Chapter 72 – Su Wen’s Lecture: Legion Card Making

Three days passed in a flash.


During this time, Xie Wenyuan continued the follow-up course on creating Field Cards.


In class, Chronicle Brother studied diligently, asked questions actively, accumulated a lot of experience, and gained more confidence in creating the Red and White Collision Card.


During this period, Ginger Tea would practice with him every morning. After being easily defeated by Ying Tai, she would return home with a dejected look.


But as soon as the next morning arrived, she would come running back with full energy to get beaten up again.


It must be said that the effect of this practical training was really good.


In just a few days, her resilience and ability to withstand beatings had improved a lot.


In order to catch Chronicle off guard, Ginger Tea even took the time to create a new card called "Night Traveling Firewood Ghost".


Although it was only a green-quality card, its skill characteristics were superior.


With the right skill cards and equipment cards, it was quite innovative.


But when facing the transformed Ying Tai, she still got beaten up.


During this period.


The first practical training course, "Ghost Catching," also came to an end with the reduction of students from Tao Li and Second High School.


In the afternoon, on the open space for theoretical classes.


Ginger Tea and You You watched as the students, with unwilling faces, were sent away by Xie Wenyuan with a smile. They turned to each other and glanced at Chronicle beside them.


Their eyes were full of meaning, self-explanatory.


"Chronicle Brother really made the right choice."


Ginger Tea thought happily.


Although she had been beaten up a lot these days, her improvement was real.


More importantly, after this period of experience, she also realized that this training was truly a very valuable experience.


The gains in just half a month might surpass the results of their regular card crafting practice for several months.


Naturally, the longer they stayed, the better.


And with Chronicle around, the probability of them from Third High School being eliminated was low.


As for what Bai Ziliang said before about being eliminated if they asked Chronicle for help, she didn't take it to heart at all.


"Does what he said carry any weight?"


Ginger Tea hummed, her face full of disdain, but she screamed in pain the next moment.


"Hey, what are you doing!"


She covered her head with both hands and looked at Bai Ziliang, who had an expressionless face.


"Nothing, I just wanted to beat you up."


Bai Ziliang crossed his arms and looked at his mischievous cousin.


They had grown up together since childhood, and just by looking at that mischievous smile, he knew what this little girl was thinking, so he decisively gave her a slap.


"It's like this when you're stronger."


He said word by word.


Ginger Tea wanted to say something to retort, but under the intimidating gaze of the other party, she didn't dare to speak. She just carefully moved to sit next to You You and only managed to squeeze out a "damn it" after a while.


Chronicle watched the interaction between the two siblings with great interest.


He wasn't surprised by their relationship as relatives.


After all, in terms of population and land area, Tao Yuan was just a small city.


And as everyone knew, small cities in the Jiuzhou region were typical communities of acquaintances.


Relatives, friends, teachers, classmates, they could all be connected with the word "acquaintance" after going back and forth.


Being in such a small circle, it could be said that there were countless connections between every card craftsman in Tao Yuan.


"Maybe Bai Longfei is also Bai Ziliang's uncle…"


Thinking of this possibility, Chronicle couldn't help but laugh.


Apart from their surnames and some slight similarities in their appearance, the styles of these two people were completely different.


Even with Bai Longfei as a template, he couldn't imagine Bai Ziliang, this "persecuted little poor guy," pretending to be sinister and fierce.


"Hey, classmates, it's been a few days. How is everyone? Haha."


At this moment, a rough laughter interrupted Chronicle's imagination and thoughts.


Chronicle looked up and saw Su Wen, who had somehow acquired a pair of gold-rimmed glasses that were essential for intellectuals, wearing a gray teacher's uniform and holding a book under his armpit.


Honestly, when he was usually restrained, he actually looked quite refined.


But when paired with this "teacher" outfit, it gave people a strong sense of dissonance.


"Pigsy wearing glasses – pretending to be a university student."


Such a sentence suddenly popped into Chronicle's mind, but he immediately shook his head.


As a card craftsman, a profession centered around "knowledge," Su Wen was indeed a genuine intellectual.


It's just that he didn't seem very reliable…


"Why are there so many fewer people?"


Su Wen threw the book aside, stretched his arms, and leaned on the podium.


His gaze swept over the students on the opposite side and finally focused on Bai Ziliang, who was listening in the back row.


"Ziliang, didn't I tell you before? Eliminating students is not the purpose of the training. Why did you still send away so many people?"


"Damn it, are you acting as me? If it wasn't for your repeated requests, could I have sent away so many people?"


Bai Ziliang cursed in his heart, but he didn't answer. He just stared at Su Wen silently, trying to awaken the remaining conscience in the other person.


But it was undoubtedly a failure.


Su Wen automatically ignored his gaze and smiled, "Sorry, everyone. The rules are there, and Ziliang couldn't show any mercy. I promise you, the next practical training course will definitely not involve elimination."


"Really, teacher."


Zhao Wenying, the class monitor of Second High School, who had a bitter expression and was counting how many students were left in her school, suddenly became spirited after hearing Su Wen's words.


"Of course."


Su Wen nodded, and a barely noticeable curve appeared at the corner of his mouth, with an ambiguous meaning.


"Alright, let's not talk about this."


He clapped his hands and said loudly, "This second practical training course will be led by Teacher Xie. It's not my responsibility. If you have any questions, ask him tomorrow. Now, it's time for the theoretical class."


"What we are going to learn today is… Legion Cards."


As he spoke, he raised his hand and used his mental power to support a whiteboard.


He then took out a marker pen from the podium and wrote the three big characters "Legion Cards" on the whiteboard in a flowing manner."Legion Card, an advanced type of Summoning Card."


"As the name suggests, it's a card that encapsulates a legion."


"This legion is often composed of one type of card spirit, cooperating and intertwining with each other, suitable for various complex and dangerous scenarios."


"My old general once said: The Zhenyuan Army can be without domain cards, and without field cards, but it can never lack legion cards. Losing it is equivalent to losing an eye, a shield, a sword."


"This shows the importance of this type of card."


"It's worth mentioning that it's not difficult to create a legion card, and the crafting process is not much different from a normal summoning card."


"However, the process is relatively tedious, the success rate of card completion is not high, and collecting materials is extremely difficult."


"The most direct method is to wipe out a monster nest, and then use the power of the environment to make cards on the spot."


"My 'Dark Raven' Legion, and your Teacher Fan's 'Ghost Scythe' Legion, were created in this way."


"In addition, this type of card also has a high demand for mental power."


"Considering that everyone's cultivation level is generally only in the early to mid-stage of bronze, I personally suggest that when you choose the card spirit for the legion card, the individual level should not exceed one star, and the total number should not exceed ten…"


(End of this chapter)


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