Chapter 7 – Wei Ya


Slumped on the ground, he looked up at the struggling female ghost in mid-air. The bald-headed brother, still in shock, was stunned for a few seconds before he finally let out a sigh of relief.

Regaining his senses, he immediately got up at lightning speed, rolling and crawling to hide behind Osiris.

Seeing this, the others quickly squeezed next to him, but they consciously left the best position for Chronicle.

At the same time, Seven Brothers’ smile remained unchanged on his face, but he tightened his grip on the chain.

The originally shrill screams gradually diminished in this process.

Until they completely disappeared, Chronicle seized the opportunity, quickly pulled out a blank card from his backpack, and briskly walked to the “pupa”.

Following the method in his memory, he burst out with a bronze-level spiritual power, transforming it into an invisible hand, forcibly dragging out the ghost’s soul body, which was covered in cracks like a shattered porcelain bottle, and infused it into the blank card.

Accompanied by the flickering of tiny lights, the card’s border gradually turned green, and an image of the female ghost covering her face and crying appeared on the cover. The words “Crying Ghost” slowly emerged at the top of the card.

“Green material… should be able to sell for ten or twenty thousand…”

Chronicle was somewhat uncertain, but he still carefully put away the material.

Without any surprises, this would be his food money for a long time to come.


Just as he was about to turn around and say something to the others, he heard a clear female voice coming from above.

Chronicle looked in the direction of the voice, only to see a young woman in a brown trench coat standing on a black wooden airship, smiling at him.

After thinking hard for a long time, he couldn’t find such a face in his memory.

“It seems she’s a stranger.”

Chronicle thought to himself, but didn’t respond.

As an adult in terms of “soul”, he was not as naive as the bald-headed brother.

With the “Crying Ghost” as a precedent, he highly suspected that this well-proportioned and beautiful woman might also be an evil ghost.

Just like the legendary beautiful snake, suddenly calling out someone’s name, and as soon as you respond, your soul would be forcibly drawn out.

“Although I have Seven Brothers, the ancestor of soul-hooking and soul-locking, by my side, it’s always good to be cautious.”

Thinking this, Chronicle took a few steps closer to Osiris, then carefully observed the airship above.

After a few seconds, he saw several people carrying a box out of the airship cabin, then lightly jumped down to the ground.

“Teacher Zhao.”

Someone in the crowd behind him seemed to recognize one of them and immediately shouted excitedly.

Hearing the word “teacher”, Chronicle also breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the people sent by the school to pick them up had arrived. He quickly followed the crowd and approached the gradually landing airship.

“Are you Chronicle?”

Just before boarding the airship, the young woman asked again.

This time, Chronicle naturally chose to answer: “Yes, do you know me?”

“Of course, you always reply the slowest in the group chat, it’s hard not to remember.”

She said this with a smile on her face, obviously just teasing.

Chronicle naturally saw this, and didn’t want to admit that he was so engrossed in watching the excitement that he didn’t reply to the messages in time. He apologized with a smile, promised that it would never happen again, and then turned to walk towards the cabin.

But the young woman once again grabbed his arm, her eyes burning as she looked at Osiris standing beside him:

“Is this the first summoning card you’ve made? You were able to easily destroy the Crying Ghost, it must be of high quality, right?”

“It’s a blue card.”

Chronicle nodded, only to see her laugh and say, “That’s great, I thought I was going to be the only one. I’m so relieved!”

Seeing Chronicle looking at her in surprise, she quickly coughed twice to cover up her embarrassment: “Let me introduce myself, my name is Wei Ya, I will be your homeroom teacher for the next year, leading the elite class of Third High School.”

Upon hearing this, Chronicle quickly greeted, “Hello, teacher.”

Just then, the people who had left with the box earlier returned to the airship empty-handed.

From their conversation, it seemed that the box contained thousands of defense cards.

As a rescue team composed of high school teachers, although they were unable to protect the entire Happy Home community, they chose to uphold humanitarian care at this time, providing some security for the residents here.

It has to be said that Third High School, an educational institution that can’t be considered top-notch in terms of card resources, is quite thorough in some details.

The students they cultivate may not be outstanding, but at least they won’t become the minions of evil organizations like the “Fusion Faction”, “Scenic Order”, or “Lost Paradise”.

Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“You’ve been scared all day, you must be tired. Go back to the cabin and rest, we can talk about anything else tomorrow.”

With that, Wei Ya walked towards the driver’s seat.

Seeing this, Chronicle, although he still had some questions about the elite class, could only hold them in his heart for now.

He picked up his luggage and followed a bald-headed teacher into a small compartment in the cabin.

Once inside, he didn’t put away Osiris, treating it as a human-shaped air conditioner by his side.

Lying in a room filled with a chilling wind, despite his extreme fatigue, he didn’t feel the slightest bit sleepy.

He felt that the experiences of this short half-day were even more thrilling and exciting than his previous life of twenty or thirty years.

Even if he closed his eyes, the scene of “the passage of the ghost soldiers” would flash through his mind over and over again.

His memory told him that this time, the chaos in the secret realm was far more terrifying than the time when his parents sacrificed themselves in his previous life.

It wasn’t that the scale had become larger, but that the evil spirits that attacked this time all had some degree of consciousness.

Whether it was the “feinting” Roshan monster or the “bad acting” crying ghost.

In terms of strength alone, in the past incidents of the secret realm losing control, they were basically “nonexistent”.

But this time, under the cover of the mist, they took advantage of the chaos to enter the city, directly endangering the lives of the citizens.

Take the Happy Home Community for example, if it weren’t for him summoning Osiris to help resist those two attacks, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

He could imagine that after this incident, there would be a large population outflow from the Land of Peach.

This had nothing to do with Chronicle.

He was only concerned about two things at the moment.

One was what rewards the alliance would give him for saving so many people.

The other was whether the card masters in this city could clean up the evil spirits that attacked this time.

If they couldn’t, he would have to be on his guard all the time, in case those intelligent ghosts launched a sneak attack from the dark corners of the city.

“I can’t always keep Seven Brothers outside, can I?”

Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

Although the summoning card didn’t consume much mental power in non-combat situations, if this continued for a long time, it would have many adverse effects on his mental state.

“I need to make more cards…”

Chronicle murmured, feeling his head becoming more and more muddled, and soon fell asleep.

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