Chapter 60 – “Beast Pattern Armor Robe” and “Nightmare Ghost Chain”

Su Wen noticed Bai Ziliang's mood, squinted his eyes, and said with a grin:


"Well, the association recently organized a practical training session, and we're short on manpower. I was wondering if you have any time…"


Before Su Wen could finish, Bai Ziliang interrupted, "Uncle Su, I've been in seclusion recently and really can't spare the time."


In fact, two days ago, he had successfully broken through to the gold-level mental power with his newly created card, ending his seclusion.


He was just using this as an excuse.


"I've already used seclusion as an excuse, you can't expect me to do the grunt work."


Thinking this, he felt it wasn't quite secure, so he added:


"Besides, school starts in half a month. I heard that the association has recently made some adjustments to the university training program. I want to prepare in advance, so, Uncle Su, I probably can't go to this training."


"I see."


Su Wen nodded slightly. Having watched Bai Ziliang grow up, he knew the other party was just making excuses to avoid work. He then changed the subject with a smile, "It's a bit of a pity though."


Hearing this, Bai Ziliang's mouth curved slightly, waiting for what was to come.


Seeing that Bai Ziliang wasn't taking the bait, Su Wen said directly:


"One of the trainees this time is the kid who helped you before. He's been having some problems with card making recently, losing hair over thinking about the story. I was thinking of having you come over to encourage him…"


"But since my nephew, you don't have time recently, let's forget it."


Su Wen's tone was incredibly exaggerated.


He, who had keenly caught Bai Ziliang's weak spot, simply stopped acting.


"With this conversation, this kid has no choice but to comply."


He thought so, a smile creeping up his lips.


Sure enough, the next second, Bai Ziliang's slightly surprised voice came through the receiver, "Chronicle?"


"Yes." Su Wen said with a light laugh, "But since my nephew, you don't have time…"


"I'll go now."


Bai Ziliang sat on the sofa, struggling for a while, and finally sighed lightly, declaring his defeat in this game with Su Wen.


After a quick wash, he hopped on his raptor and headed straight for the location Su Wen had sent to his phone:


Although he had previously given Chronicle the valuable vehicle card "Paper Man Carrying Coffin", he always believed that this card alone was far from enough to match the help Chronicle had given him.


No matter when or where, if the other party needed help, he would have to go…





When Chronicle woke up, the first thing he did was to take out his phone and check his messages.


In the training group, Su Wen had just posted a message tagging all members:


"Due to the poor condition of most students, the training group has decided to postpone today's theoretical course study to the afternoon and extend the task deadline for the 'Ghost Catching' practical course from two days to two and a half days. Please rest assured and adjust your condition."


"Did they stay up all night catching ghosts?" Chronicle chuckled, looking at the specific content of the message, he couldn't help but say, "I didn't expect this training to be so humane."


Having said that, he was about to go upstairs for a nap, but then he thought, while others were exhausted, he was in great shape.


"It's a good time to create the Eighth Master and crush them."


Thinking this, he picked up his material bag and headed straight for the surveillance tent, but on the way, he ran into Xie Wenyuan who was jogging.


"Uncle Yuan."


Although he always found the other party a bit strange, he still stopped and greeted him with a smile.


"Good morning, Little Year."


Xie Wenyuan seemed to be exercising in the morning. Seeing Chronicle coming over, he slowly stopped and wiped his sweat with the towel around his neck.


"What brings you here so early?" He asked immediately.


"I have something to discuss with Teacher Su." Chronicle vaguely replied.


"I see." Xie Wenyuan nodded, his eyes flickering slightly, then he laughed:


"Old Su was busy all night and is catching up on sleep now. You don't have to go find him. If you have anything, just tell me. After all, I'm also a vice president. Anything Old Su can do, I can do too."


Hearing this, Chronicle couldn't help but sigh quietly.


To be honest, for Xie Wenyuan, who was clearly a smart man, even though he had shown goodwill to him the first time they met, Chronicle always felt a strange sense of unease.


Or rather, an almost instinctive wariness.


This was also the main reason why he was vague when the other party first asked a question.


Unless necessary, he really didn't want to bother this person.


But now that the other party had said so much, it seemed he couldn't refuse.


He had no choice but to explain:


"Well, Uncle Yuan, I got two summoning materials that fit my idea in the Ghost Catching class yesterday. I wanted to ask Teacher Su to help me buy two matching object materials to see if I could create the card."


"No problem."Xie Wenyuan spoke, pulling out his phone directly from his pocket.


After quickly tapping on the screen a few times, he handed the phone to Chronicle, "Go ahead and choose. My account has discount benefits and priority delivery rights, it can save quite a bit of money and time."


Hearing this, Chronicle hesitated for a long time, but eventually took the phone.


"Thank you, Uncle Yuan." He said softly.


At this moment, holding the phone in his hand felt like holding a hot potato.


To use it or not to use it.


"Ah, let's just deal with things as they come, no matter what he's thinking, at least at this moment, I'm not at a loss."


"I'll worry about the future when it comes, always thinking about these unnecessary things, I'll lose my hair sooner or later."


With these thoughts, he gritted his teeth and began to swipe the screen, quickly selecting two suitable blue materials: "Beast Pattern Armor Robe" and "Nightmare Ghost Chain".


The original price was 197,000. Xie Wenyuan's account had high privileges, and after an 80% discount, the payment required was over 157,000 yuan.


Chronicle pondered for a moment, directly took out all the materials he had previously obtained, worth about 150,000 in total, added 20,000 in cash, and gave it to the other party for purchase.


Seeing this, Xie Wenyuan smiled lightly, didn't say anything, just collected the things, and then placed the order.


After a while, a mail falcon with a slanting bag flew in from the horizon, raised its wings, and saluted Xie Wenyuan in a proper manner.


Seeing Xie Wenyuan nod with a smile, it then took out a thin envelope with its beak.


Inside was exactly the two materials Chronicle had just ordered.


"Well, Uncle Yuan, I'll go back and make the cards first, thank you for today."


"Go ahead, good luck."


The two then parted ways.


Chronicle took the materials home, the first thing he did was to close the doors and windows and draw the curtains.


Then he summoned the Green Zombie and the Fragrant Cedar Coffin to stop in the living room.


He himself sat cross-legged on one side, his consciousness drifting, and quickly entered the sea of knowledge.


At this moment, he was in a good state, and with the accumulation of the previous few cards, he felt that even without the bonus of the first card making, he could still create a blue card.


So he raised his hand and summoned the card-drawing pen.


After dipping it in the spirit liquid, he wrote three big characters in the air with ease: "Black Osiris".

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