Chapter 63 – Bai Ziliang’s high theory

The so-called "Red and White Collision" simulates the scene where a wedding and a funeral collide.


In this context, the "Red" refers to a bride who dies unexpectedly on her wedding night, while the "White" refers to a water ghost with a thousand years of Taoist practice, or the resentful spirit of a young man who died unexpectedly.


These two "forces" intertwine extreme joy and sorrow, and during the collision, they burst out with an immense amount of Yin energy, which is extremely fierce.


Even a highly skilled Taoist could potentially lose his life on the spot if hit by this move, or at the very least, be severely injured.


This top-level underworld scene was once brought to the screen by Uncle Ying, and it became a childhood trauma for Chronicle.


The bizarre horror and sharp shock of it all still lingered in his memory to this day.


"If I put the Green Zombie in the White's coffin, and then craft a netherworld suona to play 'Hundred Ghost Mist Forest' or 'Ghost Bride' on the spot… Even if the opponent is an unparalleled warrior, I'm confident I can make him come in upright and leave horizontally!"


Chronicle thought to himself, his eyes flickering slightly.


Xie Wenyuan, the lecturer on the podium, noticed this and nodded silently.


He had traveled all over the country for many years and had seen many geniuses, but this was the first time he had seen a student with such quick inspiration and strong execution.


"Just by hearing the basic definition of cards, you've already got an idea?" Xie Wenyuan pushed his glasses up and thought to himself, "That's really something."


However, he continued to speak:


"Perhaps some of you might say: It's hard enough for us to create one card, let alone several cards that need to be organically combined. Isn't the organizer deliberately making things difficult for us?


What I want to say is, if you have this mindset, you might as well not participate in the competition.


The 'Qingshan Cup' was not originally intended for novice Card Craftsmen. It was only because some big shots spoke up that a separate competition for bronze Card Craftsmen was added, and the reward materials were forcibly taken from the main competition's prize pool.


If you put yourselves in the shoes of the veteran Card Craftsmen participating in the Qingshan Cup, how would you feel if your share was taken away by a bunch of mediocrities…"


"I'd definitely be pissed…"


Shen Fei blurted out, but halfway through, he realized that he might be the mediocrity the other party was talking about, so he shut his mouth.


"This student is absolutely right." Looking at the silent crowd, Xie Wenyuan slowly said, "Therefore, after discussion, the association decided to increase the difficulty of the competition and only select the best of the best to share this pie. This is also the main reason why 'Field Cards' have become the focus of the competition."


"Alright, does anyone have any questions? If not, I'll continue with the lecture."


Xie Wenyuan took off his glasses and placed them on the lectern, then summoned a whiteboard and set it up next to him.


"Teacher, does the organizer require us to prepare the Field Cards before the competition?" Ginger Tea raised her hand and asked.


"No need, you just crafted your first main battle card not long ago. The organizer is not unreasonable. The purpose of the competition is to select talents, not to eliminate you, so they won't deliberately make things difficult."


"According to the information I have, you only need to craft a Field Card before the semi-finals."


"The competition will take place in a month, and it will take about another month from the preliminary selection to the final four. In other words, you have about two months to prepare."


"This time is absolutely enough. At the beginning of this year, your senior, Bai Ziliang, only took a month to craft a set of Field Cards."


"Of course, his cards were crudely made. In another provincial competition, they were blown up in just a few minutes by the second-place winner of this year's college entrance examination. It was absolutely tragic…"




At this moment, a soft cough suddenly sounded nearby. Everyone looked in the direction of the sound and saw Bai Ziliang sitting on the steps nearby with an embarrassed look on his face.


It seemed that he had been there for a while.


"You finished your seclusion so soon? Why didn't you stay in the dark room for a few more days? You just got walked by a three-star blue-grade evil spirit, and you still have the mood to come out and play?"


Xie Wenyuan sorted out his books, his face full of disappointment. He didn't give Bai Ziliang any face at all.


The attitude he showed was completely different from when he was dealing with Chronicle.


"Well… Uncle Yuan, Uncle Su called me over…" Bai Ziliang scratched his hair, somewhat ashamed, "I just broke through to the gold level the day before yesterday. I thought I wouldn't have any breakthroughs for a while, so I ended my seclusion."


"Since you're here, just listen along. You're about to go to college, so it's good to reinforce your knowledge, so you don't embarrass yourself in other provinces."




Xie Wenyuan nodded, ignored Bai Ziliang who was sitting on the side, and turned around to start explaining the core design and crafting methods of Field Cards.


In this way, the afternoon quickly passed, and everyone benefited a lot.


Chronicle also confirmed the crafting approach for the "Red-White Collision" during the few hours of learning.


"Let's go together."


Bai Ziliang dusted off his pants and stood up, leading Chronicle and the others straight to the direction of the surveillance tent, saying he was going to treat them to a "special meal".


Halfway there, he saw that they all looked distracted, so he tried to comfort them:


"Don't be too nervous. After all, only the final four will need to use Field Cards. As for you guys, it's still uncertain whether you can even get a spot in the competition. Thinking about these things now is like a salt farmer worrying about whether the emperor will use a golden winnowing basket to hold salt – it's just idle thoughts."


"Brother Ziliang, if you don't know how to comfort people, you don't have to say anything."


Ginger Tea pursed her lips, somewhat speechless. She somewhat understood why he was repeatedly persecuted for a single mistake.


But no matter what, Bai Ziliang was the city's top scholar and a veteran. His talent was still very high and worth learning from."Brother Ziliang, I just heard from Teacher Xie that you managed to craft a set of field cards in just one month. How did you do that?" Ginger Tea asked eagerly.




Bai Ziliang cleared his throat and began to ponder.


Upon hearing this, Chronicle also turned his head.


Although he didn't need any inspiration for his card crafting, he was also curious about the other's "profound theory".


"I just forced it out." Bai Ziliang answered simply and directly.


"What about the inspiration? To create field cards, you need several sets of logically rigorous and approved stories." Yao Yuan was a bit dumbfounded and quickly asked.


"Inspiration? Let me tell you, a Card Craftsman can't wait for inspiration to create. Just like those scantily clad girls at the entrance of Peach Blossom Lane can't wait for desire to… you know…"


Considering there were three girls around, Bai Ziliang restrained himself a bit and didn't speak so bluntly. Instead, he winked and made faces at Chronicle and Yao Yuan: "You guys get what I mean, right?"




Chronicle smacked his lips, standing dumbfounded for a while before finally squeezing out a sentence: "Makes sense."

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