Chapter 9 – Certified Card Craftsman

“By the way, Chronicle Brother, what’s the grade of your summoning card?”

Chen Yuan asked excitedly.

“Blue card.”

Chronicle replied.

Chen Yuan didn’t seem surprised, acting as if it was expected.

In his heart, he felt that the blue quality didn’t quite match Chronicle Brother’s summoning card.

As an apprentice Card Craftsman, he had once seen a main battle card of a golden-grade Card Craftsman at a lecture event.

It was a five-star purple card of the ghost class, exuding an evil aura and full of power.

But compared to the ghostly figure in a white robe last night, it lacked something indescribable.

“What is that?”

Chen Yuan was a bit puzzled, but he didn’t dwell on it too much.

Seeing Chronicle looking as if he hadn’t eaten enough, he eagerly found him some more food.

Despite his clueless appearance yesterday, he seemed quite observant now.

That’s how the Card Craftsman community is.

They are World aristocracy to the outside world, but there are also levels within.

First, they look at “knowledge”, then “spirituality”, and finally “strength”.

Chen Yuan thought that Chronicle, living in the not-so-upscale neighborhood of Happy Home, probably didn’t come from a wealthy family and wouldn’t have any knowledge inheritance.

But he was able to reach the limit on his first card making attempt and create an extraordinary blue card, which showed great spirituality.

In two words, he was “creative”.

Due to the strict “audit system”, the “storytelling” part of card making is not as easy as laymen think, where you can just make up a bunch of nonsense.

The character logic, background setting involved… even professional novelists and game planners might not be able to handle it.

Simply put, it requires talent.

If you’re capable, you’re capable from the start; if you’re not, you’ll never be.

Chen Yuan, being an apprentice Card Craftsman, was definitely above average in this regard, but he was well aware that he was far behind Chronicle.

Being inferior in professional ability and also being saved by him, he naturally treated Chronicle as his elder brother.

In this, of course, he had the intention of getting along well with Chronicle in the future and asking him to teach him storytelling.

“You’re thinking quite well…”

Chronicle shook his head and thought to himself.

He naturally saw through Chen Yuan’s intentions.

But his card making was entirely based on the knowledge accumulation of a world, not on storytelling, which was his biggest secret.

In other words, Chen Yuan’s little scheme was doomed to fail.

However, considering the life-saving relationship and that Chen Yuan was indeed a sincere person, Chronicle thought he might need his help someday, so he planned to get along well with him.

So he casually asked, “Chen Yuan, have you made your first card yet?”


Chen Yuan, whose mind was in a mess, was taken aback by the question, but then he quickly responded, “Not yet, but I’ve prepared the materials and the story. I’m planning to make a green card.”

“Good luck.” Chronicle encouraged him.

Chen Yuan nodded, suddenly thinking of something.

He realized that Chronicle was not simply asking, but reminding him: the current situation is unclear, it’s better to make the first card first.

After thanking him solemnly, he hurried back to his room to prepare for card making.

Chronicle, having nothing to do after eating, also went straight back to his room to practice.

He was very clear: although this is a world dominated by cards, at the end of the day, the Card Craftsman himself, or rather, the mental power is the core of everything.

Without mental power as support, even with powerful cards and profound knowledge, it would be of no use.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to cultivating mental power.

Without the feedback from card making and the help of natural treasures, he could only practice honestly.

Fortunately, he was patient and could endure loneliness.

In the small room of the airship, he sat for a whole morning.

In the end, he didn’t open his eyes because he couldn’t sit still, but because he was “woken up” by the noise outside.

“Students, parents, after a night of cleaning and investigation, Qing San Street has been listed as a safe zone. For the next few days, please stay here. After the incident is over, you can return home in an orderly manner.”

Wei Ya stood at the front of the airship and shouted loudly.

Chronicle, carrying his luggage, walked out of the cabin and looked around, only to find that the airship had landed.

Although it was still in the Land of Peach, Qing San Street was three districts away from the area invaded by evil spirits.

Therefore, it was not affected.

The school had also arranged a hotel here, and Chronicle went straight to the top floor.

The first thing he did when he entered the room was to open the window for ventilation, and then he looked in the direction of his home, where he could vaguely see some foggy shadows.

This secret realm loss of control seemed to be more serious than he had imagined.

He couldn’t go home for now, so he had to settle down first.

Time passed quietly in practice.

During this time, Wei Ya visited him once, bringing textbooks for the third year of high school and books on card making; Chen Yuan also came a few times, sharing the news of his successful card making and bringing some food and drinks.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the efforts of the Card Craftsmen in the city, the secret realm loss of control incident came to an end.

Fortunately, the Happy Home community did not become ruins, but there were still many strange creatures lurking in the surrounding area. Until the Card Craftsmen cleaned up, they couldn’t go back.

Fortunately, most of the city had resumed operation, and the “Card Craftsman Certification” that Chronicle had been longing for could finally begin.

So, this morning, after saying goodbye to Wei Ya, he leisurely went downstairs.

“Breakfast, hot breakfast!””Freshly boiled tea eggs!”

“Buying damaged cards, waste cards, second-hand sketch cards!”

In the street, he easily found a breakfast shop, gulped down a bowl of tofu pudding, warm and comforting, then leisurely headed towards the direction of the Card Craftsman Association building.

By the time he arrived, the first-floor lobby was empty, with only a receptionist who kept yawning.


Chronicle stepped forward and greeted.


The uniformed girl in front of him seemed to be startled. After seeing who it was, she finally breathed a sigh of relief, then showed a professional smile: “What service would you like to apply for, student?”

“Card Craftsman certification.”

As Chronicle spoke, he placed his Card Craftsman qualification certificate on a device next to him.

With two “beep” sounds, the screen displayed that the information had been entered.

“Chronicle, trainee Card Craftsman, studying at Land of Peach Third High School…”

After confirming Chronicle’s personal information, the receptionist quickly typed on the keyboard, then asked softly: “Student, please tell me the type of card you want to certify.”

“Summoning card.”

“What’s the talent star level?”

“Blue card, two stars.”

“…Okay, the information has been entered. Please wait a moment, our staff will be here around eight o’clock. Here is your certificate.”

Chronicle took the certificate and sat in the rest area, waiting patiently.

After about ten minutes, someone finally hurried in.

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