Chapter 50 – Skill card

Watching Chronicle, who was saying “Sorry” but quickly picking up the materials to inspect, Su Wen couldn’t help but smile:

“These materials are rewards from Lao Fan’s recent trip to the secret realm, as well as the payment I promised you before, a total of fifty thousand, all transferred to your card.”

He said with a light smile, covering up Fan Lei’s “foolish behavior”.

Chronicle didn’t care about these, he only cared about the practical:

Four blue-quality skill materials and fifty thousand dollars, in his view, these were enough to compensate for everything he had experienced tonight.

Asking for more would be too much, and not beautiful.

“Well, please convey my thanks to Chairman Fan for me.”

Chronicle said with a light smile, his tone calm, but the power of his words was great.

He asked Su Wen to convey his thanks, which seemed to be a simple acceptance of the phrase “Lao Fan just got it as a reward for you”, but it was very meaningful:

Today’s incident was caused by Fan Lei’s suspicion, and he couldn’t accept this “thank you”.

But he still let Su Wen convey the message, giving the other party a way out.

In this way, even if it was out of guilt and compensation, the other party would definitely be more dedicated when tutoring him in the future.

And every time they saw him, they would remember today’s incident and this “thank you”, and there might be unexpected surprises.

“But I’ve calculated everything.”

Chronicle said with a light laugh, and then made a few simple pleasantries.

After sending Su Wen away, he carefully examined the materials in his hand.

The first was a weather-side skill material called [Cloud Cover].

The card depicted a mage in a black hood standing on an altar in an “embracing” pose, with a thick black cloud hovering over his head, in a “rain-praying” posture.

But looking at the card name, it was clear that this time he was destined to have “cloud” but no “rain”.

The other two were skill-side materials, named [Dumb Bird Climbing Cloud Technique] and [Fish Scale Cutting Method].

The former, as the name suggests, is a dumb bird climbing a cloud.

The card depicted a scene of a silly goose, who looked very much like Bai Ziliang, flapping clumsily in the clouds, which looked quite interesting.

The latter’s style was much darker, showing a thin man grinning as he tied a blood-stained rope around a person in a “fish scale” shape.

The scene was very bloody, and just staring at it made one feel physically uncomfortable.

“These three cards don’t seem to have any connection.”

Chronicle muttered to himself, lining up the three materials in a row.

He was not a “chosen one” like “Master Ye”, and his luck was far from being able to use any cards he got.

But backed by the treasure trove of Chinese mythology, he could use the power of knowledge to achieve a similar effect.

“Weather, flight, rope…”

Chronicle said the keywords in a calm tone, and suddenly the scene of Bai Longfei leading people to escape came to mind.

“Can I use these materials to make a ‘runaway card’ like that?”

Looking at the materials on the coffee table, his eyes flickered, and what flashed through his mind was everything he had experienced these days.

Whether it was the “Oolong” incident caused by the Meat Mountain Monster, or the “probe” incident that just happened, they all pointed to his biggest problem:

That is, the lack of self-protection ability.

His original plan was to polish for a while, then use [Shadow Play Field] as the core material to make a domain card for self-defense.

But that was just a stopgap measure when he had no materials to use and no money to spend.

Now that he had the material cards and money brought by Su Wen, his heart was instantly activated:

The ability to defend oneself cannot be delayed for a moment, the sooner the better.

“Then let’s create a [Skill Card] with [Escape] as the core.”

Skill cards, as the name suggests, are cards that can be used to perform corresponding skills after being infused with mental power by a card craftsman.

Together with summoning cards and equipment cards, they are known as the “three basic card types” and are the best choice for card craftsmen to increase their “self-protection ability” and “attack methods”.

Even ordinary people can use skill cards specially processed by card craftsmen for self-defense.

The typical example is the one-time defense card produced on an assembly line.

In general, as long as the direction is determined and the background story is written, it is very easy to make this kind of card.

But it was this seemingly simple prerequisite of “determining the direction” that stumped Chronicle for half a day.

From the second half of the night to the early morning, he sat on the sofa, staring at the materials.

It wasn’t until the sun rose and the light scattered that he finally had an inspiration.

“Immortal Rope…”

Finally thinking of the target to create, Chronicle took a deep breath, reached out and grabbed all three materials in his hand.

Then he sat cross-legged, quickly entered a state of consciousness floating.

In the blink of an eye, he saw the sea of consciousness.

The first thing he did was to pick up a pen and write the three characters [Immortal Rope] in the void.

This is one of the most mysterious [tricks] in ancient China, highly controversial and unsolvable.

It was first recorded in the Tang Dynasty’s “Yuanhua Ji” and the Northern Song Dynasty’s “Taiping Guangji”, also known as [Jiaxing Rope Technique].

During the performance, the trickster needs to hold a long rope and throw one end into the air.

At first, it only stood a few meters high, but then it was thrown higher and higher, until it disappeared into the clouds, as if someone was pulling it in mid-air.

At this point, the trickster would climb up the rope until he was a certain height from the ground, and the rope would swing freely in the air and slowly fall.

When the audience looked at this point, they would find that the trickster had disappeared.

If you look at it from this angle, this trick can indeed be considered the ancestor of “escape magic”.

But unlike magic, which tends to be “deceptive”, this mysterious ancient trick is actually a spell.

There is a story in “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio” called “Stealing Peaches” that describes this “technique” in detail.

In the story, a skilled performer comes to a place, sets up his eating utensils, and then sends a rope to the sky, letting his child climb up to pick immortal peaches, in order to earn reward money.

But after a long time, what fell from the clouds was not any immortal peaches, but the child’s limbs, torso, and head.Upon seeing this situation, the master of the Colorful Door began to weep and kowtow in all directions, lamenting, “This old man only has one son. Today, he died tragically at the hands of the heavenly soldiers while picking peaches for all the officials to see. You all should at least give some money for his burial, right?”

As soon as his words fell, the panicked officials in the hall decisively took out their money.

After carefully collecting the gold and silver, the performer put the scattered parts of the child’s body into a wooden box.

Then, with a big laugh, he called out, “My son, aren’t you coming out to receive your reward?”

In the blink of an eye, the lid of the box was pushed open by the child, who was unharmed and even smiling. He bowed his hands in thanks to the officials.

From this, it seems that this “Immortal Rope” not only has the characteristics of “climbing to the sky and escaping death”, but also possesses the ability to “dismember”.

This is also reflected in some film and television works.

Chronicle quickly organized this information, transformed it into text, and wrote it down in the void.

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