Chapter 66 – Uncle Dong’s arrival, a critical hit on marriage

"Special material?"


Lu Youyou said with a hint of surprise.


She came from a wealthy background and had seen a lot in her life.


Even if this thing was rare, she had heard of it.


Ginger Tea, being a connoisseur, had already had some guesses in her mind. The moment she saw the rolling blue light, she was certain of what it was.


But faced with this valuable and troublesome special material, they had no desire for it, they were simply happy for Chronicle's progress.


"Chronicle Brother, this Studious Girl only has two stars, but she can suppress me and Youyou in a fight. Does she have any characteristics or skills that counter us?"


Ginger Tea asked boldly, still seeming a bit disgruntled.


She couldn't understand why her carefully polished card would be beaten by a wild ghost.




Lu Youyou tugged at her sleeve.


Even if they were on good terms, asking about someone else's card skills was a very presumptuous and impolite act.


Chronicle, however, waved his hand indifferently.


After he got back, he was going to modify this card. Whether this characteristic could be retained was still up in the air.


So he said bluntly, "She does have a characteristic that targets 'Bride' units. You two just ran into the muzzle this time."


One was a "Bride-Hating" ghost face, the other an eight-foot "Bride". They had chosen the Studious Girl who could deal triple damage to 'Bride' units.


"We're really unlucky." Ginger Tea sighed lightly, speaking with a touch of emotion.


If they weren't a team, and had Li Baitian or Yao Yuan with them, they wouldn't have had such a hard time facing the Studious Girl.


But then again, if they hadn't been unlucky, Chronicle wouldn't have gotten this special material.


"Studious Girl… against marriage… dissatisfied with parental arrangements…"


Looking at the blue-framed card in his hand, Chronicle muttered its keywords, and suddenly had many thoughts:


Since the Studious Girl's innate background story is related to the 'Bride' element, why not go with the flow and pick a story from the vast number of Chinese tales that matches in content and style.


In this way, the card he creates will most likely be a "Ghost Bride" that can be directly used for "Red and White Collision".


He wouldn't have to rely on Lu Youyou to buy related materials, which would save him a lot of money.




Just then, a clear voice interrupted his thoughts.


Chronicle looked up to see Bai Ziliang standing with his arms crossed on the back of the bird of prey, his face expressionless.


"Ginger Tea, Lu Youyou." Bai Ziliang called their names.


The two girls saw that his expression was a bit off, and quickly straightened up, answering, "Here."


"Can't beat them, so you call for reinforcements. You two are quite resourceful."


Bai Ziliang's gaze swept quickly over the pockmarked stone forest, his expression somewhat helpless:


"Considering that Chronicle completed two ghost-catching tasks alone last night, I can give you a chance to 're-group'. The capture task of the 'Studious Girl' will be considered as completed by the three of you, and the grading will be based on this."




Bai Ziliang paused, his tone very strict: "This kind of opportunity only comes once. If I find out next time that you can't complete the task and ask Chronicle for help, you can go home directly."


"Okay, I understand, Brother Ziliang."


"Got it, Senior Bai."


Seeing Ginger Tea and Youyou's sincere words, Bai Ziliang didn't dwell on the matter.


After all, he had a good relationship with the two girls.


However, rules are rules. If everyone called for reinforcements when they couldn't win, there would be no need to continue the training.


What he didn't expect was that among this group of trainees, apart from Chronicle, there was no one else who had the energy left after completing the task.


So… his assumption was invalid from the start.


"It would be better if more people asked me for help, so I could get more materials." Chronicle thought to himself.


But at this moment, Bai Ziliang turned his head and looked at him, sighed lightly and said, "Chronicle, don't spoil them too much."


"Now they have your help, everything is fine, but who can they rely on when they leave the secret realm? People, after all, have to rely on themselves…"


Seeing Bai Ziliang preaching like an old man, Ginger Tea couldn't help but lower her head and roll her eyes secretly.


If these words were spoken by someone else, and then the topic was elevated with the incident of "Bai Ziliang's stumble", she might have listened a bit.


But now, these words were coming from Bai Ziliang himself, which made her feel extremely strange.


Fortunately, Bai Ziliang was not a talkative person. After a few more words of advice, he rode the bird of prey into the sky.


The three of them looked at each other, then turned and walked towards the tombstone villa area.


"Chronicle, thank you for today."


Under the moonlight, Lu Youyou smoothed her hair and said with a light laugh.


"Chronicle Brother, thanks."


Ginger Tea gave a hearty smile, looking a bit carefree.


Chronicle nodded, said "It's nothing," and then walked straight to his house. As he pushed open the door, he couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief.


This day, with card making, fighting, and learning new knowledge, although it didn't consume much physical energy, it did make him feel mentally exhausted, so he lay back on the sofa.In the next moment, he abruptly opened his eyes. The "Mountain Ghost Coin" hanging on his chest was flashing with lightning, and the Seven Brothers slowly emerged in the pitch-black living room obscured by the curtains. The Green Zombie lying in the coffin next to him let out a deep, masculine roar at the right time.


—Someone had followed him into the house!


"Don't be so nervous, child."


With the sound of an old and hoarse voice, the lights hanging from the ceiling lit up one by one, quickly illuminating the entire living room.


Chronicle turned his head and saw an elderly man with silver-white hair and neatly dressed sitting on the single sofa next to him.


He looked very thin, with a slender body and slightly sunken cheeks, but his aura was very heavy.


Crossing his legs and sitting there, he exuded an overbearing aura that could easily split an army.


Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that this was a man who had crawled out of a pile of dead people.


"You are… from our school…"


Chronicle had a good memory, and with the help of his spiritual power, he quickly remembered this face. It was the old gatekeeper he had seen when he accompanied Wei Ya to collect materials.


But his temperament was completely different.


"The gatekeeper, right?"


The old man chuckled lightly, didn't beat around the bush, and directly introduced himself succinctly, "My name is Wang Jingdong, the principal of Third High School."


"The principal?" Chronicle's eyes flickered slightly.


In his memory, the new principal of Third High School was a mysterious figure.


Not to mention the students, even the new teachers who had just joined in the past two years might not recognize him if they bumped into him.


In other words, even if he contacted Wei Ya now, he wouldn't be able to verify it…

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