Chapter 71 – Or

【Swordsmanship and Blessings: Zhu Yingtai】


Quality: Blue


Level: ★★


Category: Spirit/Written


Card Type: Summon




【Drum Encouragement】: By consuming literary energy, increase own movement speed. When attacked, there is a certain probability of triggering 【Immunity】 or 【Evasion】.


【Scholar Sword】: By consuming spiritual power, unleash sword qi. There is a certain probability of triggering the effect: 【Majestic】, which deals double damage to units with the characteristics of 【Yao】, 【Demon】, 【Ghost】, or 【Monster】.


【Gentleman's Six Arts: Archery】: By consuming literary energy, continuously shoot arrows. There is a high probability of causing negative effects such as 【Bleeding】 or 【Slow】 on enemy units, and deals double damage to units with the characteristic of 【Evil】.




【Wisdom】: Naturally intelligent, she can grasp a skill in a short period of time.


【Disguise】: Her life of cross-dressing has accumulated a lot of experience in disguise and changing clothes.


【What is True】: A voice has always told her that the so-called "talented woman" is nothing but an illusion…


Introduction: A girl eager to study resents her unscrupulous family and disguises herself as a boy to go to the academy to study under a teacher. Along the way, she meets the scholar Liang Shanbo and they have a pleasant conversation. They then become sworn brothers by mixing soil and forming a bond.


Advancement Path: 【Butterfly Companion and Scholarly Fragrance: Zhu Yingtai】(Purple) → 【Talented Eightfold: Zhu Yingtai】(Orange)


"The skills have a wide range of effects, and the characteristics are also very practical. This card is really good… but…"


Chronicle was only halfway through speaking when the three words "What is True" on the characteristic column of the panel suddenly began to emit fluorescence.


Almost instinctively, he reached out his finger and lightly tapped.


In the next moment, a crimson arc suddenly enveloped the heroic girl not far away, who was carrying a bow and sword.


In an instant, the scholarly attire that resembled plain white silk turned into a blood-red wedding dress, and her handsome and heroic face also took on a pale and eerie expression.


But the most significant change was in her pair of impressive eyes.


As Chronicle met her gaze, he felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, completely different from her previous lively and ethereal appearance.


At the same time, a panel that seemed illusory also appeared before his eyes:


【Red and White Attire – Zhu Yingtai】


Quality: Blue


Level: ★★


Category: Ghost/Written


Card Type: Summon




【Ghostly Wedding Dance】: By consuming Yin energy, increase own movement speed. When attacked, there is a certain probability of triggering 【Immunity】 or 【Evasion】. At the same time, shoot blood arrows at the opponent, which carry the 【Curse】 effect and can reduce the opponent's 【Rationality】.


【Fierce Ghost Breath】: Can continuously inflict normal damage on units with the characteristic of 【Living Being】, and has an extremely low probability of causing negative effects such as 【Dying】 or 【Chill】 on enemy units.


【Red and White Attire】: By consuming spiritual power, switch between different attires. 【Red Attire】 can increase own movement speed and attack speed, while 【White Attire】 has a certain probability of causing negative effects such as 【Stiffness】 or 【Fear】 on enemy units.




【Wisdom】: Naturally intelligent, she can grasp a skill in a short period of time.


【Marriage】: Dissatisfied with being arranged by her parents and willing to sacrifice for love, she can deal five times the damage to units with the characteristic of 【Marriage】.


【What is a Dream】: Trapped by fate and unable to achieve her aspirations, she often sees another version of herself in her midnight dreams: talented, with Liang Xiong, elegant and everlasting.


Introduction: Under the heavy pressure of the times, Zhu Yingtai ultimately did not obtain the long-awaited talent and love.


"Perhaps those things only exist in dreams?" In the bridal sedan, her voice was extremely soft, almost like a dream.


Advancement Path: 【Blood and Tears Transforming into a Butterfly: Zhu Yingtai】(Purple) → 【Ghost Guanyin: Zhu Yingtai】(Orange)


(After absorbing enough resources, the two panels will advance synchronously.)


Bond: When the physical distance between Zhu Yingtai and the Card Craftsman Chronicle (Liang Shanbo) does not exceed fifty meters, the bond effect 【Butterfly Transformation】 can be activated.


【Butterfly Transformation】: Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai transform into butterflies, dancing gracefully. When the effect is activated, both sides gain movement speed and evasion bonuses.


By consuming a certain amount of spiritual power, the Card Craftsman and Zhu Yingtai can ignore terrain and instantly teleport to each other's side, while also gaining attack speed bonuses.


(The range of the bond expands as both sides level up.)


"Two panels? Is it because of the previous fate diversion?"


Chronicle lightly stroked his chin, feeling very surprised in his heart.


However, such changes in the card are ultimately a good thing.


"In this way, one card can be used as two, saving a lot of material costs."


"The most important thing is that this bond effect is really useful…"


Looking at the introduction of the 【Butterfly Transformation】 effect in the bond column of the panel, even with Chronicle's temperament, he couldn't help but feel a sense of finding a treasure.


"I didn't expect that the precautionary measure I took to prevent accidents would bring such great benefits."


"Not only did it eliminate the consumption of 'Liang Shanbo', but it also brought me a powerful personal bodyguard."


Chronicle was not surprised that he became "Liang Shanbo".


The essence of special material transformation is "performance". The studying girl plays the role of "Zhu Yingtai", and he plays the role of "Liang Shanbo".


The former gained benefits, so he shouldn't have gained nothing.


But this is ultimately card crafting.


As a Card Craftsman, the benefits he gained are still attached to the card.


The specific manifestation is the bond effect 【Butterfly Transformation】.


He himself did not experience any growth.


"But it's not entirely accurate to say that…"


As his gaze flickered, Chronicle, who returned to reality, got up and stretched lazily under the gaze of Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers.


"I still have card feedback waiting for me."


As soon as he finished speaking, a wave-like fluctuation swept over.In a short time, his physical strength and mental reserves had reached a new height.


"It's a pity it's not as intense as when I was creating the Eighth Brother…"


Chronicle clenched his fist, feeling the power flowing within him, and said with some regret, "I'm still a bit short of the standard for the late Bronze stage."


"But, I should be content."


Looking at the girl who had returned to her "Sword Seeking" posture not far away, standing tall and graceful, Chronicle nodded, "It's all an unexpected joy."


Meanwhile, in the bedroom.


Eighth Brother, leaning on the desk with his arms crossed, saw the little girl's momentum greatly increased, her attitude of "I fear no one, no matter who you are," and couldn't help but reveal a subtle smile of relief.


Seven Brothers, on the other hand, still had that strange yet gentle look, always looking at his own people with a somewhat spiritual indulgence, as if looking at his own child.


At the same time, the Zongzi Brother, who was lying in the "Heavy Yin Fragrant Cedar Coffin" absorbing Yin energy, kept making "hehe cough cough" sounds, and through the sea of consciousness, he conveyed emotions like "comfortable", "relaxed", and "beautiful".


As the moonlight scattered, Chronicle looked at these few "Underworld Generals" under his command, feeling a sense of peace and beauty.


"Time to sleep!"


After a simple stretch of his somewhat stiff body, Chronicle put away Seven Brothers, Eighth Brother, and Ying Tai, and lay back down on the bed, quickly falling into a dream.

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