Chapter 65 – Special material

"She's here! She's here!" Ginger Tea exclaimed, raising her hand to summon the Hate-to-Marry Mask to protect her.


The eight-foot bride, full of spirituality and a strong aura, appeared next to Lu Youyou in the next moment.


The Studious Girl raised her hand and shot two arrows, carrying a strong yin energy and scarlet power, attacking in an almost eerie arc.


The Hate-to-Marry Mask and the eight-foot bride counterattacked, but despite their greater power, they were easily neutralized by the arrows, both sustaining injuries.


"Seven Brothers." As Chronicle softly called out, the figure of Osiris disappeared from the spot.


Then, like particles reassembling, he appeared a hundred meters away. His pale, slender hand lightly lifted, and the surrounding rubble automatically gathered, transforming into rock chains exuding a strong yin energy, attacking the schoolgirl's limbs.


Due to the existence of the "Intimidate Spirit" trait, ordinary evil spirits might not even be able to exert half their strength when facing Seven Brothers.


Like the "Drowned Ghost" with a weak mind, they might even give up resistance directly, maintaining a near-fainting posture until they are sealed.


But when the schoolgirl felt the faint divine aura on Seven Brothers, she only paused, her strength decreased, her face became paler, but her movements remained agile, without any deformation.


With a few dodges, she avoided the attack of the rock chains, then drew her bow and shot arrows, "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh", five stars in a row, aiming at Chronicle and his two companions and two card spirits.


Obviously, even ghosts with little spirituality knew the principle of "pick the soft persimmons".


Since they couldn't beat Seven Brothers, they would attack the weak.


Seeing this, Seven Brothers was about to step forward to help, but seeing a robust and majestic figure emerging from the rubble, he stopped in his tracks, a smile appearing in his eyes.


"Seven Brothers…"


Chronicle was halfway through his sentence when he saw Black Osiris suddenly turn around and point at the thin schoolgirl in the distance with his large, bony hand.


His eyes were inexplicable, as if saying, "Do we both need to deal with such a little girl? Isn't that a bit too cautious?"


But in the face of Chronicle's command, he still carried it out resolutely.


He saw him exert a slight force on his single arm, and the half-length soul hook chain he was holding coiled around his sturdy arm like a python. With a light sweep, the incoming arrows were deflected one by one.


Seeing this, a touch of human-like surprise emerged in the schoolgirl's deathly eyes, but her movements did not slow down at all. She moved around, drew her bow and shot arrows, her figure ghostly, one arrow faster than the other.


But these arrows, which posed a great threat to the eight-foot bride and the Hate-to-Marry Mask, were like small bugs in the eyes of Eight Brothers, deflecting them was even simpler than a normal person swatting flies.


In this way, after about half a minute, Eight Brothers seemed to be tired of this childish game. His legs suddenly exerted force, and with a "boom", the ground under his feet suddenly sank.


He himself turned into a directional tracking missile, accurate, violent, and fast.


Even if the schoolgirl's movements were exquisite and ghostly, in the face of the "Ghost Catching Ancestor" Black Osiris, she was just a little mouse with no way to escape.


In the blink of an eye, she was firmly bound by the chain.


She was still resisting fiercely just a second ago, but under the effect of the soul hook chain, the next moment, she turned into a delicate and beautiful doll that had lost its vitality.


"Chronicle Brother, you've created a new summoning card again."


Ginger Tea couldn't help but ask as she looked at Black Osiris, who was standing on the side with his arms crossed, his face fierce and his muscles strong.




Chronicle nodded.


The trait of "more fighting accelerates growth" has already determined that summoning cards cannot be considered as "trump cards".


So, from the beginning, he didn't plan to hide it.


On the contrary, he wanted Eight Brothers to participate in more battles, so as to quickly build up their rapport.


"That's amazing." Lu Youyou sighed from the side, her gaze wandering over Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers.


Looking at their nearly identical clothing styles, she knew that Chronicle's two card spirits came from the "same series", so she didn't pay much attention.


"Chronicle Brother, you'd better seal her up quickly. This schoolgirl is not easy. If she runs away, it won't be good."


On the side, Ginger Tea, after exchanging glances with Lu Youyou, decisively spoke.


Seeing the sincere look in their eyes, Chronicle didn't pretend to be polite. He raised his hand and took out a blank card, pressing it on the schoolgirl's forehead.


The next moment, a rolling blue light flowed like a waterfall, illuminating the entire stone forest.


This was a scene never seen before when sealing materials.


Chronicle was also a bit stunned, and it took him two seconds to reach out and take the material card floating in mid-air.


At the same time, a piece of information gradually unfolded in his mind.


It turns out that in addition to ordinary materials that can only be used for synthesis, there are also some special materials in this world.


They are born with outstanding skills and traits, and even without the modification of a Card Craftsman, they have a high limit.


Although they are not one in ten thousand, they are extremely rare.


Ordinary card craftsmen who get such a card, as long as they slightly enhance the bond, can incorporate it into their main battle card.


And when a Card Craftsman gets this kind of card, they don't need to bother collecting other materials. They just need to compile a logically rigorous story, give it a "True Name", and it is considered a "successful card creation".


Moreover, because of the outstanding ability of the material itself, even if there are no Transcendent elements in the "Naming Story", the card will automatically mutate along the direction of the story development.


If the story is exciting, it naturally develops in a positive direction; if the story is average… it might be better not to change.


"If it weren't so rare, this thing would be quite suitable as a teaching tool for novice Card Craftsmen."


Chronicle commented, then turned his attention to the specific information of the card:


"Studious Girl" (True Name Pending)


Quality: Blue


Level: ★★


Category: Ghost/Literature


Card Type: Summon


Bond Degree: 60%




"Ghost Dance": Speed up oneself by consuming yin energy. When attacked, there is a very low chance to trigger "Immunity" or "Dodge".【Ghost Arrow】: By consuming Yin energy, it can continuously fire arrows, with a certain probability of causing the enemy unit to fall into negative states such as 【Bleeding】 and 【Slowing】.


【Ghost Breath】: It can cause continuous minor damage to units with the 【Living】 characteristic, and has a very low probability of causing the enemy unit to fall into negative states such as 【Weakness】 and 【Chills】.




【Disguise】: Her life of cross-dressing has given her a lot of insights into disguise and costume changes.


【Against Marriage】: Dissatisfied with her life being controlled by her parents, she who ran away in the rainy night with a bow and sword can cause triple damage to units with the 【Marriage】 characteristic.


Introduction: A girl eager to learn, dissatisfied with her life being controlled by her parents, cross-dressed and went to the academy to study, but unfortunately died on the way.


Advanced Direction: 【Ghost of the Red Sleeve in the Book】 (Purple)

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