought, but Li Changqing found that there are no other tools in this world.

So when he went to the blacksmith shop, Li Changqing could only find a piece of paper and draw the blueprint on it, and then ask the blacksmith to make it.

Although the blacksmith didn’t understand why Li Changqing wanted to make such strange things, after Li Changqing took out five taels of silver, the blacksmith still agreed with a smile and promised to deliver the items to Li Changqing’s house in three days.

Then Li Changqing started to choose the wood.

For carving, the choice of wood is also very important.

Wood that is too hard is not suitable for carving, and wood that is too soft is not suitable either, as it is not easy to preserve. In his previous life, Li Changqing liked huanghuali or zitan wood the most, but in this world, he had a hard time finding them.

After a few days, Li Changqing visited many places in town that sell wood, and finally chose a type of wood called purple catalpa wood. This wood is similar to small-leaf rosewood, so Li Changqing thought it was more suitable for his carving.

The person selling the wood thought that Li Changqing wanted to make furniture and asked if he needed help with the production, but Li Changqing refused.

Joking aside, not only do I not make furniture, even if I do, I am a professional. Why would I let you earn the labor fee?

The whole piece of purple catalpa wood only cost Li Changqing two taels of silver.

After it was delivered, he threw it into the yard.

After lunch, the blacksmith sent the tools Li Changqing bought in the afternoon.

After checking the tools, Li Changqing had to admit that the blacksmith’s skills were really good. The items were made almost perfectly and were easy to use.

Li Changqing had already made up his mind these days. It was not suitable to carve large objects at the beginning, as they would take a lot of time and he was not sure if there was a market for them yet. So Li Changqing decided to start by carving something simple.

He drew some rough sketches on paper and started working.

Cutting the wood, drawing lines, and a series of other tasks.

When Li Changqing suddenly arrived in this world, he still had a trace of panic in his heart. But when he started doing his familiar work, he felt unusually calm.

He was completely immersed in a mysterious feeling.

Even Li Changqing himself didn’t notice that there was a faint blue mark shining on his forehead and brow.

In less than an hour, a lifelike wooden carving appeared in Li Changqing’s hand.

It was a colorful tiger!

It was as big as a human head, and the lifelike craftsmanship made the tiger seem alive.

Its sharp eyes seemed to be staring at its prey.

There was a majestic “king” character on its forehead.

The tiger was crouching on a strange stone, ready to pounce and tear its prey apart. It looked incredibly real!

Li Changqing nodded in satisfaction.

He didn’t know why, but just now, it seemed like he had forgotten the passage of time. He hadn’t been so focused on carving something for a long time.

And not only was he not tired, but he also felt more energetic.

“It seems that my skills have improved again.” Li Changqing looked at his work with satisfaction and muttered to himself.

“How should I price it?” Li Changqing rubbed his chin and pondered for a long time. Finally, he decided to price the item at five silver coins.

He didn’t know if it would sell.

It’s not easy to raise a son. He couldn’t rely on his son all the time. He wanted his son to focus on cultivating in Dao Mountain Ancient Land, and he didn’t want to be a burden to his son.

Li Changqing’s painting boat had been closed for several days.

The next morning, Li Changqing cleaned the shop and opened the door for ventilation. He didn’t take down the paintings hanging on the wall, after all, it was still a painting boat.

He couldn’t just display one carving, it would look too shabby.

Although these paintings were not very good, if someone was willing to buy them, he would sell them for money.

He placed the tiger carving he made on a shelf in the shop.

Then Li Changqing could only wait for customers to come.

But from morning till evening, Li Changqing waited and waited, but not a single person, not even a ghost, appeared.

One reason was that the location here was remote, and another reason was that Li Changqing’s skills were well-known.

With mediocre skills, his paintings would be a loss if bought.

Naturally, there were not many customers.

He had been open for three days, but not a single customer came.

This made Li Changqing a little anxious. He needed to think of a way to attract customers.

It was already noon.

After lunch, Li Changqing planned to take a nap. But at this moment, a figure appeared at the door of Li Changqing’s painting boat.

The person peeked inside and then walked in.

It was a young boy, about thirteen or fourteen years old. His eyes were somewhat dim, and his clothes indicated that he was from a wealthy family.

“Welcome, feel free to look around.” Li Changqing quickly greeted him.

Although he was just a young boy, he was still a customer.”Don’t you recognize me?” The young man suddenly asked.

“Does it matter whether I know you or not? Once you enter my shop, you are my guest. Why should we have met before?” Li Changqing said indifferently.

“Why should we have met before?” The young man was taken aback, finding the statement quite interesting.

He was from the Yan family of Changting Town. As one of the top families in Changting Town, the Yan family was powerful and well-known.

Moreover, he was the son of Yan Botao, the patriarch of the Yan family.

Who in Changting Town didn’t know this?

Unfortunately, Li Changqing didn’t.

Although Yan Yushi was the son of Yan Botao, with a noble status and a powerful family background, his cultivation progress was extremely poor.

The family had bought many paintings from various painters for Yan Yushi.

However, Yan Yushi’s comprehension was always unable to reach the required level, let alone gaining insights into his own path of cultivation from them.

Three years had passed.

The elders of the Yan family had started to suggest that Yan Botao choose a new successor.

At first, Yan Botao could refuse, but as time went on and Yan Yushi showed no progress, even Yan Botao was finding it hard to withstand the pressure from the elder group.

Today, some people in the family had been making sarcastic remarks behind his back. He was just a young man, how could he bear it?

So he decided to go out and clear his mind.

However, he was so preoccupied that he unknowingly walked to the deepest part of Qingyun Square and arrived at the entrance of Changqing Art Boat.

So Yan Yushi decided to come in and take a look. He had heard that there was a painter named Li Changqing in Changting Town, but his paintings were very ordinary. Today was a good opportunity to see for himself.

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