Chapter 8 – The more friends, the more paths

After a long time, the room gradually filled with even breathing.


And Bai Wuchang still stood quietly in the darkness.


The words "Fortune at First Sight" on the tall hat faintly emitted a faint light, and the white cloth tied to the Mourning Staff fluttered without wind.


In the middle of the night, with a creaking sound, the door was pushed open a crack.


A figure leaned in and looked inside. They saw Ji Nian, who was sleeping without a blanket, lying on the wooden bed in a sprawled position. The person pushed open the door and walked into the room.


But before taking a few steps, they felt a cold wind on their neck. When they turned around, there was nothing there.


They looked to both sides, but there was nothing there either.


Just as they picked up the blanket that had fallen on the ground and prepared to cover Ji Nian with it, their attention was drawn to a "red silk" hanging down from the ceiling.


Instinctively, they looked up and met a face with a sinister smile.


That long red strip was not a silk at all, but a tongue…




Wei Ya was startled and subconsciously summoned several cards, ready to attack.


But soon, she realized what had happened and couldn't help but curse at Ji Nian, who was sleeping soundly next to her, with her mouth. She threw the blanket on him and left the room.


The next morning, Ji Nian woke up leisurely and saw Bai Wuchang smiling at him.


Suddenly, he realized that everything he experienced yesterday was not a dream. He had indeed been killed and crossed over by a mud truck.


"I have a headache…"


Ji Nian pressed his slightly sore temples.


Obviously, even if he didn't fight, leaving Bai Wuchang outside for a night still had some impact on his mental state.


He took a deep breath, adjusted his state slightly, turned Bai Wuchang back into a card and held it in his hand, then pushed open the door and walked out of the room.


The morning sun directly fell on his shoulders at this moment.


But he couldn't feel any warmth, only a lingering coldness in the air, as if evil spirits were approaching.


After taking a deep breath, he became much more awake.


"Are you awake?"


A familiar voice came.


Ji Nian turned his head and saw the true appearance of the future homeroom teacher for the first time:


Delicate features, short hair reaching the shoulders, extremely well-dressed, and tall.


Because he was in a transcendent world, Ji Nian didn't dare to make any assumptions about the teacher's age.


Even if this teacher had a beautiful and young face, he still treated them as an elder and smiled, saying, "Good morning, teacher."


"Teacher is not good." Wei Ya's smile disappeared from her face as she stared straight at Ji Nian. "You brat, don't you summon your cards when you sleep? I almost had a heart attack when I went to cover you with a blanket last night."


Ji Nian suddenly remembered the extra blanket on him when he woke up in the morning and quickly replied, "Sorry, teacher. I was too tired last night and accidentally fell asleep."


Wei Ya glanced at him a few times and knew that this student didn't feel secure, which was why he kept the "spirit" of the summoning card outside without revealing it. She didn't expose him and just said casually, "Keeping the summoning card in an activated state for a long time can cause irreversible damage to the card user's mental state. Don't do this in the future."


After a pause, she added, "When school starts in a few days, I will help you apply for some material subsidies. See if you can create a defense-type equipment card. It's better than keeping the summoning card outside all the time."


Ji Nian's eyes lit up at her words.


Of course, he wanted to create more cards, but he was limited by money.


Now that there were free materials available, he naturally felt happy and quickly said, "Thank you, teacher."


Wei Ya just waved her hand and said, "According to the latest regulations of the association, students in the Knife Class can receive some material resources one month after school starts. It's just that they don't have much choice."


"And you saved someone yesterday, whether from the perspective of contribution or talent, you should have some 'privileges' and can receive them in advance. It's not a big deal. You can choose from the material library."


"That's great." Ji Nian smiled.


Although he felt that giving money directly would be more straightforward, he thought that the school's material library should have some rare items that were hard to find elsewhere. He couldn't help but feel excited and wished he could go and choose right now.


Wei Ya naturally saw his thoughts and smiled lightly. She always felt that this talented student would bring her many surprises in the future.


"But… as long as it's not a scare."


Thinking of the pale face with a long tongue, even now, she still felt a lingering fear.


She didn't know what kind of psychological state this student was in when he designed this card.


"In the future, I should provide him with more psychological counseling. A student with such talent shouldn't end up in Qingshan Mental Hospital."


Ji Nian naturally had no idea that the future homeroom teacher had imagined so much in such a short time and labeled him as a "potential mental patient."


After saying a few more words, he turned and walked towards the cabin.


He didn't notice last night because he left in a hurry, but this airship was actually very spacious, and there was even a small cafeteria.


When he reached the food distribution area, Ji Nian casually took two bread rolls and a bottle of mineral water, silently sat down, and found that there were many new faces in the airship.


Thinking about it, after they rescued him last night, this rescue team must have gone to other "disaster areas" and picked up students and parents who were living there.


Ji Nian glanced briefly and found that there were some classmates he had been with for two years among them.However, he didn't bother to greet anyone. With his stomach growling, he was too preoccupied to think about anything else. He tore open the packaging and started gnawing on the bread.


"Bro, this is some dried meat and ham I brought from home. You eat this."


A familiar voice sounded, and the plain face of the short-haired guy appeared in front of Chronicle again.


"Thanks." Chronicle didn't bother with formalities, picked up the dried meat and ham, and started eating.


Seeing this, the short-haired guy immediately broke into a smile: "It's me who should thank you. You saved my life. If it weren't for you, I'd probably be dead by now."


As he spoke, he feigned a coy pose, "If this were in the past, I would have to offer myself in return."


Chronicle couldn't help but laugh at his words: "Are you repaying a favor or seeking revenge?"


The short-haired guy scratched his head, laughed, and continued: "Bro, your name is Chronicle, right? I remember Teacher Wei mentioned it yesterday."


Seeing Chronicle nod, he began to introduce himself: "My name is Chen Yuan, I live in Unit 5 of Happy Home. Chronicle Brother, if you ever need help, just let me know. I promise to be there whenever you call."


Chronicle laughed at his words, took out his phone from his pocket, and entered the WeChat interface: "Let's add each other as friends."




With a "ding" sound, Chronicle accepted Chen Yuan's friend request.


His impression of this simple-minded guy was neither good nor bad, as they had only met once.


But as the saying goes, the more friends, the more paths. Plus, there's no harm in adding more.

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