Chapter 67 – Explore the secret realm

“Do you have Li Wenfeng’s contact information?” Wang Jindong smiled and said, “You can call him now and ask who I am.”

Li Wenfeng is the vice principal of Third High School.

If it weren’t for the arrival of a highly influential new principal, he would have likely taken that position.

Even though he didn’t become the rightful leader of Third High School, in the absence of the principal, he was responsible for all the affairs of the school, almost indistinguishable from the principal.

Because he always had a stern face and was strict in his teaching and administration, he was seen as a “demon” by the students and teachers of Third High School, creating a sense of oppression.

Chronicle, who had never been afraid of the other party, picked up the phone and dialed the number.

Soon, the phone was answered, and a calm voice came from the receiver:

“Classmate Chronicle, is there something you need from me? Is the training pressure too much? Wei Ya, I’ve told her not to put all the pressure on the child…”

Li Wenfeng rambled on, his tone very gentle, not at all like the rumored “cold-faced demon.”

“Indeed, no matter which world it is, good students always enjoy certain privileges when facing their teachers.”

Chronicle sighed in his heart and explained, “Thank you for your concern, Principal. I’m doing well and have made some progress recently. I apologize for calling you so late…”

“Child, give me the phone.”

Wang Jindong suddenly spoke, interrupting Chronicle’s polite words. He took the phone from him, put it on speaker, and started a video call.

Soon, Li Wenfeng, with his typical Mediterranean hairstyle, appeared on the screen, wearing a kind smile that could astonish all the teachers and students of Third High School.

“Uncle Dong?!”

As soon as he saw the person on the video, he exclaimed, quickly stood up, and instinctively saluted with a standard military salute: “Uncle Dong!”

Zhenyuan Army, a combat unit under the Card Craftsman Alliance.

The Abyss is another name for the secret realm. As the name suggests, the Zhenyuan Army is the military force that suppresses the Abyss.

As the saying goes, “The best soldiers are often born on the cruelest battlefield.”

The Zhenyuan Army, which has produced many strong individuals and nurtured many “giant trees,” is known as the “cradle of the strong.”

According to incomplete statistics, three out of ten high-ranking members of the Card Craftsman Alliance have joined the Zhenyuan Army.

The rest, even if they haven’t directly joined, have all participated in some form of auxiliary combat work to varying degrees.

This shows the position of this organization in the alliance.

“Enough with the nonsense. Fengzi, tell this child who I am.”

Li Wenfeng, also a smart person, instantly understood the cause and effect after hearing Wang Jindong’s words. He quickly spoke, “Classmate Chronicle, this is the principal of our Third High School, you may not have met him before…”

The video call was abruptly disconnected with a “click,” and Wang Jindong threw the phone back to Chronicle.

“After being a teacher for so many years, you haven’t learned anything good, but you’ve mastered the art of empty talk.”

He said in a flat tone, then smiled, “Now you should believe my identity, right?”


Chronicle quickly stood up to greet him, and then, at the other party’s gesture, sat back on the sofa.

He couldn’t help but feel that the other party’s aura was stronger than Fan Lei and Su Wen, who were in their prime.

“Why would such a tough character, even if he stepped down from the front line, choose to be the principal of Third High School, which is not even in the top three card schools in the city?”

This doubt flashed through Chronicle’s mind.

But what he cared most about was why the other party was looking for him at this time.

Seemingly understanding his thoughts, Wang Jindong leaned back and glanced at Seven Brothers, Eight Brothers, and the coffin next to them before smiling and saying:

“Subsequently, Ziliang called me and said that you have created the third summoning card. I didn’t believe it at first. Now, seeing it for myself, it’s true that geniuses cannot be measured by common sense. Your talent truly exceeds my imagination.”

Without waiting for Chronicle to be modest, he continued, “Child, are you interested in bringing your talent into the military? With your potential, if everything goes well, you can become a general in twenty years, almost a certainty.”

After weighing the pros and cons, Chronicle said, “I’m sorry, Principal, I’m used to being free and might not be suitable for military life…”

This statement was, of course, just an excuse.

He didn’t dare to say whether he would join or form a force in the future.

But for now, with his knowledge of Chinese mythology and his powers not fully developed, he was indeed not suitable for stepping into the military furnace. He still had to follow the path of a “lone wolf,” so he decisively declined.

Wang Jindong nodded, as if he had already guessed that he would say that, and didn’t seem surprised. “Continuing your studies is also good. If you ever want to join the military, you can tell me anytime.”

After saying that, he raised his finger.

A disposable paper cup flew out from the coffee table and landed next to him, filled with hot water.

A few green tea leaves appeared out of thin air and slowly fell.

“I came here this time mainly to ask if you are interested in going to the Land of Peach for an adventure.”

“With the successful creation of three summoning cards, you already have the qualifications to enter the outskirts of the secret realm.””Anyway, this step has to be taken sooner or later. Instead of wasting time and energy with a mediocre exploration team, it’s better to find some equally excellent partners to support each other.”

He spoke lightly.

In his words, the extremely dangerous Land of Peach seemed to be just a tourist spot for “fun”.

“Coincidentally, two weeks from now, which is the third day after your training ends, the Zhenyuan Army stationed in Land of Peach City will organize a secret exploration activity for young military officers, lasting for two days.”

“If you’re interested, you can join with my recommendation letter, as a disciple of Wang Jingdong. I believe you will gain a lot.”

After saying this, Uncle Dong took a sip of tea, took out a thin envelope from his pocket, and handed it to Chronicle.

Chronicle reacted quickly, decisively accepting the offer, and put the letter away. He said with a smile, “Thank you, Principal. Rest assured, once I reach the secret realm, I will do my best and will not tarnish your reputation.”


Wang Jingdong nodded with a light smile. After finishing this matter, he patted his neat trousers and stood up steadily.

Looking at the gradually dimming sky, he said without looking back, “By the way, don’t tell anyone about my visit today.”

“I’ve just notified Zi Liang. When you two meet in the future, don’t mention this matter, just act as if nothing happened.”

Upon hearing this, Chronicle nodded, without saying much.

Curiosity killed the cat. No matter why Wang Jingdong asked for confidentiality, it had nothing to do with him.

He just needed to mind his own business.

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