Chapter 64 – can all be used

"What a load of nonsense."


Li Baitian glared at Bai Ziliang, "I say, Old Bai, you wouldn't have ended up in such a mess because of these things, would you?"


"Slander!"  Bai Ziliang reacted like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, "I am a respectable person in the Land of Peach. If you keep talking like this, I will sue you for defamation!"


"Whatever." Li Baitian scoffed disdainfully and shrugged his shoulders.


Meanwhile, Lu Youyou was deep in thought.


To be honest, although Bai Ziliang's analogy was somewhat inappropriate, his words made sense.


As talented Card Craftsmen, coming up with a few logically rigorous, character-consistent, stylistically unified, and approved stories was not a difficult task for them.


With some grit, they could isolate themselves for a while and create a set of field cards.


"But if the polishing time is too short and the story is bland, the special skills of the finished card will look very unattractive."


"Although my family is well-off, we are not as wealthy as Bai's family. We can't afford to squander materials recklessly."


"The creation of field cards needs to be planned for the long term."


Lu Youyou thought to herself.


In fact, as early as yesterday, she had received news from her family elders that the competition would include a "Field Card" project. She had considered withdrawing from the competition.


But the thought of having a chance to win the "Divine Material" reward if she made it to the top four made her reluctant to give up, so she decided to stick it out.


With this in mind, she couldn't help but glance at Chronicle.


Given his demonstrated strength, making it to the top four shouldn't be a problem.


"But the creation of field cards requires a lot of expenses, I wonder if he can afford it…"


The answer, of course, was no.


Having just spent a fortune on materials to create the Eighth Master, Chronicle was practically back to square one.


He was not exactly penniless, but he was close.


"If the price is right, I might as well sell the house." Chronicle thought to himself.


At this point, he couldn't afford to consider whether his future achievements would increase the value of the house.


The most important thing was to live well in the present.


"Besides, once I achieve something, I'll at least be a platinum Card Craftsman. By then, money will be almost worthless."


Chronicle shook his head, starting to think about his current growth direction.


His current card set, which could tentatively be called the "Underworld" deck, had two core points: Osiris and the Green Zombie.


This led to two growth paths.


One was the "God-playing" route, starting with the former two and the yet-to-be-developed "Zhao Nan County North Ghost Theater". The other was the "Red and White Collision" field card, which was already half-formed with the Green Zombie, Paper Man Carrying Coffin, and Heavy Yin Fragrant Cedar Coffin.


The former was too difficult to develop and too expensive to consider for now.


As for the latter…


"It's actually not difficult."


Chronicle pondered, his gaze falling on Bai Ziliang.


"From what I know, Brother Ziliang's family seems to be in the business of making 'paper cards'. Paper people, paper birds, paper horses, paper frogs, you name it, they have it."


"I can totally ask him for help, follow the same pattern, and create an underworld vehicle card similar to the 'Paper Man Carrying Coffin', called 'Paper Man Carrying Palanquin'."


"With that, the basic team for the Red Ghost side would be set. As for the core 'Ghost Bride'…"


Chronicle turned to look at Lu Youyou, who was deep in thought, and continued:


"If I remember correctly, Youyou's initial battle card was a 'Ghost Bride', called… 'Eight Feet Bride'?"


"If she could help, it wouldn't be hard to find the materials to create the Red Ghost."


"As for the suona…"


Chronicle's gaze fell on the bone flute hanging around Yao Yuan's neck, which was faintly emitting a dark green light:


"Yao Yuan loves to participate in various cultural performances, and his first equipment card is a musical instrument. I don't even need to think about it to know that this guy definitely has connections in this area. I should ask him for help!"


After a series of thoughts, Chronicle had a clear plan for everyone he knew. A satisfied smile appeared on his face, "Indeed, the more friends, the more paths. Isn't this just perfect?"


"Hey, Chronicle, stop thinking about card making and come order some food."


Next to the monitoring tent, in the temporary staff canteen, Bai Ziliang turned to Chronicle and said.




Snapping back to reality, Chronicle quickly went up and ordered two dishes, then sat down at a round table with the others, eating heartily.


Soon, dinner was over.


Yao Yuan and Li Baitian, free of any obligations, returned to their assigned villas to rest.


Bai Ziliang, with a helpless look on his face, rode his raptor into the sky, patrolling back and forth over the training ground.


Only Chronicle, Ginger Tea, and Lu Youyou remained."Let's go, I'll come with you to take a look." Chronicle spoke.


Friendship was never about one-sided giving.


If he needed their help, he naturally had to show his willingness to lend a hand.


In this way, when he needed their help in the future, he could ask without hesitation.


"Ah, Chronicle Brother, you're really coming with us?" Ginger Tea looked particularly surprised, then murmured softly, "I thought you were just saying it casually."


"How could that be, Chronicle is very sincere." Lu Youyou showed a sweet smile, looking very happy.


"Then let's go now." She turned her head to look at Chronicle.




Chronicle nodded slightly, feeling a bit guilty at being praised as "sincere", so he coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment, then followed them quietly.


Under the guidance of the two girls, they soon arrived at a clear and quiet pool surrounded by strange rocks.


"Here it is." Ginger Tea pointed at a huge rock not far away, "Chronicle Brother, look!"


Chronicle followed her pointing finger and saw a rough and mottled arrow half-buried in the rock, constantly emitting a yin energy that dyed the entire rock as black as ink.




Chronicle said lightly, flipping out a card with a blue border.


The next moment, the tall and thin Seven Brothers appeared in the world.


He took a slow step, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared ghostly in front of the rock. With a light tap of his Mourning Staff, the rock immediately turned into dust and scattered with the wind.


The arrow was wrapped in a pale yin energy bubble by him, held in one hand, and presented to Chronicle.


"It just looks like an ordinary arrow wrapped in yin energy. How could it break through my 'Bride of Hatred' and Youyou's 'Eight-foot Bride'? Does it have any unique characteristics or abilities?"


Ginger Tea held her chin in one hand, looking like a grim reaper elementary school student in deep thought.


"Yes, it should be." Chronicle smiled and said, "You two really know how to pick. Looking at this one, I'm afraid this 'Studious Girl' is even more…"


Before he could finish his sentence, a barely audible sound of breaking through the air came.


Osiris swung his stick to block it, and with a clash of metal, the swiftly attacking arrow was directly deflected.


Following the trajectory of the arrow, Chronicle looked into the distance and saw a fresh and elegant figure standing lightly on a huge rock, her hand pulling a bow.


The setting sun, as red as blood, fell on her shoulders, as if she was wearing a crimson wedding dress.


"Studious Girl…"


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