Chapter 5 – Bai Ziliang

"Seven Brothers."


Chronicle called out to Osiris while taking a few steps back.


In his line of sight, a fat pile of flesh, as tall as a small mountain, was stepping towards them.


As it approached, the stench of death, like that of a dead rat, became even stronger, causing discomfort.


"Step, step, step…"


At the same time, frequent footsteps could be heard from upstairs.


Obviously, even the people from the Land of Peach who were used to the "underworld scene" couldn't remain completely calm in this situation.


But Chronicle, who had grown up in a peaceful environment, didn't feel any fear at this moment.


They say, "With a weapon in hand, the killing intent arises."


He couldn't reach that level, but the addition of transcendent power gave him a bit more confidence from the bottom of his heart, and he had the idea of having his Seven Brothers confront the other party.


As a Card Craftsman, he had a rough sense of Osiris's current combat power and believed that he wouldn't be inferior to the Roshan monster. However, since he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, it felt somewhat unreal.


However, the dutiful Card Craftsman from the city seemed to have no intention of giving him this opportunity.


Before the Roshan monster could take a few steps, a young man with black wings caught up to it from behind.


A blue light flashed from the young man's fingertips, revealing a tall figure wearing tattered paper armor. With a single slash, a bloodline was cut open on the Roshan monster's body, but it also triggered the monster's ferocity.


From the previous escape after being attacked, it could be seen that the attacking monster had a certain level of intelligence.


And the Roshan monster's subsequent actions confirmed Chronicle's speculation.


After being attacked, it didn't immediately counterattack the young Card Craftsman's summoned "Paper Sword Guardian," but instead grabbed several minibuses from the nearby bus stop and threw them towards the residential building like sandbags.


A flash of white light followed, and the Happy Home Community was filled with the sound of firecrackers exploding.


This was the result of multiple defense cards being shattered at the same time.


Defense cards were actually disposable skill cards that Card Craftsmen could activate temporarily to create a psychic barrier.


Dealing with ordinary monster attacks was not a problem, but when faced with more powerful attacks, they would be useless.


For example, just now, at least a hundred households in the community had their defense cards shattered.


Among them was Chronicle, who had been watching the commotion all along.


Living on the outskirts of the community without any buildings blocking the view, it indeed provided him with a better view and lighting.


But when encountering this kind of "disaster from the sky," he was the first to suffer.


Seeing the hazy white mist enter the house in the instant the defense cards shattered, he couldn't help but silently take a few steps back.


Osiris, on the other hand, quickly moved forward and protected him.


With a light tap of his Mourning Staff on the ground, the aggressive white mist instantly dispersed.


At the same time, a series of breaking sounds could be heard from outside the window.


It turned out that while fighting the Paper Sword Guardian, the Roshan monster, despite being heavily injured, picked up five minibuses again and threw them towards the Happy Home Community.


At this time, the residential buildings on the outer side of the community had already lost their defense card protection. Once hit, the consequences would be unimaginable.


Realizing this, the young Card Craftsman's psychic power instantly surged, continuously throwing skill cards, trying to intercept the "flying cars" in mid-air.


But just as he was distracted for a moment, the Roshan monster seized the opportunity and knocked down the Paper Sword Guardian.


And he himself was overwhelmed by the sudden surge of foul wind, only managing to bring down three minibuses.


The remaining two were still carrying tremendous kinetic energy and were heading straight towards the residential buildings.


"It's over."


He thought to himself.


But in the next moment, a white figure intercepted one of the minibuses on its path.


Without any unnecessary movements, it simply raised a hand elegantly.


The minibuses that crashed into it were like meeting the sharpest blade in the world, splitting open from the middle and falling smoothly to the ground without losing any speed.


At the same time, the other minibus was firmly restrained by some invisible force and twisted and deformed in mid-air.


Until it turned into a complete iron ball.


The figure then moved its slender, pale finger, pointing towards the direction of the Roshan monster.


The iron ball returned at an even faster speed, causing the Roshan monster to stumble.


Seizing the opportunity, the Paper Sword Guardian stood up and fiercely swung its sword, attacking the vital parts of the monster. Then, it transformed its fist into a claw and fiercely slammed the monster's face onto the asphalt.


The crisis was temporarily averted, and the young Card Craftsman, still trembling with fear, couldn't help but turn his head towards the direction of the residential buildings.


He saw the white figure that had previously helped silently guarding a young man who appeared to be around seventeen or eighteen years old.


His mind was filled with countless thoughts, but because he was in the midst of battle, he couldn't say much and could only nod to express his gratitude.


"Truly worthy of being the Seventh Lord of the Underworld."


Chronicle nodded in response while looking at Osiris beside him.


Although his previous action was impulsive, it was also a test of the strength of the card.


"Even without using any skills, just pure defense and attack, it can shake this massive Roshan monster. It's not about how strong it is, it's more than enough to protect me."


Chronicle thought so, but still felt a bit regretful: "It's a pity that I only have one card in my hand, and I can't let Seven Brothers leave my side. Otherwise, I really want to see his combat power when all his skills and characteristics are fully activated."


Shaking his head, he shifted his attention back to the battlefield.


Unlike the previous chaos, the young Card Craftsman was now completely suppressing the Roshan monster.


Indeed, in terms of sheer power, the paper-cutting broadsword he summoned was not much stronger than the big monster.


And his own combat experience and adaptability could only be described as "average".


But after all, he was a professional Card Craftsman qualified to participate in the city defense battle, and the cards in his hand had already formed a comprehensive and mature deck.


Summoning cards, skill cards, equipment cards…


They were all intertwined and combined, forming a powerful alliance.


This also served as a wake-up call for Chronicle.


Walking in this dangerous city, he couldn't rely solely on Osiris to fight the world.


If conditions allowed, he should make more cards to deal with various emergencies.


If he couldn't fight, he should at least be able to run.


"The idea is good…" Chronicle yawned and murmured: "But I have no money."


A rich man is a hero, but a poor man is a hard man.


Poverty is more terrifying than ghosts.


"After this matter is over, I must go to the Card Craftsman Association to remove the 'apprentice' hat and start receiving subsidies as soon as possible. And then…"


"Hey, buddy, thanks just now."


A sudden voice interrupted Chronicle's thoughts.


Turning his head, he saw the young man who was riding a bird of prey, pulling out a black marker from somewhere, and swiftly writing a string of numbers on his window.


"My name is Bai Ziliang, this is my phone number. After this battle is over, I'll treat you to a meal!"


After saying that, without waiting for Chronicle's response, he flew away on his bird of prey.

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