Chapter 61 – Apprehending Spirit Guide – Black Osiris

"Fan Wujie…"


In the vast sea of consciousness, Chronicle silently recited the true name of Osiris.


Since Seven Brothers and Eight Brothers shared the same story, he didn't need to painstakingly polish the text, he could directly use the content he had used before.


As soon as the word fell, it passed the review instantly.


Then it came to the step of card surface drawing, he, who had a draft in his mind, didn't pause at all.


Soon, a picture of "Osiris Sitting on Ghost" was completed under his pen.


Next to a blood river full of worms and snakes and surging waves, Eight Brothers, with a fierce face and wide-open eyes, had his clothes wide open, revealing his solid chest muscles. The cold chain in his hand was tightly binding a large ghost that looked like a beast and had a huge body.


Eight Brothers sat on the back of the big ghost with his arms crossed, his eyes sharp as a knife, looking at the evil ghost being torn apart by the evil dogs of the Evil Dog Ridge not far away.


Unlike the fusion of humanity and divinity when drawing the card surface of Osiris, which was mixed with the warmth of the underworld god towards mortals, this picture highlighted the domineering majesty.


Chronicle was very satisfied.


After confirming that there were no errors, he began to engrave the back of the card.


Before long, accompanied by a flash of golden light, the card was successfully crafted.


In the infinite and vague world, a burly figure walked out of the white fog with a heavy step.


The floating bubbles around him reflected his past and present life: making vows in his youth, traveling together in his prime, encountering heavy rain, waiting for his brother to return, the river rising rapidly, drowning and dying, being rewarded by Yama, being promoted to a ghost, later becoming an underworld commander, and guarding a territory.


These experiences were no different from the images that flashed quickly when he crafted the Osiris card before, except that the main perspective had become Osiris.


Just as Chronicle was immersed in the vast flow of divine life, Osiris somehow detached himself from the card state.


Looking at the figure walking steadily from the mist, his deathly eyes suddenly shone with a hint of brightness, filled with inexplicable emotions.


Seemingly sensing his gaze, Osiris stopped, his fierce and cold face stiffly pulled up a smile.


After making eye contact with Osiris and nodding, he turned into a deep blue light and fell into Chronicle's hand:


[Apprehending Spirit Guide – Black Osiris]


Quality: Blue


Level: ★★★


Category: Ghost/God


Card Type: Summon


Skills: [Soul Hook]: Black Osiris swings the soul hook, causing double damage to spirit units.


[Soul Lead]: After hitting, it starts to cause continuous special damage. After the target dies, there is a certain probability of summoning its Yang soul as our unit.


[Rampage]: Consumes a large amount of mental power to summon a beast ghost in a [Rampage] state. If it encounters ghost units of lower quality level than itself during the process, it can forcibly destroy them; at the same time, it causes continuous special damage to living units on the field and units with the [Evil] characteristic, with a high probability of triggering the [Yin Qi Penetrates the Body] effect.


Traits: [Retreat]: When the Yin people are on the road, the Yang people avoid.


[Intimidate Soul]: Ghosts see the Yin difference, and they are ready to be slaughtered.


[World Peace]: Those who break the law for private gain are beyond salvation, and those who are extremely evil enter the underworld.


Introduction: Black Osiris, the ghost catcher of the underworld, holds a chain and binds the evil doers into the nine underworlds.


Upgrade Direction: [One Side Underworld Commander·Black Osiris] (Purple) → [Life and Death Yin and Yang·Black Osiris] (Orange) Bond: When deployed with the [Osiris] series, it can activate the bond effect [Impermanence].


[Impermanence]: Osiris hooks the soul, Black Osiris locks the soul. When the effect is activated, Osiris unlocks the Yin God class spells, and Black Osiris's body skills are strengthened.


When the two gods are on the field at the same time, they can activate the special field: [Impermanence]. In the field, the status of our camp's ghost units is improved, the living units are given vitality, and the enemy camp cannot actively leave the battle and the effect is the opposite.


"Is the card a three-star right after it's made? It seems that the [House Beam Ghost] and [Rotten Intestine Yamen Runner] I used to craft Seven Brothers were not high in level, indeed the materials I collected myself are more reliable…"


Chronicle muttered to himself, suddenly feeling a bone-chilling wind on his neck, and instinctively shivered.


Turning his head to look, he saw Seven Brothers resting his chin on his right shoulder, staring fixedly at the [Black Osiris] card in his hand. Seeing this, he couldn't help but chuckle.


Seven Brothers, whose spirituality had been further enhanced, was startled by the laughter, instantly woke up, stood up at the speed of light, casually dusted off his sleeves, as always, elegant and composed.


But Chronicle could see through his actions and expressions, and keenly capture that faint sense of embarrassment.


"Following this trend, sooner or later, I will be able to show the world the true style of impermanence."


Chronicle thought to himself and couldn't help but smile, while Osiris turned back into a card at this moment and fell into his hand.


Including the Green Zombie parked in the living room in reality, a total of three summoning cards.


Plus a main battle equipment card [Mountain Ghost Coin] and the just crafted main battle skill card [Colorful Play·Fairy Rope].


All three basic card types have been collected.


If the Card Craftsman is described by the trainers in the Elf World.


A Card Craftsman who has crafted his first battle card is like Ash who just got Pikachu.


And he, who has successfully collected the three basic card types and has three main battle summoning cards, can be compared to a novice trainer who has six elves and barely makes up a team.


Although there has been a breakthrough, there is still a long way to go to become a "Pokemon Master".


"The road to card crafting is long and arduous…"


Chronicle sighed, moved his mental power, and returned to reality.


The feedback from card crafting came instantly, even stronger than when he crafted Seven Brothers.


But last time, the main increase was in mental power reserves, this time, it was more inclined to strengthen the body.After the feedback session ended, Chronicle stood up and stretched his body, feeling mentally refreshed and physically energized. The deep fatigue that had accumulated over the past few days was swept away.


He then pulled open the curtains, and the warm, dim sunlight fell directly on his face.


"Is it already twelve o'clock?"


Chronicle glanced at the time and felt waves of hunger washing over him.


The theoretical course would start at half past one, and he was too lazy to cook for himself. He pushed open the front door and headed straight for the "Small Cafeteria" in the villa area.


"Thank you, YoYo."


A few minutes later, Chronicle looked at the delicious food on the table and expressed his heartfelt thanks.


"Add another pair of…"


Lu YoYo smiled softly, but before she could finish her sentence, she caught sight of Ginger Tea and Li Baitian, who were eating from bowls larger than their faces.


After shaking her head and chuckling, she changed her words: "There's no need to be so polite about adding a few more pairs of chopsticks."


"YoYo, it's so good to have you."


Ginger Tea lifted her cheeks, which were bulging like a hamster's, coquettishly, and then continued to eat.


Seeing the food on the table disappearing at the speed of light, Chronicle also stopped being polite and started to eat heartily.


Unexpectedly, at this moment, a clear and melodious voice came from the door: "Can you add a pair of chopsticks for me?"

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