Chapter 51 – Chen Yuan, who is willing to be a “guinea pig

In the blink of an eye, the lines of text shone with a golden brilliance.


Information verification complete!


The sea of consciousness stirred again, and a blank scroll slowly unfolded.


It was time for the card design step.


After Chronicle prepared his draft, he picked up his brush and began to sketch the card cover on the blank scroll.


In the bustling crowd of the market, a performer dressed in green was seen smiling and bowing.


Beside him, a rope made of various colored silk cloths stretched straight into the sky, as if something in the heavens was pulling it.


A child, who bore a resemblance to the performer, was climbing up this rope. His hands and feet moved in sync, like a spider spinning its web, and he was just one step away from reaching the cloud top.


Seeing this scene, the audience was left speechless, their faces filled with astonishment.


With that, the card design was complete.


After mechanically engraving the card back, the entire card-making process was finished.


Card creation successful.


A huge vortex hovered over the sea of consciousness before dissipating, and the image of the performer appeared.


In an instant, Chronicle felt as if he had become a street performer, performing tricks and wandering the streets.


Various ancient performance techniques came naturally to him, often winning applause from the audience.


When he opened his eyes again, a card with a deep blue border was floating in front of him:


"Colorful Performance: Immortal Rope"


Quality: Blue


Card Type: Skill


Focus: Displacement




"Cloud Climb": The user silently thinks of the destination, climbs the rope into the clouds, and can teleport to the target location by consuming mental power. The maximum distance depends on the user's mental power.


"Mist": Consumes a certain amount of mental power to release hypnotic mist. After hitting, it can cause the enemy unit to fall into negative effects such as "Sluggish" and "Paralysis". The duration depends on the mental power of both parties.


"Dismember": Consumes a certain amount of mental power to summon the phantom of a heavenly soldier, forcibly expelling enemy units that are climbing the rope and have lower mental power than the user. There is a small chance to trigger special effects such as "Strip" and "Dismember".


Introduction: The technique is to hold the rope, spiral upwards, move hands and feet in sync, like a spider spinning its web, gradually entering the clouds, never to be seen again.


Upgrade: Can be upgraded by merging with corresponding attribute materials, choose either "Colorful Performance" or "Cloud Ascension" as the upgrade path.


Synthesis: Can be used as card-making material for the "Colorful Performer" series or summoning cards with the "Cloud Ascension" feature. After the card is made, the initial quality and level of the card will be improved.


As a deep blue light streaked across.


In the blink of an eye, Chronicle returned to reality, holding in his hand was this card named "Colorful Performance: Immortal Rope".


The next moment, the card-making feedback surged and then quickly receded. The gains were not much, but he didn't pay much attention to it.


"The maximum distance depends on the user's mental power…"


The description of the "Climb the Clouds" effect flashed through his mind. He murmured to himself, thought for a while, and decided to conduct an experiment.


"Who should I use as a guinea pig… Ginger Tea?"


The small figure instantly appeared in front of his eyes. After a brief thought, Chronicle shook his head.


Although her strength was not great, she was quite cunning. If he used her for the experiment, she might figure out some tricks.


"I need to find someone simple-minded."


Chronicle thought to himself, flipping through his list of friends on WeChat.


Soon, a familiar name caught his eye: Chen Yuan.


"Ah Yuan, are you up?"


Having decided on his target, he quickly typed a message and sent a "Good Morning" emoji.


Chen Yuan replied quickly, "I'm up, Chronicle Brother, do you need anything from me? I'll come over to your place now, let's talk in person."


Seeing his reply, Chronicle couldn't help but sigh, "Now that's a true brother."


He quickly typed on the virtual keyboard on the screen, "Alright, let's talk in person."


After sending this last message, he turned off his phone.


When he looked up again, Chen Yuan was already at his front door.


"Chronicle Brother, good morning…"


Chen Yuan waved with a smile, but the next moment, he couldn't help but yawn.


Looking at his deep panda eyes, Chronicle couldn't help but laugh, "Ah Yuan, did you just wake up, or did you not sleep all night?"


Chen Yuan shook his head with a bitter smile, sat down on the sofa, picked up an orange from the coffee table and started peeling it, "More than just one night, Chronicle Brother."


He popped a piece of orange into his mouth, "Ever since I was haunted by a ghost two days ago, every time I close my eyes, I see that scene…"


"I can't sleep… I just can't sleep!"  He said, his ordinary face showing deep despair, "Chronicle Brother, do you think I might die suddenly?"


"Possibly." Chronicle thought to himself, but he didn't have the heart to say such despairing words, so he casually comforted, "You're just temporarily shocked, you'll be fine in a few days."


Chen Yuan nodded, chewing the orange with stiff movements. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and asked, "By the way, Chronicle Brother, did you need something from me?"Chronicle didn't hide anything from him, and said straightforwardly, "I just made a skill card, and I originally wanted you to come over and help me test it, but now…"


"Test the card?"


Chen Yuan, who had keenly caught the keyword, instantly brightened up, and his whole person seemed to come alive:


Long ago, he had regarded Chronicle, who could create the powerful card "Osiris", as an absolute benchmark among his peers who were Card Craftsmen.


After witnessing the "Death of the Meat Mountain" with his own eyes two days ago, he even regarded him as a role model on his journey.


Now that his "idol" had created a card, and he was the first one to be invited to see it. If this wasn't trust, what was it?


"It's worth it even if I'm just a guinea pig."


He thought to himself, and a smile of "honored" involuntarily appeared on his face.


He looked a bit silly and naive.


Seeing this, Chronicle felt a bit reluctant to let him accompany him in the experiment.


But thinking that the "Mist" effect of the newly created card might help him, he nodded slightly.


He opened his palm and showed the card to him.


"Another blue card."


Chen Yuan nodded thoughtfully, not surprised.


He didn't say much, threw the orange peel into the trash can, and walked outside on his own, looking even more anxious than Chronicle, the creator.


After Chronicle sighed lightly, he decided to fulfill his wish.


When he arrived in the courtyard, he used a strand of his mental power to activate the card.


Then, the next moment.


A thick, pitch-black cloud formed between his hands, and then quickly grew and floated into the sky.


Chen Yuan watched all this with excitement on his face, but when he turned his head, he saw a piece of rope appearing in Chronicle's hand.


Just as he was about to ask, he heard Chronicle say leisurely, "Ah Yuan, this card of mine is for displacement. Once I leave this place, you come and chase me. Let's see how this card works."




Chen Yuan promised solemnly.


Chronicle also nodded slightly, turned around and threw the rope straight up into the sky.


And the end of the rope, as if it had a tracking system installed, landed steadily on the cloud that had floated up earlier, and the remaining part fell straight to the ground like a long pole.


"Well, I'll go first."

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