Chapter 59 – With the material in hand, is Bai Ziliang about to arrive?



At midnight, the night wind stirred the sea of trees, emitting ghostly wails.


Unlike the ghosts Chronicle had seen before, this righteous spirit was eerie, but not evil in nature.


It stood there, wearing a straw hat and a robe, holding a baton in its hand. Its aura was as high as a three or four-story building.


In contrast, Chronicle, guarded by Osiris and a Green Zombie, looked more like an unforgivable demon.


After a half-minute standoff, a green light suddenly flashed in the black pupils of the righteous spirit.


The next moment, the black tiger guarding it roared and charged out. From a distance, it looked like a black mountain collapsing, with a huge boulder rolling down from the sky.


The Green Zombie, with a speed that did not match its burly figure, quickly dodged, leaped into the air with a slight exertion of its feet, and under the boost of corpse energy and kinetic energy, heavily stepped on the spine of the ghost tiger.


With a "boom", the ghost tiger's entire body instantly sank, and the ground beneath it cracked like a spider web.


The Green Zombie, seizing the opportunity, repeatedly jumped up and down on the back of the ghost tiger, as if venting its negative emotions from the defeat at the hands of the "Drowned Ghost".


While it was trampling on the ghost tiger, the righteous spirit attacked from the side. With great force, the baton in its hand almost formed a half ellipse, aiming straight at Chronicle's head.


Seeing this, Chronicle didn't feel anything, but Su Wen, who was hidden in the dark and silently protecting him, suddenly stood up and was about to intervene.


However, just at that moment, Osiris, who was guarding Chronicle, blocked the path of the baton with an incredibly ghostly speed.


He raised his empty arm, perfectly timing the collision.


With two "crack" sounds, the baton split in the middle and bounced back into the bushes at the same speed.


Su Wen, a veteran, reacted quickly. In an instant, he wrapped his arm with spiritual power to block the incoming "small flying stick".


Unexpectedly, a cold, strange energy mixed with a hint of incense rushed through the half of the stick, penetrating his arm and face, and hit his wisdom tooth.


In an instant, the intense sourness rushed to his brain along his nerves.


"Hiss!!! Ha ah…"


The next moment, Su Wen gasped, his pupils suddenly dilated, and he even trembled with pain.




Under the intense pain, he couldn't help but look up at the sky, two lines of old tears slowly slid down his cheekbones, and it took him a long time to recover.


At this time, when he turned his head to look at Chronicle, he met a pair of twinkling eyes full of divine power.


Su Wen subconsciously stepped back a few steps, but saw Osiris squatting outside the bushes, smiling at him.


"A blue-quality card can see through my disguise and break my defense when I'm unprepared. What's going on with this card spirit?"


Su Wen covered half of his face, his eyes full of astonishment.


At this time, Chronicle, who had just sealed the righteous spirit and the black cat, heard the noise in the bushes and hurried over:


"Good evening, Mr. Su."


Seeing Su Wen standing in the bushes, Chronicle knew that the other party was here to protect him, so he said with a light smile.


"The card design is good."


Su Wen divided a strand of spiritual power, eased the swelling and pain on his face through his fingertips, and then added, "Really good."


"It's okay."


Chronicle modestly said, "I spent a whole summer at home grinding it out, thinking about the story until I lost my hair. Now it seems that the effect is not bad."


Hearing this, Su Wen felt a pang of guilt.


After a light sigh, he couldn't help but pat Chronicle on the shoulder.


He wanted to say something, but his mind became a bit muddled when the words reached his lips.


After a while, he completely forgot what he wanted to say. In the end, he only managed to say, "Rest early, I'll go check on the other students," and then disappeared into the vast night.


Watching his retreating figure, Chronicle felt that something was not quite right.


But seeing that Su Wen moved agilely and didn't seem to have any problems, he temporarily suppressed this doubt in his heart and went home with two newly acquired blue materials.


Lying on the sofa in the villa, he thought:


"When I created Seven Brothers, I used four blue materials: 'House Beam Ghost', 'Rotten Intestine Yamen Runner', 'White Silk Pole', and 'Ghostly Shackles'."


"'Drowned Ghost' and 'Righteous Spirit' just correspond to the first two, which means I need to buy two more item-type materials that match Eight Brothers to be safe."


"I'll ask Mr. Su tomorrow."


Thinking of this, he couldn't help but yawn.


After two consecutive tough battles, his spiritual power was depleted by three or four tenths, and he was a bit sleepy now.

“`So, after carefully storing the two materials, he went upstairs to sleep.


Unlike his nonchalant demeanor, this night was destined to be sleepless for most people.


As he blissfully entered dreamland, other students were being tormented by evil spirits.


In fact, with the protection of the Dark Ravens, they had no safety issues at all.


However, Su Wen was psychologically affected by the "Meat Mountain Incident" and was always worried about them having accidents.


So, deviating from his usual laissez-faire attitude, he ran around and rescued multiple times, making him the firefighter among the Card Craftsmen.


But it was exhausting.


He kept busy until the next morning.


Looking at the rising sun in the distance, the exhausted Su Wen couldn't help but take a deep breath. He then took out his phone and made a call: "Ziliang, are you up?"


"I'm up, I'm up." The person on the other end of the phone quickly replied, but sneezed twice at the end.


"Nephew, I remember you being quite fit, how did you get sick?" Su Wen couldn't help but ask.


"Uncle Su, you're being unprofessional. Card Craftsmen don't get sick. As the saying goes, 'one sneeze, two curses, three colds', I think someone is badmouthing me behind my back. Like using my recent incident as a negative example to scare students or something…"


At the end, Bai Ziliang chuckled lightly, his tone inexplicably saying, "Uncle Su, what do you think?"


"Haha, how could that be?" Su Wen laughed a little guiltily, "Nephew, you are the idol of the younger generation in the Land of Peach. It was just a temporary mistake. If anyone dares to talk behind your back, watch me break his legs!"


"Hehe, I think you're the one who talks the most."


Bai Ziliang sneered in his heart, but thinking that the other party might have something important to say, he didn't dwell on the topic, "Uncle Su, any instructions?"


"Ah, nephew, you're being too formal, it's not an instruction." Su Wen chuckled, "Uncle just wants to ask you for a favor."


"Go ahead, I'm listening."


Sensing something off in the other's tone, Bai Ziliang's hand holding the phone paused, and a sense of foreboding arose.


"I made a mistake, I shouldn't have answered this call."


Bai Ziliang slapped his forehead and couldn't help but sigh.

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