Chapter 73 – And

It seems that Su Wen has made a lot of preparations in advance, and the effect of his teaching is unexpectedly good.

Various card craftsman allusions came to him easily, and the principles of legion cards were also explained very clearly.

He just likes to chat and talk about his military experience during the class.

With his humorous and witty tone, even Chronicle, who has read many stories, listened with great interest.

Time passed quickly, and the sky quickly darkened.

After saying goodbye to Su Wen, Zi Liang, Ginger Tea, and others, Chronicle walked towards his home with his hands in his pockets.

Suddenly, a sense of danger came through his consciousness.

“Brother Zongzi?”

Chronicle raised his hand and summoned the cards of Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers, looking in the direction of the villa. He saw streams of light flowing out of the gaps in the curtains.

Judging from the brightness, the “intruder” should have turned on all the lights in the living room.

Besides Uncle Dong, Chronicle couldn’t think of anyone else who would be so “brazen”.

So he controlled Seven Brothers to become ethereal and shared his vision. He happened to meet Uncle Dong, who was sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

“As expected.”

After smiling and shaking his head, Chronicle pushed open the anti-theft door and walked in.

“Your vigilance is not small.”

Uncle Dong took a sip of the tea and smiled.

Chronicle smiled back and looked at Uncle Dong calmly.

But he saw that the old man was filled with a fierce and fierce aura, much more terrifying than when they first met a few days ago.

Chronicle, who had received feedback from mythological card crafting several times, was far superior to ordinary people and card craftsmen of the same level in terms of perception.

With a twitch of his nose, he smelled a faint smell of blood.

Of course, Chronicle didn’t think that Uncle Dong had gone to the market to slaughter pigs in the past few days, nor did he have any disrespectful thoughts like “the other party is dressed as a man, but is actually here for something”.

“So… did he go to kill someone?”

Just as Chronicle had this thought, Uncle Dong crossed his legs and leisurely said, “I went to clean up a few dog nests these days and moved my body a bit.”

After saying that, he reached into his coat pocket and took out two cards, throwing them to Chronicle:

“When I just came back, I heard that Su Wen was talking about the manufacturing of legion cards for you guys…”

“Heh, back then, I taught him. In the blink of an eye, it’s been decades. The little brat has become a slick and ordinary middle-aged man…”

Uncle Dong said with a touch of emotion.

As people grow old, they love to reminisce.

He was already one hundred and thirty or forty years old.

Even in a world with transcendent powers, this was not considered young.

Those high-level card craftsmen with a lifespan of several hundred years were only theoretically possible.

Even the top experts in this high-risk environment were not guaranteed to live long.

“Since ancient times, soldiers are in danger. It’s not a bad thing that you didn’t agree to join the army a few days ago…”

Uncle Dong’s face was filled with memories, and the faces of the young soldiers of the Zhenyuan Army who were the same age as Fan Lei and Su Wen appeared in his mind. There were not many left now.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“Sorry, I got off track. When a person gets old, their attention span decreases. I should really retire.”

Uncle Dong smiled and shook his head, looking at Chronicle, “These two cards were just confiscated by me. They are group summoning materials. You should be able to use them.”

Facing the hopeful eyes of the other party, Chronicle finally reached out and collected the two blue materials stained with blood.

After taking a closer look, these two cards were called [Spirit of the Four Great Captains of Shenglong] and [Miscellaneous Ghost Card of Yuanxi].

[Shenglong] and [Yuanxi] were the two most common big scene year numbers in the materials produced in the secret realm.

According to some “experts”, these two time points were not far from “today”.

They were in the stage where the big scene was on the verge of collapse.

Therefore, the quality of the materials produced was mostly suitable for bronze card craftsmen, ranging from white to blue.

“The Spirit of the Four Great Captains… and Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers can be considered colleagues. It should be able to be used to create ghost messengers.”

“As for this Miscellaneous Ghost Card… judging from the name and appearance, it should be related to the ghost soldiers. It can be used to create shadow soldiers.”

“But with my current conditions, I can only choose one of them to create for now. I’ll see later…”

Chronicle thought to himself, carefully collecting the two materials, and a sincere smile appeared on his face, “Thank you, Principal.”

“These are just some small things, don’t worry about it. When your cultivation improves, I have even better materials for you.”

Uncle Dong tapped the armrest of the sofa with his finger and said in a grand manner:

“Excellent card craftsmen are made with materials. With the Principal here, you don’t have to worry about falling behind in this aspect.”

“Of course, obtaining materials itself is also a process of improving strength.”

“Principal… I’m sure you have to make choices when giving materials. You can’t just give everything to me. That kind of behavior would hinder my growth.”

“So, the really good things, you have to strive for them yourself.”

“I will only provide some ‘chicken ribs’ that would waste your time and energy.”

Upon hearing this, Chronicle couldn’t help but laugh.

If even the extremely rare group summoning materials like [Spirit of the Four Great Captains of Shenglong] and [Miscellaneous Ghost Card of Yuanxi] were considered chicken ribs, then what were the ordinary materials he had painstakingly purchased before? Dog shit?

Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn’t help but sincerely thank him, “Thank you for your help, I will do my best to strive for the best!”

“Don’t thank your own teacher.” Uncle Dong took a sip of tea, “And, it’s not about striving, it’s a must.”

“You’re right.”

Chronicle smiled lightly and suddenly thought of the words Uncle Dong had just said, and couldn’t help but ask, “Principal, have you taught Su Teacher before?”

“Who do you think the old general he mentioned is?”

Uncle Dong laughed heartily and asked back with great pride.”But when I took him in, he wasn’t any kind of general, just a ‘plain and ordinary’ ‘instructor’.”

“Fan Lei and Su Wen were both taught by me… They seemed fine before, but now, they’re just two good-for-nothings.”

“Perhaps I’ve protected them too well. They’re both in their forties, yet they act like giant babies.”

“I feel sorry for the enemies who died at their hands.”

After saying this, he turned to Chronicle, his tone becoming somewhat stern:

“You should avoid dealing with those two in the future.”

“Listening to their lectures is fine, but if they start talking about life lessons or worldly wisdom, just treat it as if they’re spouting nonsense, so you won’t be led astray.”

“If they insist on lecturing you, just call the principal. Within half a minute, I’ll be there to break their legs.”

“Oh, and one more thing…”

Wang Jingdong paused, then sent a message telepathically to Chronicle: “That Xie Wenyuan, I always feel that something’s not quite right… Pay more attention in the future, and if anything happens, tell the principal…”

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