Chapter 6 – Underworld aesthetics

"Treating to a meal after the battle? This flag you're raising sounds ominous."


Chronicle casually commented, but still took out his phone to save the other party's number.


That guy might seem unreliable, but no matter what, he was a "powerful" figure who was allowed to enter the battlefield at a young age.


Doing a favor today might come in handy someday.


"Having more friends in this world means more paths to choose from."


Chronicle thought to himself, about to lock his screen, when he noticed that the unread messages in the "Third High School Level 22 Card Craftsman" group had somehow increased to 99+. Someone had mentioned him.


After a quick glance at the chat history, he found that a teacher named "Wei Ya" had mentioned him and twenty-seven other Card Craftsmen who were in the "disaster area" about three minutes ago.


The message basically said: The school's designated person will arrive soon. Once the mentioned students receive the message, they should immediately move to the nearest open area to wait for rescue.


The message was filled with urgency and concern.


It was at this moment that Chronicle truly felt the status of Card Craftsmen in this world.


"Even apprentice Card Craftsmen have someone to pick them up. If it were bronze, silver, or even gold, platinum, diamond, or master-level Card Craftsmen, they would probably be protected by the alliance before the battle even begins… Wait…"


"High-level Card Craftsmen are all experts, with countless good cards in their decks. If they encounter danger, it's not certain who would protect whom."


Thinking of the joke about a boxing champion hiring a bodyguard, Chronicle couldn't help but shake his head and laugh.


He looked up again at the distant battlefield, where he could vaguely see several large figures fighting passionately amidst the ruins.


The blood and energy they exuded dyed the surrounding fog a dark red, swallowing up all the lights in that corner of the city.


Due to his limited vision, he couldn't tell who was winning.


All he knew was that it was time for him to run.


So he quickly packed his things.


Afraid that the person sent by the school wouldn't recognize him, he deliberately put on his ugly, oversized school jacket.


After checking the doors and windows, he descended the stairs under the protection of Osiris.


Along the way, they encountered two figures carrying large and small bundles, a boy and a girl. They looked about the same age and somewhat familiar, as if he had seen them at school.


They exchanged a glance but said nothing.


They naturally formed a group and, after using their access cards to open the building door, headed straight for the small square in the community, a favorite gathering place for the elderly.


At this time, the night wind was howling, and Chronicle, who had just stepped out of his house for the first time since his transmigration, couldn't help but shiver.


After tightening his school jacket, he took out his phone from his pocket and sent a real-time location in the group chat.


Teacher Wei Ya quickly replied, "Don't worry, the teachers will be there soon."


Seeing this, Chronicle breathed a sigh of relief.


However, he didn't let his guard down and continued to stay alert, observing his surroundings.


The two peers who had come out with him seemed to have also received a response from the school at this time and let out a sigh of relief.


In this quiet wait, within a couple of minutes, several more young faces that looked like students emerged from other buildings.


Some were accompanied by elders, some were holding cats and dogs.


A group of people gathered together, and the scene quickly became lively.


At this time, a girl seemed to notice Osiris, who was silently standing next to Chronicle, and suddenly screamed, her pale face hidden under her messy hair filled with terror.


The others turned their heads at the sound and were also surprised at Seven Brothers' appearance.


As residents of the Land of Peach, they had seen countless faces from the underworld.


But those strange faces brought more instinctive fear and physical discomfort.


Like Osiris, just standing there made people feel a chill in their hearts and even a sense of awe. This was their first time seeing such a ghost.


"Card… where's your card, use it!"


A boy managed to snap out of his surprise, his hand trembling slightly as he tugged at his companion's arm.


Seeing this, Chronicle quickly explained, "I'm sorry, this is my summoning card. I apologize if it scared you all."


Upon hearing this, everyone first glanced at his school uniform, then at Osiris, who had been standing in the same spot with a smile on his face the whole time, showing no signs of aggression. They finally breathed a sigh of relief.


A boy with a buzz cut even boldly approached Chronicle, his eyes shining as he exclaimed, "Dude, your summoning card is so freaking cool."


Seeing the approving looks from the others, Chronicle couldn't help but nod:


The people of the underworld… oh, no, the people of the Land of Peach, do have a sense of aesthetics.


He then turned to look at the buzz-cut brother, who seemed to want to touch Seven Brothers' hat.


But before he could get close, the disrespectful thoughts in his heart were forcibly cleared by some force. When he looked at that terrifying face with a bitter smile, he even felt like kneeling down and kowtowing a few times.


It wasn't until Chronicle patted him on the shoulder that he came back to his senses. After swallowing, he couldn't help but sigh: This card is really eerie!


Chronicle couldn't read minds, so he naturally couldn't tell what he was thinking.


He thought he was just scared and was about to say something when he heard a sobbing sound not far away.


Turning his head, he saw the girl who had been scared by Seven Brothers earlier was now covering her face and crying.


"Why is she still crying…" the buzz-cut brother muttered under his breath.


Chronicle glanced at him but didn't say anything. He just felt that something was off:


This life is different from the previous one.High school students in this world, though not immune to the common issues of youth, were not to be underestimated. Having grown up in a high-risk environment, their mental fortitude and adaptability were no less than those who had tasted blood in their "hometown". In some aspects, they even surpassed them.


There might be some exceptions.


However, Chronicle didn't believe that a person from the Land of Peach would be easily frightened to tears by a "ghost".


So, he took a few steps back without making a sound.


The others also sensed something was off. They continued to discuss amongst themselves, but they all began to move away from the girl.


Only the naive buzz-cut brother stepped forward, patting the girl on the shoulder, "Sis, we're still waiting for rescue. If you keep crying, you might attract a ghost… woc!"


A piercing scream instantly drowned out the buzz-cut brother's curse.


Under the moonlight, the female ghost's face was pale, her long hair flying wildly.


Her eyes, filled with resentment and devoid of whites, were fixed on the buzz-cut brother's neck. She suddenly extended two pale, bony claws, as if intending to strangle him alive.


"Watch out!"


A parent couldn't help but warn, throwing out a defense card in an attempt to help him fend off the attack.


But this mass-produced item was clearly no match for the powerful and strange onslaught.


With a "crack", the card shattered, turning into a powder that glowed with a gray light, dissipating in the wind.


The buzz-cut brother fell to the ground, watching as the pale hands grew larger and larger…




Suddenly, the sound of metal grinding against each other echoed in the night sky.


Everyone saw Osiris standing in place, one hand holding a Mourning Staff, the other extended in front of him.


Two blue chains flew out from his wide sleeves, like two hissing snakes, they wrapped the female ghost in mid-air, cocooning her like a silkworm.

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