Chapter 002 – The Long Pavilion, Paper Expensive

Li Changqing didn't know much about this son, as the previous host had mentioned him very little in the written records. He only knew his son's name was Li Hengsheng, and seeing this name, Li Changqing knew how obsessed the previous host was with becoming a Painting Sage.


"Thank you." Li Changqing said to the middle-aged man in purple.


The middle-aged man in purple looked at Li Changqing in surprise. When did he become so polite? He was just a small postman, and something seemed off about Li Changqing today.


"Li Painter, you're too kind." The purple postman quickly said, then hurried off to deliver mail to others.


Li Changqing tore open the letter and found a piece of paper and a silver ticket inside. The letter was short.


At home, Li Changqing had found several letters from Li Hengsheng, and the content of each letter was almost the same.


"Dad, I'm doing well in Dao Mountain Ancient Land. Here's this month's living expenses. I completed a sect mission this month, and the elder gave me a reward. I added an extra 20 taels of silver for you. Be frugal and take care of yourself while I'm away. Don't worry about me."


Li Changqing looked at the silver ticket, which was worth seventy taels of silver. Although he didn't understand the prices, he knew that seventy taels of silver was definitely not a small amount of money.


For an ordinary family, it was a huge sum of money, but for Li Changqing, who was accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle and needed to buy a lot of precious paper and ink, it was simply not enough.


From the diary of the previous host, Li Changqing had seen that the previous host complained that his son was a scoundrel who only sent a little money every month. He had even written letters asking for more, but Li Hengsheng had not sent more.


Although Li Hengsheng sent a letter every month, the previous host had not replied for almost a year.


"This Li Changqing is really a scoundrel." Li Changqing cursed while holding the letter. If his own son was one-tenth as good as Li Hengsheng, he would be moved to tears.


There's such a good child, and he doesn't know how to cherish him.


He's really an animal.


Li Changqing knew that the money every month must have been scraped together by his son. As a cultivator, the resources given by the sect every month must be used to buy cultivation resources. Li Hengsheng himself was probably not enough, and he had to send money back to support this animal of a father.


Taking a deep breath, Li Changqing held the silver ticket and felt a complex emotion. Although Li Hengsheng was not his own son, he had traveled through time and inherited this body, receiving support from his own son. This feeling made Li Changqing feel guilty.


He didn't know what kind of life Li Hengsheng was living, but he could imagine how difficult it was for an average disciple without a background to survive in Dao Mountain Ancient Land, let alone support himself and send money back to his father from his cultivation resources."Damn it, my son was unfilial in my past life, and I felt bad. Now in this life, my son is too filial, and I still feel bad!" Li Changqing slammed the table in anger.


"How much?" Li Changqing asked the small stall owner, although he hadn't eaten enough, he had no appetite.


"Eight copper coins." The small stall owner approached and said cautiously. He could tell that Li Changqing was in a bad mood for some reason.


Li Changqing took out his money bag, picked the smallest silver ingot, and threw it out, estimating that it was worth one or two.


"So much? Wait a moment, Li Painter." The small stall owner quickly turned around and gave Li Changqing nine silver coins and ninety-two copper coins back.


Li Changqing then realized that one silver ingot could be exchanged for one thousand copper coins, and the seventy-two silver ingots sent by Li Hengsheng were really a huge sum of money.


Seeing the previous host's record of spending money recklessly every month, Li Changqing thought that silver was not valuable.


As a result, this guy was too extravagant.


After eating, Li Changqing decided to take a stroll around the town and see this world properly. He couldn't waste his life like the previous host, dreaming unrealistically and relying on his son.


Having such a son, Li Changqing really felt heartbroken.


Although it was just a town, it was really big. Li Changqing had been walking for more than two hours and had only walked through a few blocks. He met many people who knew Li Changqing on the way, but unfortunately, Li Changqing didn't recognize any of them and had no memories of them.


Fortunately, the previous Li Changqing was somewhat aloof and had no friends. Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain if he met someone he knew.


"Li Painter." Passing by a storefront in the White Court, someone immediately came out and called Li Changqing.


The person who came out was a short and fat old man who smiled and greeted Li Changqing with clasped hands. "Your son should have sent the money back today. Come in and take a look. I have just received a batch of excellent flowing cloud paper, which is top-quality for painting and very suitable for you!"


Seeing this, Li Changqing also took a look at the shop. It turned out to be a shop selling the Four Treasures of the Study.


It seems that the previous Li Changqing often bought paper here?


Li Changqing also walked in curiously and looked around. The shop had brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones, all of which looked very exquisite, but Li Changqing did not feel that these things were particularly special.


"How much is this paper per sheet?" Li Changqing asked curiously.


"Hehe, this flowing cloud paper is rare. You have been wanting it for a long time. It arrived today, so buy a bit more. Li Painter is also a regular customer, so I'll give you a discount. Three silver coins per sheet, how about it?" The fat shopkeeper squinted his eyes.


Li Changqing almost spewed out the porridge he had just eaten.


He looked surprised and said, "Three silver coins for one sheet of paper?"


"Yes, Li Painter, you are a regular customer. Otherwise, for others, it would be three to five silver coins per sheet." The fat shopkeeper looked at Li Changqing with some surprise.


He felt that Li Changqing was a little off today. If it were usual, he would have been drooling at the sight of this flowing cloud paper and would not have thought that three silver coins were expensive. What happened to him today?


Li Changqing looked at the paper for a while, unable to say anything. He finally understood how the previous Li Changqing's wealthy family had been ruined.


It was really difficult to be a painter.


The initial investment was too much!


"I have to go. I remembered that there's soup boiling on the stove at home!" Li Changqing bid farewell directly. He couldn't afford to spend that much!Drawing is simply like swallowing gold.


In the blink of an eye, Li Changqing had already run out of sight, leaving the chubby shopkeeper behind.


At this moment, Li Changqing also realized that among the seven or eight markets in the whole town, he hadn't seen anyone selling wood carvings or anything similar.


Would there be a market for selling wood carvings?


The more he thought about it, the more he felt the need to give it a try. At least making money would ensure his own livelihood, or else would he have to rely on his son for the rest of his life?


Li Changqing couldn't afford to lose face like that.


With that thought, Li Changqing immediately turned around and headed towards a blacksmith's shop he had passed by earlier.


To do carving, one must first have a carving-specific knife.

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