Chapter 52 – Xie Wenyuan

Chronicle spoke, reaching out to grasp the rope.


But before he could exert any force to climb, an invisible force swept him upwards.


It was like riding an elevator. Before he could react, his body had already reached the clouds.




After regaining his senses, he, who had "ascended to the heavens" for the first time in this manner, couldn't help but take a deep breath, unavoidably feeling a bit nervous.


But the next moment, he felt a sense of solidity beneath his feet:


This "cloud layer" generated by the skill card was actually incredibly solid.


It just possessed the attribute of 【Floating】, which allowed it to float in mid-air like real clouds.


Having figured this out, Chronicle walked straight to the edge of the cloud, half-squatting and looking down.


He saw Chen Yuan desperately climbing up the rope with both hands and feet, his entire body surrounded by a grey fog.


His agility was actually not bad, but under the influence of the hypnotic fog, the fatigue from not sleeping for two days kept hitting him, making him almost unable to open his eyes, and his strength was also greatly reduced.


But he still gritted his teeth, climbing up at a snail's pace…


"Climbing up step by step~"


"Eh, why am I singing?"


Chronicle slapped his forehead, pulling his body back.


Through his observation just now, he also understood that the seemingly average 【Fog】 was actually very necessary:


The use of 【Colorful Play – Fairy Rope】 had a "casting delay" of "cloud condensation and ascent".


Although the time was not long, the situation was critical enough to use this escape card. Even a half-second delay could be fatal.


But with the effect of 【Mist】, this "duration" could be ignored.


If the power gap between the two sides was not large, he could even take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack when the opponent was "stiff and paralyzed".


Using this displacement card as a control card, it had dual effects.


"Not bad."


Chronicle couldn't help but praise, and no longer cared about Chen Yuan below.


Anyway, the effect of 【Dismemberment】 was not activated, he would not be in danger, and when he was tired from climbing later, he could just take a nap and continue his previous relationship with his "ugly ghost girlfriend" in his dream.


Thinking of the eye-piercing photo that still existed in his phone until now, Chronicle couldn't help but chuckle, and then allocated 20% of his mental power to test how far the 【Immortal Rope】 could send him.


This amount of mental power was calculated. After using 【Mountain Ghost Coin】 several times in a row, and supporting Seven Brothers and Zongzi Brother in battle for more than ten minutes, this was the limit of the volume he could maintain.


So the next moment, a "radar map" covering a radius of a hundred meters appeared in his mind.


After setting the target location to a small grove only a few dozen meters away from "his home", another rope end appeared in his hand.


With a light tug, a huge force pulled his body down rapidly.


By the time he reacted, he had already landed on the ground.


"Quite something."


Chronicle looked around at the lush trees and couldn't help but sigh.


"It's quite good."


A refined voice sounded at this moment.


Chronicle looked in the direction of the voice and saw a refined middle-aged man looking at him with a smile, his tone gentle and his smile bright.


Upon closer inspection, he was wearing a pair of thin-framed glasses, a white shirt inside, a government jacket outside, his trousers neatly ironed, his shoes shining, and he was holding a "big head" book in his hand.


Just standing there quietly gave people a feeling of spring breeze.


【Scholar】, 【Refined】…


This was the first impression he gave Chronicle.


"Are there still people like this in this world?" Chronicle couldn't help but think.


He had been in this world for a while and had seen many different kinds of people.


Not to mention Fan Lei and Su Wen, who had been licking blood on the edge of a knife for many years, even Wei Ya, a teacher whose main job was to teach, and some ordinary people without mental power cultivation, all had a bit of "iron-blooded" aura.


Just like people in war-torn areas often have numb eyes, this is a mark unique to a high-risk world.


But the middle-aged man in front of him, whose cultivation depth he couldn't see, was a gentle and elegant scholar, and even seemed more like a person who had grown up in a peaceful era than him, a transmigrator.


This was hard not to find strange.


"Who are you?" Chronicle held the cards of Seven Brothers and Zongzi Brother in his hand and asked in a deep voice.


"My humble name is Xie Wenyuan, and I have the honor to serve as the vice president of the Land of Peach City Card Craftsman Association." He answered with a smile.


His speech was full of literary grace, but it didn't make people feel annoyed.


"Vice president of the Card Craftsman Association?" Chronicle said with some confusion.


The middle-aged man who called himself "Xie Wenyuan" took the initiative to explain: "Every city-level association is equipped with one president and two vice presidents."


"My strength is not as good as Lao Fan, but I have a rough understanding of politics and have some insights into card making, so I was promoted to this position."


Chronicle listened patiently, always feeling that the other party was a bit "overly familiar".


Unexpectedly, Xie Wenyuan, as if he could read minds, said the next moment: "Chronicle, I've been hearing about you from Lao Fan and Lao Su on the phone these past two days. Seeing you today, you really are a young hero."


He said, smiling: "If I'm not mistaken, the card you just used should have been made from the materials that Lao Fan got not long ago, right?"


"Before I came, Lao Su even said that we are very similar. Now it seems that I am far behind you. At least, I would never have thought that the killing method of 【Fish Scale Cutting】 could be used in this way."


He pointed to the rope falling from the cloud next to him, his eyes full of amazement:


"Before I came, the president repeatedly told me to teach you some card-making tips and be a responsible good teacher."

"But now, as I teach you, I also learn a lot. It's a process of mutual learning and collective progress."


"So, in the days to come, you don't have to call me 'teacher'…"


Xie Wenyuan's tone was very sincere, as if it carried a certain magical power that inspired trust.


Even the cautious Chronicle subconsciously believed him. However, he quickly realized and after confirming the identity of the man in front of him with Su Wen via his phone, he smiled and said, "So, should I call you Uncle Xie from now on?"


"Better call me Uncle Yuan." Xie Wenyuan joked, "I don't know why, but I always feel that 'Uncle Xie' is a title for a middle-aged man with thinning hair and a lot of troubles."


To be honest, he didn't have a sense of humor, and his "jokes" were not funny, but Chronicle still laughed along, "Then I'll call you Uncle Yuan from now on."


"Haha, good."


After a warm smile, Xie Wenyuan and Chronicle left the grove side by side.


On the short journey, the two chatted intermittently.


Just as they were about to enter the tombstone villa complex, Xie Wenyuan sighed deeply, "Chronicle, before I came here, I just heard from Old Su about what happened last night. Lao Fan really didn't handle it well."


"He always acts without thinking. When we're together, I can keep an eye on him. But…"


At this point, this elegant middle-aged man seemed to lose his temper and couldn't help but say harshly, "But I really didn't expect that he could do such a brainless thing in less than two days after we parted…"


"It's also my fault. I was on a business trip these two days and didn't have my phone with me. I couldn't know about this earlier. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let you suffer this…"


As he spoke, he let out a long sigh, as if adjusting his emotions.


His face became kind again, and his voice still carried a convincing magic:


"Don't worry, child, now that I'm here, no one will doubt you again…"

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