Chapter 70 – Card master guidance and self-will, ghost and branch of culture

In the dim room, a vortex appeared out of thin air, engulfing the young girl who was seeking knowledge.


Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers exchanged a glance, and their lifeless eyes suddenly sparkled.


But soon, the sparkles dimmed, and they stood like statues, silently guarding Chronicle's drifting consciousness.


Meanwhile, in the vast sea of knowledge.


Chronicle gazed at the azure arc surrounding the young girl, summoned his card crafting pen, dipped it in spirit fluid, and began the process of transforming the materials.


Unlike the ordinary process of adding information to a card, the special material's "Naming" phase was more like a god or creator manipulating the fate of a small character.


With just a pen, one could control the life and death, joys and sorrows of a life.


This feeling of transcending mortals was truly indescribable.


Fortunately, Chronicle had a good temperament and quickly realized what was happening. With a gentle stroke of his pen, he reset the young girl's story.


The scene on the "River of Fate" began to change:


In front of an ancient door, a middle-aged man dressed in luxurious clothes paced anxiously, waiting.


Suddenly, the cries of a baby echoed from the delivery room, and a brilliant smile appeared on the middle-aged man's face.


With his exceptional talent, he gave the newborn child a beautiful name…


[Zhu Yingtai]


Chronicle wrote these three characters in the void.


The blue light flashed, and the characters exploded into symbols, landing in the center of the young girl's eyebrows.


In the next moment, golden light bloomed, dazzling and radiant. Countless rays of light formed a "cocoon" that enveloped the young girl.


As the brilliance gradually faded, Chronicle raised his pen again and continued writing:


[Yingtai has been studying since childhood, admiring the talents of Ban Zhao and Cai Yan. With a single-minded pursuit of knowledge, she was rejected by her father. With no other choice, she disguised herself as a man and went to Kuaiji to seek education.]


[On the way, she met a scholar named Liang Shanbo, and they became fast friends. They made a pact at the Grass Bridge Pavilion and arrived at the academy together. Over time, an invisible affection grew between them…]


As Chronicle wrote line after line, the scene on the azure river of fate continued to change.


Everything seemed to be accelerated.


The cries of the baby girl faded, replaced by the words "father" and "mother," which soon turned into the sound of reading.


Yingtai grew up like this, and before long, she became a graceful and tall young lady.


Perhaps influenced by the "Seeking Knowledge Girl," she didn't grow up to be a delicate and fragile young lady, but a spirited and carefree girl.


Skilled in swordplay, fond of poetry and books, proficient in archery and magic.


If one word could describe her, it would be "elegant."


Chronicle quickly browsed through the growth process of this extraordinary girl from a divine perspective, finding it fascinating. But the most interesting part was yet to come.


The young lady, disguised as a man, arrived at the Grass Bridge Pavilion, where Liang Shanbo, who was tall and handsome, appeared, reciting poetry and shining brightly.


From his face, it was clear that this Liang Shanbo was actually Chronicle himself.


Although with his tall and sturdy physique, he didn't look like someone who would "die of lovesickness," but to prevent any unexpected situations during material transformation, Chronicle allowed his own will to descend and personally go through the motions.


In this way, Chronicle chatted with Yingtai while manipulating the card crafting pen with his mind, continuing to write the story:


[After some time, Yingtai's family urged her to return home, as she was betrothed to Ma Wencai, the son of the magistrate.]


[Upon hearing the news, Liang Shanbo pondered for a long time but couldn't act rashly. Consumed by anger, he fell ill and passed away.]


[Yingtai, upon hearing the tragic news, deliberately detoured to pay her respects at Liang Shanbo's grave before getting married. Perhaps influenced by her grief, thunder and rain suddenly swept across the sky.]


[After the thunder, a huge crack appeared in the cemetery, and Yingtai, who had made up her mind, leaped into the grave. The grave closed in the next moment.]


[After a long time, the clouds cleared, and two butterflies emerged from the tombstone, dancing gracefully…]


The past, the encounters, and everything came to an end.


In the grave, "Liang Shanbo," who had been dead for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes.


"So this is what it feels like lying in a coffin… It seems quite comfortable…"


"Could it be that this is the correct way for a Paper Men Carrying Coffin? Others sit, but I lie down?"


In Chronicle's sea of knowledge, he "rose from the coffin," casting aside the strange thoughts that had suddenly emerged, and refocused his attention on the seeking knowledge girl.


After completing the story, the cocoon of light became even brighter, and the surrounding azure river of fate began to surge.


The scenes he had just written appeared on it.


But in the next moment, a small tributary suddenly branched off from the illusory river.


The tributary expanded, showing signs of becoming another river.


"This is… the will of the 'Seeking Knowledge Girl' herself?"


Seeing this situation, Chronicle was somewhat puzzled.


As a novice card craftsman, he had never encountered such a sudden development before, so he could only observe how things unfolded and adapt accordingly.


With this in mind, he shifted his focus to this tributary.


He saw Yingtai, who had entered the academy, diligently studying and eventually becoming a talented woman like Ban Zhao and Cai Yan.


But in the next moment, these scenes shattered, and the small tributary merged back into the main river, as if nothing had happened.


"To think it would spontaneously generate half of a new destiny trajectory, quite interesting…" Chronicle stroked his chin and said.


The reason it was considered half was because this trajectory was a "dream" deduced by the "Seeking Knowledge Girl" herself, anchored by her own will and using the "sworn brother Liang" as a time reference.


In the end, the stories written by card craftsmen were the core of card creation.Such a minor episode wouldn't cause any significant impact.


Even if it did, it would most likely be in a positive direction.


"From nothing to something, the situation is ever-changing, that's the charm of card making."


Chronicle remarked.


He then saw the light cocoon not far away shatter loudly. The "Studious Maiden" in her green dress transformed in the blink of an eye into a scholar's attire as white as jade.


Her face didn't change much, but her temperament became more lively, her spirit more robust. The sword with a black hilt and a blood sheath still hung around her waist, and the mottled quiver and longbow still hung on her back.


At this moment, she slowly opened her eyes and turned her gaze to Chronicle.


Compared to her previous lifelessness, she was now full of vitality.


The complex and heavy card information also poured into Chronicle's mind at this moment.


"New skill characteristics… quite impressive…"


Looking at the text on the panel, even Chronicle, who had been spoiled by the Seven Brothers, had to admit that this was indeed an excellent card.


(End of the chapter)

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