Chapter 62 – Field Card Imagination

"Ziliang Brother?"


Upon recognizing the figure, the elegant Yao Yuan couldn't help but exclaim.


Chronicle turned his head, only to see that the newcomer was Bai Ziliang, whom he hadn't seen for some time.


"Ziliang Brother." He nodded in greeting.


Following that, the greetings of "Senior Bai", "Ziliang Brother", and "Old Bai" also rang out.


They came from Lu Youyou, Ginger Tea, and Li Baitian respectively.


Bai Ziliang nodded and smiled: "Good afternoon, juniors."


Although he graduated from First High School, for various reasons, he knew all five students from Third High School who were present.


Therefore, he didn't act like a stranger. After serving himself a bowl of rice, he sat down next to Chronicle.


"Ziliang Brother, weren't you in seclusion recently?"


Yao Yuan seemed to be very familiar with Bai Ziliang. As soon as the latter sat down, he started asking questions.


"Yeah, I just finished my seclusion, and then I was conscripted by your Teacher Su. I have no idea what he wants me to do." Bai Ziliang shrugged.


"He probably wants you to protect us." Ginger Tea, who finished her meal quickly, put down her chopsticks and said, "We've been practicing ghost hunting these past few days. Our performance has been mediocre, and Teacher Su has been running around 'putting out fires'. He's exhausted. If he sought you out this morning, it's probably for this reason."


"I see."


Bai Ziliang nodded slightly, a smile appearing on his face.


After that, no one said much.


After finishing his meal, Bai Ziliang headed straight for the surveillance tent.


Chronicle and the others headed for the open space at the edge of the villa area, which was the location for the theory class.


"Chronicle Brother, how's your progress?" Ginger Tea asked on the side.


"I stayed up all night and caught both ghosts." Chronicle said casually.


"Wow, you captured two blue-quality big ghosts in one night. Chronicle Brother, do you have to be so macho? Ziliang Brother would cry if he heard this."


Ginger Tea looked incredulous. With a casual remark, she inadvertently made fun of Bai Ziliang again.


"I used some tricks, it wasn't a head-on capture."


Chronicle modestly replied, then quickly changed the subject: "Enough about me, how about you guys? How did you do?"


"Li Baitian and Yao Yuan did pretty well, but Youyou and I didn't do so well."


Ginger Tea lowered her head, kicking a stone as she spoke: "We thought we picked an easy target, but the 'Studious Girl' ghost not only has high intelligence but is also good at archery and positioning."


"Although her raw power isn't that strong, dealing with her is not easy, let alone capturing her." She shook her head, a bitter expression on her face: "It's tough."


"Relax, there's always a way. If it really doesn't work, I'll go with you tonight." Chronicle casually comforted.


"Thank you, Chronicle." Lu Youyou, who was next to him, expressed her heartfelt gratitude after a moment of contemplation.


"It's nothing." Chronicle replied.


They chatted all the way, and after about ten minutes, they arrived at the lecture location.


Chronicle was not unfamiliar with this place.


He had previously trounced the top students from other schools here.


Even now, the stone pavement still bore the cracks and footprints left by the Green Zombie's heavy steps, and the steps were covered with marks corroded by corpse poison.


Since their residences were closer to this place, students from other schools had already been waiting here.


Seeing Chronicle approaching, even though he wasn't wearing the fusionist uniform, they couldn't help but recall the memory of that night.


Shen Fei subconsciously touched his head. His once wolf-like hair had been cut into a neat buzz cut.


The hair-cutting skills of the Rice Dumpling Brother were no worse than those of the "five yuan a head" barbers in the morning market.


"Good afternoon, everyone."


Regardless of the fact that they were now competitors, Chronicle couldn't possibly give them a cold shoulder, having been "comrades-in-arms" who had faced the fusionist rookies together. He immediately greeted them with a smile.


Some smart people knew that his future was bound to be limitless, and they immediately started calling him "Chronicle Brother".


The class president of First High School even stood up with a smile, welcoming Chronicle to the best seat for listening to the lecture.


He even acted more like a close classmate than Yao Yuan and Lu Youyou.


"A bunch of brown-nosers."


Shen Fei muttered under his breath, but his body honestly moved to the side. When he looked down, he saw his cut hair in the cracks of the steps.


He couldn't help but sniffle, lowering his head in a somewhat aggrieved manner.


"Thank you."


Chronicle thanked the class president of First High School, Yan Lou, who was next to him.


Seeing his hesitant expression, Chronicle knew that he was acting so close because he wanted something from him.


But Chronicle wasn't a busybody aunt from the neighborhood committee, he didn't have time to deal with strangers' affairs. So he pretended to look for a pen and paper, avoiding Yan Lou's gaze.


Xie Wenyuan also arrived at this time, neither early nor late.


Next to the temporarily erected podium, he put down his books and quickly scanned the students sitting opposite him.


Feeling the significantly expanded vitality and spiritual power of Chronicle compared to this morning, he couldn't help but curl his lips slightly.


"He's someone who can shoulder great responsibilities."


He thought to himself, briefly introduced himself, and then started today's lesson.


"I believe you all know that in a month's time, the province will organize a card-making competition specifically for your grade."


"I just received some internal news. This competition will not only focus on the creation and practical use of the three basic types of cards as in the past."


"The advanced card type, 'Field Card', will be the most important project in the competition."


"Here, let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Field Cards."


"Although there is only one word difference between Field Cards and Domain Cards, their cores are completely different."


"As the name suggests, the core of the latter is 'Domain'. More precisely, it's 'Realm'. That is, to open up an alternate space that is advantageous to oneself, drag the enemy into it, and attack them on home ground. The 'Endless Sword Realm' of Chen, the president of Sword Star University in Bingyuan Province, is a famous example."


"The core of Field Cards, on the other hand, lies in the 'Field', also known as 'Scene' or 'Situation'. That is, to restrict the opponent by using the rules of the scene. The 'Rule Mystery' series of cards, which made our city's president famous, is a typical example.""Rather than being a single card, this type of card is a combination of summoning cards, equipment cards, and skill cards, all intertwined and coordinated around a central story."


"When needed, these cards can temporarily merge into one card to be played, with the effect exponentially increased; when used separately, they do not interfere with each other."


"Because of this feature, many high-level Card Craftsmen like to integrate the cards they crafted early in their career into field cards for use in the later stages."


"Simply put, the changes in the competition schedule by the association have saved you decades of detours." Xie Wenyuan said with a light laugh.


"Field cards?"


Listening to the other party's explanation, Chronicle couldn't help but let his thoughts wander.


"Scenes, situations… The style of my current hand of cards is quite unified."


"The Paper Man Carrying Coffin, Vertical Leaping Green Zombie, and Heavy Yin Fragrant Cedar Coffin undoubtedly fit the positioning of the Funeral."


"If… I can somehow get two underworld Red Event cards, can they be combined into a Red and White Collision?"


Thinking of the image of this top-level underworld scene appearing in the competition, Chronicle couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth, revealing a slightly wicked smile.

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