Chapter 69 – Special material crafting method

At this moment, inside the tombstone villa.


Chronicle, who was buried in reading "The Friend of Transcendent Dual Talents" couldn't help but frown.


"The route…guidance…is it really this difficult?"


Looking at the content, he couldn't help but sink into deep thought.


According to this book, due to the special materials themselves having a certain spirituality, or "self-awareness", they are not like ordinary materials that are "lifeless".


Therefore, the process of "naming" must be personally followed by the Card Craftsman, any slight mistake will cause the entire card to go in an unpredictable direction.


In simple terms, normal card crafting is like inventing a machine.


The materials are the parts, the story is the blueprint predetermined by the inventor, and card crafting is the process of assembling the parts according to the blueprint and giving them life.


And the process of "naming" special materials, or the modification process, is more like "performing".


The story is the script, the Card Craftsman is the director, and the special materials with a certain spirituality are the actors.


The director adjusts the external factors such as the scene and atmosphere to make the "actors" get into character and make everything develop according to the script.


The entire process requires extreme attention, any carelessness and the actor may "break character".


At that time, the play that is filmed, or the "completed card", may have problems.


Perhaps it's a stroke of genius…


"But obviously, the possibility of making mistakes is higher."


Chronicle gently stroked his chin and muttered to himself, "I don't know if it's because I'm not serious enough, or if the modification method of these special materials is really not right. It feels a bit strange…role-playing, and all that play…"


Shaking his head to shake off some strange images and thoughts from his mind, Chronicle sat upright with a determined expression on his face, placing the "Seeking Scholar Girl" on the coffee table.


On the blue-framed card, dark clouds covered the sky, rain continued to pour, and a thinly dressed girl with a bow and sword braved the wind and rain, walking alone on a muddy path.


The information of the card also appeared in his mind.


"With this kind of skill attribute, it's not even comparable to Seven Brothers or Green Zombie…"


Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn't help but shake his head.


Actually, although the skill attribute of the Seeking Scholar Girl is not outstanding, it is definitely not bad either.


Positioning, long-range attacks, control, the three in one, can be called the "Frost Archer" of the otherworld.


The two major characteristics of "Marriage" and "Disguise" can also have astonishing effects in certain special moments.


It's just that Chronicle's taste has long been spoiled by Seven Brothers, Green Zombie, and the like, and his standards are high.


That's why he feels that the panel attributes are just ordinary.


"I wonder what this 'ordinary' card will look like after it has a true name."


Chronicle said in a low voice, suddenly a flash of inspiration, "Hey, Zongzi doesn't have a name now, should I give it one too?"


But the next moment, he gently shook his head.


His current mental power level is still too low, and Zongzi itself doesn't have a strong foundation, it can't bear some "big names".


"Let's wait until after the promotion to Flying Zombie, maybe I can combine it with the advanced route and make a big fuss."


Chronicle thought to himself, and then focused his gaze back on the card face of the "Seeking Scholar Girl".


"The girl who is eager to learn is dissatisfied with being controlled by her parents, so she disguises herself as a boy and goes to the academy to study…this story development is a bit like Zhu Yingtai…"


Chronicle couldn't help but scratch his head.


"Liang Zhu", full name "The Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", is one of the four ancient Chinese folk love stories along with "The Legend of the White Snake", "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl", and "The Legend of Meng Jiangnu".


But unlike the other three stories that are filled with mythical elements, "Liang Zhu" is "reasonable" in all its plot except for the ending scene of "butterfly transformation", and the characters in the play are real and "mundane".


"If it's normal card crafting, this kind of story without transcendent elements probably won't be very useful."


"But now it's modifying special materials, the "Seeking Scholar Girl" that already has a certain foundation, doesn't need to absorb 'transcendent elements' from the story."


"As long as the selected story has a high degree of fit and good emotional impact, it can help her undergo a positive transformation…"


"From this perspective, the story of Liang Zhu is undoubtedly feasible."




Chronicle gently stroked his chin, pondering:


"In this legend, Zhu Yingtai did indeed die on her wedding day."


"Although according to the story, she and 'Brother Liang' both turned into butterflies and followed each other, and there was no 'evil transformation' situation."


"But because the material of the 'Seeking Scholar Girl' itself has the attributes of 'ghost' and 'marriage', the modified card will not deviate too much, and it will probably form a form similar to the 'Ghost Bride'…"


"This can be directly used."


Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, "Regardless of the result, let's first modify the card."


"Whether it works or not, I can go find Youyou. Anyway, this special material was picked up for free, so it's not a loss no matter what."


Chronicle thought to himself, then went to the bedroom and sat cross-legged under the protection of Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers.


After taking a deep breath, as his mental power moved, that thin and thin figure appeared in the room.


Just like before: fresh and elegant, with a heroic demeanor.


Even though her face was pale and her eyes were hollow, she couldn't hide her beauty and strong spirit.


"Not bad appearance." Chronicle nodded involuntarily.


The summoning cards in his hands now, whether it's Seven Brothers, Eight Brothers, or Green Zombie, all have a solid underworld aesthetic.


It's the kind of appearance that only people from the Land of Peach would fall in love with at first sight, and ordinary people would likely be scared away on the spot.


Indeed, a card spirit that conforms to mainstream aesthetics is needed for balance.


"I hope the modified style won't go astray…"


Chronicle said in a low voice, suddenly feeling a gust of cold wind blowing. He looked up and saw that the Seeking Scholar Girl had appeared by his side without knowing when.


"What's going on?" Chronicle subconsciously asked.


With 60% of the bond, he wasn't worried that the Seeking Scholar Girl would attack, he was just curious about her behavior."……"


The young scholar girl was unable to speak, her eyes were fixed in a certain direction, and her slender body was shivering.


Chronicle followed her gaze and saw that Eight Brothers was standing there with his arms crossed, looking menacing.


It was as if he was saying, "You'd better behave, if you dare to make any moves, I'll drag you out and feed you to the dogs."


Seven Brothers, on the other hand, was much kinder. Seeing the scholar girl in this state, he even patted the strong arm of the Black Osiris.


A face that perfectly matched the Chinese definition of terror was pale, but it was adorned with a kind smile like that of an elder.


Seeing this, Chronicle couldn't help but chuckle.


He shook his head, extended two fingers, and placed them on the scholar girl's forehead.


As his spiritual power was activated, a blue light burst out in an instant, drawing a deep blue arc in the room that resembled a long river.


Bubbles floated out of the river, projecting the scholar girl's past and present life: her eagerness to learn in her childhood, her dissatisfaction with arrangements, her departure with a sword, and her death from illness on the way.


Compared to Eight Brothers, her life seemed incredibly short and lacked any grand scenes.


But for a girl who grew up in the feudal era, such a life could be considered a "legend".


"It's just that her luck wasn't very good," Chronicle thought to himself, "I hope this naming can bring you a new life."


After a light sigh, the material transformation officially began.

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