Category: Legendary Card Craftsman

“What stands before you is – Mythical card maker, President of the [Heavenly Palace] Club, initiator of the [Underworld] Plan, founder of the Immortal Belief School, ancestor of the Folklore Series…

Ji Nian traveled through the world of card games and became a novice card maker.

He unintentionally discovered that the world’s knowledge of mythology had long disappeared.

At the beginning, he encountered the Yin soldiers passing through, and in order to protect himself, he did not hesitate to create [Bai Wuchang], thus embarking on a path of creating a Chinese mythology card group and attacking other worlds:

[Red Flying Zombie], [Strange Red Mansion], [Yama] presents Chinese-style horror to the world!

[Youthful Agarwood], [Sloppy Old Taoist], [King of Jizo] stirs up the qi of immortals and buddhas for thousands of miles!

[Treasure Falling Copper Coins], [Seven Nailed Arrows], [Red Cloud Sword] magical treasures shock the world.

[Mask of the Nuo God], [Golden Silkworm Gu], [Huang Family Immortal] strange taboos disturb the human world.

Several years later, when a black dragon carrying the threat of the end of the world descended upon the East Sea, a child wearing a golden bracelet and a red silk robe walked out of a barbecue shop on the street.

“It doesn’t matter, I will take action.”

He said so.”

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